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  1. N. Fritz

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    I wish him no ill will, but Elvis Costello is looking pretty peaked on his Twitter feed today (Oct. 12, the drop date of his new album). He was recently diagnosed with an unspecified cancer, according to NPR .
  2. N. Fritz

    2. Leah Bracknell

    "So, I credit a trilogy of three things..." <insert snarky pedantic rant here>
  3. N. Fritz

    47. Olivia Newton-John

  4. N. Fritz

    Aretha Franklin

    https://www.npr.org/2018/08/29/642607996/how-to-stream-and-fully-appreciate-aretha-franklins-funeral A genuine service provided by NPR! Be there or be ◾!
  5. Thank msc for confirming my intuition!
  6. Really??? You could knock me over with a feather... I could have sworn he was at least independent!
  7. What about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson?
  8. N. Fritz

    Sad Last Days

    Wrong Kenny, numbnuts!
  9. N. Fritz

    Donald J Trump

    Let's not forget that Julius Caesar declared himself dictator for life and died surrounded by 30 of his closest "friends" (no knife/stabbing emoji?!)
  10. N. Fritz

    Dustin Hoffman

    One can only hope that the Weinstein fallout empowers people who are assaulted/harassed/abused to speak out when their accusations may be acted upon legally. But so many years after the fact, it comes down to "he said, she said".
  11. N. Fritz

    Dustin Hoffman

    I might catch hell for this, but a 32 year old accusation is absurd. Yes, harassment might have occurred, but the time to speak out was a long, long time ago. Now it just looks like people are jumping on the current bandwagon.
  12. N. Fritz

    Fat And Fearless

    could have sworn Darlene Cates had died years ago. RIP.
  13. N. Fritz

    25. George Bush Senior

    Three words: American healthcare system (or four words if you like: American health care system). Hospitals get you in and out as fast as possible to free up beds for other insured customers patients so they can make more money. "It's all about the money, boys!" - Big Dan Teague, O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  14. N. Fritz

    The dead of 2016

    "We're waiting for the undertaker and the stone mason, in that order." - Vaughan as Delaney in "Oliver's Travels"
  15. N. Fritz

    Fidel Castro

    "Bowie, Muhammad Ali and Castro have got to be the three biggest contenders for this year's most iconic death in a year of many celebrity deaths" Prince should also get honorable mention... just as iconic as the rest of this lot, and his death was much more unexpected

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