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  1. Cereal Killer

    The 4th death of 2016

    Bob Dole.
  2. Cereal Killer

    Zsa Zsa Gabor

    Fidel Castro has 1347 posts on his thread.
  3. Cereal Killer

    Next Music Shock Death!

    Surprised Meat Loaf wasn't on the list.
  4. Cereal Killer

    The dead of 2016

    I agree 100%. I feel this thread should be more of a reference point instead of a discussion thread. Maybe the person who has added a death or another poster could post a link to a more suitable thread for discussion.
  5. Cereal Killer

    Think You're Better Than The Committee?

    Unless this is a different Bob Hope from the one I'm thinking of, you might want to switch him out. Oops, I was meant to put Bob Dole.
  6. Cereal Killer

    Think You're Better Than The Committee?

    Never attempted a shadow list before but will give it a go... 1) Billy Graham 2) Zsa Zsa Gabor 3) Martin Crowe 4) Bhumibal Adulyadej 5) Gordon Banks 6) Chuck Berry 7) Aretha Franklin 8) Olivia de Havilland 9) Nancy Reagan 10) Gene Wilder 11) Peter Sallis 12) John McCain 13) Kirk Douglas 14) Hugh Hefner 15) Muhammad Ali 16) Angela Lansbury 17) Dick Van Dyke 18) Stuart Hall 19) Bruce Forsythe 20) Stan Bowles 21) João Havelange 22) Clive James 23) Hosni Mubarak 24) Vera Lynn 25) Nicholas Parsons 26) David Rockerfella 27) Jimmy Carter 28) Ian Brady 29) Howard Marks 30) Josef Fritzl 31) Charles Mason 32) Buzz Aldrin 33) Bob Dole 34) Larry King 35) Mel Brooks 36) Valerie Harper 37) Donald Sutherland 38) Willie Nelson 39) Betty White 40) Gazza 41) Bobby Charlton 42) Walter Scheel 43) Liam Cosgrave 44) Dicky Bird 45) Kenny Rogers 46) Ken Dodd 47) Michael Fish 48) Denis Norden 49) Stan Lee 50) Herman Wouk I hope I have checked these properly.
  7. Cereal Killer

    17. Henry Kissinger

    Still doing public events. https://www.rt.com/usa/322358-kissinger-russia-west-isis/
  8. Cereal Killer

    Who Should Be On The 2013 Deathlist?

    Bill Foulkes - Munich air survivor, apparently has a long term medical condition. Aged 80 and should get an obit.
  9. Cereal Killer

    Bee Gees

    Coming home from hospital this week? http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/showbiz/news/a378980/robin-gibb-to-leave-hospital-this-week.html
  10. Cereal Killer

    Diana Wynne Jones

    Has there been a UK obit yet?
  11. Cereal Killer

    The 4th Death Of 2011

    Nancy Reagan.
  12. Cereal Killer

    Zsa Zsa Gabor

    http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-31749_162-20038440-10391698.html Back in hospital
  13. Cereal Killer

    Dino De Laurentiis

    Widely Reported in Italian, nothing yet reported in the UK.
  14. Cereal Killer

    Dino De Laurentiis

    Quick search on google reveals it is all over twitter.
  15. Cereal Killer

    Margaret Thatcher

    'Thatcher' is Dead... kinda... 'Thatcher dead' text sparks fears Oh dear

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