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  1. Dr Strangelove

    Princess Diana

    So is this the new DeathList hobby - acting as an internet commando force to disrupt forums we don't like. Great fun, but what happens when we're identified as the source of the attack, royalbrownnose.com has thousands of members apparently, do we really want all of them over here doing a KRAUT on us?
  2. Dr Strangelove

    Norman Wisdom

    Better than being a comb-over though.
  3. Dr Strangelove

    Fats Domino

    From the Beeb. Probably not the greatest plan I've ever heard.
  4. Dr Strangelove

    Fidel Castro

    Was he on the 2004 list then? Could this require a rule change/clarification - if someone’s death is covered up and then discovered, would it be the original year of death, or the one when it's discovered. Plus we could have the annoyance of effectively wasting a slot in the current year.
  5. Dr Strangelove

    Kylie Die-ly ? Minogue Morgue-Go ?

    Is this an attempt at a surrealist post, or would you mind explaining yourself.
  6. Dr Strangelove

    Pete Doherty

    How exciting can a film of a syringe in action be? regards, Hein Not very I'd wager, although according to this the ever-present Kate is trying to get him off of it. A £1500 anti-heroin implant as a breaking up gift - how modern.
  7. Dr Strangelove

    Near Misses for 2005

    Like a sort of Anti-Clive Dunn then? How's Mrs McCluskey's health at the mo?
  8. Dr Strangelove

    Pete Doherty

    Is it All over? An interesting strategy, how intimate are the films?
  9. Dr Strangelove

    Michael Jackson

    An MJ Update. Do they not have an extradition treaty with the U.S. then? <cynical> Still nice to see all his physical problems have cleared up now the trial's over. </cynical>
  10. Dr Strangelove

    Kylie Die-ly ? Minogue Morgue-Go ?

    as mentioned here. Why, it's not like the world would end just because of a minor star's death. No, I only hope she can hang on until 2006.
  11. Dr Strangelove

    Denis Healey

    Indeed although I think you're only alowed to crow about it if he actually dies.
  12. Dr Strangelove

    Natasha Lyonne

    Well why don't we take a quick look at some of the hot drink systems useds by McDonald's. Blickman: holding temp 78.88 -83.33oC (Main 1980s coffee system) Bloomfield jug: holding temp 76-85oC (Main 1990s coffee system) Black & White: Cappucino & Latte Dispense temp 61-66oC (Current coffee system) Black & White: Black & White Coffee Dispense temp 80-85oC I don't know about you but I think temps about 80oC are a bit much.
  13. Dr Strangelove

    Things to do while waiting for Death ... 2005

    On entering my real name I got ** ******* Your ideal job is a Office bike.
  14. Dr Strangelove

    Sir Patrick Moore

    No, he's had an interesting and varied career and an astonishing knowledge of his subject. I for one will miss him.
  15. Dr Strangelove

    Near Misses for 2005

    I wonder if Camilla allows Charles to use the back passage. What a horrible mental picture. But would you rather want to look at her face during the act?
  16. Dr Strangelove

    Red Buttons

    I'm so glad I look through the old threads occasionally, because you find gems like this.
  17. Dr Strangelove

    Edward Heath

    But would it stand up in court?
  18. Dr Strangelove

    Paul Hunter

    Yeah, the great thing about the "Phantom Editor" is that I've now got someone to blame all my typos on.
  19. Dr Strangelove


    You can never be to gloosome with these guys.
  20. Dr Strangelove

    Sister Wendys' Odyssey

    I've heard that one before.
  21. Dr Strangelove

    Cricket Thread. Only Mad Dogs And Englishmen

    Pot/Kettle/Black I think.
  22. Dr Strangelove

    Birthdays, Births, Anniversaries Etc...2006

    I'm positive I couldn't give tuppence if I drop dead tomorrow. But your posting average will tend to drop afterwards.
  23. Dr Strangelove

    Gail Platt's dead husband charged with rape

    No, but they always seem to get a book out of it. Next up Jonathan King's ' Banged up for Buggering Boys ' In his case it could be a single too.
  24. Dr Strangelove

    Sister Wendys' Odyssey

    I'm speechless. I recall hearing she was known as "one take wendy" - maybe this was referring to her ability to down drinks in one go, rather than what I assumed to be her TV professionalism.
  25. Dr Strangelove

    Lord Lucan - The Big Question

    If missing people were eligible we could include Lord Lucan next year. Hasn't he been declared dead yet? What is the law regarding this situation?

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