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    Ideas and Possibilities for 2006

    Antoni de la Puertino, one of Portugal's most celebrated novelists, is in dire health. At the age of 92, he is expected to die shortly. Although he may not be famous in the English speaking world, I would expect his death to be reported in many Latin countries.
  2. sympathyforthedevil

    The Beckham / Ian Wright / Wayne Rooney

    In my opinion, the timescale for such an assassination is merely during the next few years. Such a person cannot be allowed to grow old before they are killed ; they must leave in the flush of youth, so they are immortalized in our consciences, a la Monroe, Dean, Lennon, Diana etc. Beckham is a prime candidate for assassination and I believe that he will probably be killed before the age of 35, the age when I expect him to retire from playing football. His death will reverberate around the world, and he will become a martyr. For what cause, I truly cannot say. Needless to say, he will not deserve such adulation, but then he does not deserve the fame he enjoys at present. If I am proven wrong on this point, forgive me. I just have a feeling that this man will die prematurely.
  3. sympathyforthedevil

    Wild guesses

    i would say there is a reasonable chance that David Beckham will be assassinated within the next 5 years. his life story would not be complete without such an ending.
  4. sympathyforthedevil

    Nelson Mandela

    He`s 87 this year you know. No spring chicken by any reckoning. Overlooking him may prove to be a grave mistake.

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