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  1. Saint Peter

    Death List Convention

    Who's for a pint and a pie somewhere? What a hoot it would be for the great DL'rs to meet up and swap knitting patterns! We may even get some drive by ranters to the meet to spice it up by suggesting a cross stitch instead!!! Hey Grim, I'm up for it. Is there a pub anywhere called the "Dead 'n' Buried" as that would be a suitable venue. See y'll at the Gate. SP
  2. Saint Peter

    Barack Obama

    I reckon Billy Bob and Cleatus are sharpening thier skills at the moment. So lets take a straw poll on how many month's Mr Obama gets in office. Another pool could be "How many days before our chums in the states realise he will not make a blind bit of difference and the feel good factor dissappears"
  3. Saint Peter

    Ken Dodd

    Looks like Ken Dodd would like to be on the 2008 list. Ken in hospital Year hardly started and Ken is queue jumping the 2008 list...
  4. Saint Peter

    I'm Back

    After a number of years in Libya and other arse holes of the earth. I'm back to the usual banter...
  5. Saint Peter

    Jane Goodie

    Looks like Jade Goody has had one knob to many. Looking at the picture, it looks like somebody must have been desperate.
  6. Saint Peter

    I'm Back

    @Dr. Zorders it was more stable under Gaddafi, however while he was in power he ruled with an iron fist. Nobody dared speak out about him. Many people were taken out into the sahara and never seen again. Not to mention executing about 500 in prison on one day, meanwhile he was "Jimmy Savilling" it with the local girls. Very "islamic" and peace loving!!!
  7. Saint Peter

    I'm Back

    @Rotten, not really except I was evacuted by the french twice. 1st time by the french equivalent of the army air corp, and secondly by sea. Seen, heard enough gun shots and stiffs in burnt out vehicles for a life time. Before it was predictable and you could move about without much hassle, now it's too unpredictable as no one knows who's in charge of each sector. I knew Mark de Salis very well, however he fell foul of the "islamic" way and payed his life for it. Time to be home with a stable internet!!
  8. Saint Peter

    I'm Back

    Scumtrackting in the IT world
  9. Saint Peter

    I'm Back

    @Foulmouth, He He
  10. Saint Peter

    Jane Goodie

    Dr. Zorders, check page one of this thread. The real reason was the headline that broke the news had a typo which doubled as a DL cloak!!!
  11. Saint Peter

    Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi

    Here's one to watch for next year!!! Looks as though he is having a little trouble down below, as the ladies would say! Will he taste freedom before he makes his final journey???
  12. Saint Peter

    The 6th Death Of 2012

    Zsa Zsa for me...
  13. Saint Peter

    Jane Goodie

    So did we until you posted. Good point, well made....
  14. Saint Peter

    Jane Goodie

    Some twats have dug up the rotten old twat as still having some influence. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/06/08/health-female-cervical-screening-jade-goody-effect_n_1580186.html?ncid=webmail5 I thought I heard the last of her....
  15. Saint Peter

    Time Added

    he's dead http://www.goal.com/...es-dies-aged-57 Beat me to it!!
  16. Saint Peter

    Dead Pop Stars

    Beaten to annonce it. I actually used to like her when i was at UNI.
  17. Saint Peter

    British Science Fiction Series

    Blast beaten to it!!
  18. Saint Peter

    British Science Fiction Series

    Dr Who Babe Elisabeth Sladen is missed by DL
  19. Saint Peter

    Eddie Stobart

    Haulage magnate is no longer on the road.. I am stunned that there are Stobart Lorry Spotters.. This may be sadder than the train species..
  20. Saint Peter

    The Dead Of 2011

    Dame Margaret Price will no longer be hitting the high notes...
  21. Saint Peter

    Nelson Mandela

    Second day in hospital and concerns over his health.
  22. Saint Peter

    Steve Jobs

    Me thinks he has escaped the clutches of DL, he won't be around to get on the list !!!
  23. Saint Peter

    The Dead Of 2011

    This is a pretty major one, that appears to have slipped under the radar. Did anyone have her on their list? I agree, she was also rather tasty!!
  24. Saint Peter

    Paul Gascoigne

    Classy vehicle. Defunct Car, Defunct Footballer. I guess it's fitting.

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