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  1. Dr Strangelove

    Ronnie Barker

    Well, it's not good. Well obviously. What I meant was do you think we should have got him as a candidate? Or was the heart attack a bit of a surprise?
  2. Dr Strangelove

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    And I'm amending my sig. to explain this, thanks for your input.
  3. Dr Strangelove

    Last of the Summer Wine

    What a wonderful euphemism, I hope you don't mind if I steal it for use in my own posts.
  4. Dr Strangelove

    Ronnie Biggs

    That's one mental polaroid, I could have done without.
  5. Dr Strangelove

    Ronnie Barker

    I agree that he was a brilliant comic actor, you couldn't really put up with the endless repeats of Poridge otherwise. Looking back at the early entries on this thread, I see no mention of any heart trouble - just that he'd closed his shop (surely a sign that his life was winding down) and something about his son (not actually specified). So although he appeared on the DL radar, we never really put the pieces together to make him a viable candidate in time. Is this our bad? Was it the tribute show that put us off the scent?
  6. Dr Strangelove

    Richard Whiteley

    So it's sort of like aversion therapy then. Maybe this could be the basis for a new thread - of whom do you own a signed photo, and why did you ask for it.
  7. Dr Strangelove

    Ronnie Biggs

    ...And yet he hasn't starved to death/died of other causes, despite being "extremely ill". I think you try too hard Ronnie.
  8. Dr Strangelove

    Richard Whiteley

    What do other Deathlisters think of the fact that Des Lynam is to take over Countdown. Do you think he'll be a good presenter - or will the unemployed now rush back into work, and students actually get on with their studies?
  9. Dr Strangelove

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2006

    PLEASE REMEMBER TO CLOSE YOUR TAGS Otherwise you're going to look stupid. (Or at least more than usual.)
  10. Dr Strangelove

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    eh? I presume he means the lucky 50 on deathlist.
  11. Dr Strangelove

    Grave Robbers

    Remind me to never annoy you.
  12. Dr Strangelove

    Grave Robbers

    Maybe the Guinea Pigs dug it up?
  13. Dr Strangelove

    James Doohan

    Except for "The trouble with Tribbles", where they messed up and you can see his missing finger. (Or not see it rather... you know what I mean.)
  14. Dr Strangelove


    I think the problem is that it appears to be a classic "Causa Belli". The U.S. decided it wanted to invade Iraq and came up with the reason later. And yes I do believe that Blair knew Iraq had no WMD.
  15. Dr Strangelove

    Mr Stats:

    I have decided to withhold my reply to this, for the present time.
  16. Dr Strangelove

    The Queen's Affair

    They never replied to my request to join. Clearly your reputation has preceeded you then.
  17. Dr Strangelove

    Pete Doherty

    I think most of the people on here will recognise the photo as being one of Ms J Garner though.
  18. Dr Strangelove

    Pete Doherty

    Congratulations on registering. I just hope your future posts continue to give me as much amusement as your guest/ranter type ones.
  19. Dr Strangelove

    Gerald Ford

    Okay I'm really getting sick of these "xxyyz death is iminent" type messages. Especially from an unregistered and unnamed guest. If you want your message to be taken seriously please include URLs/references to back up the decline of "xxyyz".
  20. Dr Strangelove

    Who's up next to die this year?

    whats caps lock? are you serious?
  21. Dr Strangelove

    Work Or Home?

    I wish I could skive off at work to read deathlist. Unfortunatly there's no chance of that, so I skulk to the public library before going onto work later.
  22. Dr Strangelove

    Who's up next to die this year?

    Excellent another opportunity to mock someone who posts in all caps. Except I can't really be bothered today. Look just try turning your caps lock off occasionally, you might get to like it.
  23. Dr Strangelove

    How About Bringing Back Some Oldies?

    I think it's going to take more than the odd glass of OJ to fix his problems.
  24. Dr Strangelove

    The Remakable Banshees Scream

    <sceptic/> Yes but we have people making posts like that all the time. Is it really that much of a surprise that due to coincidence, occasionally one gets it right? </sceptic>
  25. Dr Strangelove

    September 11th

    Micheal Moore is at No.3 here.

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