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  1. Dr Strangelove

    John Cleese

    According to the Daily Record John Cleese has developed bowel disease, and has thus had part of his colon removed; which he is now going to auction to fans. So if you've already got Graham Chapman's ashes on your mantlepiece, this is a chance to increase your collection.
  2. Dr Strangelove

    Simon Le Bon

    According to the Scotsman Simon Le Bon is again to participate in the Fastnet race. Using the same boat "Drum". The last time he tried this in 1985; he capsized Drum and nearly died. The boat will have its original crew members (who should know better by now surely) Is this a prime example of failing to learn from experience?
  3. Dr Strangelove

    Richard Whiteley

    According to BBC News Richard Whiteley has been admitted to hospital. So today's conundrum is "MANONEIUP"
  4. Dr Strangelove

    Oliver Stone

    According to The BBC Oliver Stone has been arrested for drug possession. So do you think Stone has a drug problem that could shorten his life, or is it all just a conspiracy?
  5. Dr Strangelove

    Sir Patrick Moore

    Sad to see him finally go.
  6. Dr Strangelove

    Clive Dunn

    I'm amazed that the dutch still have teletext. Haven't you gone digital yet?
  7. Dr Strangelove

    Jimmy Savile

    So why's it only coming up now, and why in the past have the allegations of sexual misconduct been confined to him being overly familiar with his elderly relatives?
  8. Dr Strangelove

    Norman Wisdom

    How was he looking? He looked good Is there a Madame Tussauds on the Isle of Man? No they could not afford it Oh a guessing game. I like these. Did you see him in a film Yvonne?
  9. Dr Strangelove

    Are We All To Die When CERN Sort Themselves Out?

    The only way the LHC will kill us is through old age.
  10. Dr Strangelove

    Animal Antics

    Pig holds woman hostage. Yes really.
  11. Dr Strangelove

    Are We All To Die When CERN Sort Themselves Out?

    And what is it about dyslexia that prevents people from: 1. Using capital letters at the beginning of sentences, and a period at the end. 2. Cutting and pasting their message into Microsoft Word to make use of its "spell check" function.
  12. Dr Strangelove

    Kim Jong-Il

    According to Japenese North Korean expert Professor Shigemura, Kim Jong-Il died five years ago and has been replaced by a double. Times On Line story ABC News story
  13. Dr Strangelove

    Adam West - Batman

    Looking at the page history the changes were made by (not a good sign). The additional text was: (Note hilarious spelling of 'abulance' and 'appriximatley') Doing a google search for "Santa Monica Hospital Adam West" produces nothing on any announcement that Batman was staying overnight. This is an obvious and amateurish example of wikipedia vandalism.
  14. Dr Strangelove

    Steve Fossett

    I CALLED IT! I KNEW IT ALL ALONG! Maybe, but with £25 million of insurance money at stake, there's plenty of reason for them to try and create doubt.
  15. Dr Strangelove

    Who Will Be The Next Us President ?

    Perhaps because he might be a Manchurian Candidate?
  16. Dr Strangelove

    The Dead Of 2008

    Bozo dies ...UPDATE (he's still dead obviously) but I see phantom posted this earlier. I blame your search function.
  17. Dr Strangelove

    Who Will Be The Next Us President ?

    I've recently recieved the following email which I though I should share with you all:
  18. Dr Strangelove

    The Dead Of 2008

    Don S Davis a Canadian actor has 'gone through the Stargate' for the last time.
  19. Dr Strangelove

    Schapelle Corby

    Are you sure you don't actually sleep in the room next to Schapelle perchance?
  20. Dr Strangelove

    Gore Vidal

    When he appeared on the BBC's Hardtalk he had both a wheelchair ...and a walking stick. Maybe he uses it to hit people with.
  21. Dr Strangelove

    Finally The Answer To That Age Old Question:

    Not much, although you must admit he's not short of ambition.
  22. Dr Strangelove

    British Science Fiction Series

    Try reading the article you linked to...
  23. Dr Strangelove

    Richard Hammond

    Book coming out in paperback then? Yep, 29 May 2008 according to Amazon
  24. Dr Strangelove

    Kim Jong-Il

    Happy 66th Birthday Dear Leader!
  25. Dr Strangelove

    Jeremy Beadle

    I believe it was the Victor Lewis-Smith who once cruelly commented that Beadle owning thousands of books, was like Stephen Hawking having a massive collection of Nike trainers.

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