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  1. Fugitivewolf

    Margaret Thatcher

    HmMmMmMmMmMm.. NoT sUrE.>.>
  2. Fugitivewolf

    Margaret Thatcher

    can't say much about maggie, was 3 when she became pm, an bout 13 when she left, some people think she was a good pm, some think bad.. but against blair and brown?? they managed to help f*ck the economy up quite well.. funny thing is though, how did no one see this happening? house prices up to ridiculous prices, morgages of up to 10 times your salary, yet both blair and brown didn't think it was a problem.. can't wait till their on the list!!! LOL
  3. Fugitivewolf

    Jane Goodie

    I do feel sorry for the kids, its not their fault their mother was who she was... Their the ones that will have the attention of the media twats all over them for the next few years 'Goodys children turn 10' 'Goodys children turn 11' etc. etc. Thats the only sad part of this whole debacle (think thats the correct use of that word.. never used it before) But thats all... jade was a talentless, racist, fat, thick and ugly waste of space. She depleted the resources of this planet for 27 years. Rest in utter torment. Wolf. Going to the pub for a celebratory drink!!!
  4. Fugitivewolf

    Room 101

  5. Fugitivewolf

    The Second 2009 Success Poll

    swayze gets my vote. out of hospital after pneumonia... they always die of pneumonia...
  6. Fugitivewolf

    Tony Hart

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7836112.stm yup dead!! and a bbc obit!!
  7. Fugitivewolf

    The Dead Of 2009

    Have searched, couldn't find it, but actress Cheryl Holdridge died on the 6th... Please excuse if it's already here... newbie... Wolf.
  8. Fugitivewolf

    New Here And Just Saying Hello - 2009

    Welcome to DL Wolf. Hope you can stick around. I shall certainly try. And thanks!!!
  9. Fugitivewolf

    New Here And Just Saying Hello - 2009

    Hello all... Lurker for a while, taken the plunge. Hope we have a bumper year!!! My only concern is what the hell will happen when dunny finally goes... Wolf.

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