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    Deborah Kerr

    Ms Kerr indeed seems a really strong candidate for next years list. Definatly famous enough as evidenced by her six oscar nominations), and seemingly in very poor health. Must however question Pulphacks story of her in the early eighties. She continued working until the late eighties and my reseach indicates the on set of her Parkinsons occured somewhere around 2000.
  2. Mr Macabre

    Houston, You Have A Problem!

    Am I the only one that finds Ms Houstons spiral into her present drugs fuelled existance really sad? Ive never been a fan of hers. But here is a once very beautiful and successful women who has obviously reached a very dark place in life. I for one hope she manages to clean up her act and doesnt appear on any death lists for a very long time. She is still a very young woman with teenage children and it is for both those reasons that I hope she gets some help. I know she is from a very privilleged backround but a drug addiction is one of those things that can ruin lives regardless of how much money you have, or who you are. So despite all the banter on here I for one wish her all the best
  3. Mr Macabre

    Who's Going To Be Around For A While?

    Angeala Lansbury: 80 and has recently undergone surgey but I wouldnt be surprised if she is still here in 2020. Built to last is that one.
  4. Mr Macabre


    ooo there all after ya TLC, miss whisp, Brinsworth House Baiter et all. How rare to posess beauty that can get memebers of both genders in a spin. Perhaps I should try posting longer more sympathetic pieces on here, hey if it will get me laid I will try anything lol!! Saying that i'm guna add my real face pic on too my profile, think others should follow suit. Is better when you can see who people actually are?Dont you think?
  5. Mr Macabre

    Glenn Ford

    How good am I (he types with smug satisfaction). I had a feeling that a big birtday bash would be too much for the old boy. Glenn Ford is now a must for nexts years list permitting the fact that he actually makes it to 2007!!
  6. Mr Macabre

    Glenn Ford

    Perhaps Glenn Ford's first public appearance in fifteen years is not such a reason to despare after all. While I think its commendable the old boy is hanging on in there the likelihood of the situation is he realises this is the last significant birthday he will be around to celebrate. An you never know the excitement may all be too much for him, imagine not going out for fifteen years then being part of a media circus, seems like a recipe for heartattack city for me.
  7. Mr Macabre

    Jane Wyman

    What is going on with this thread!It is full of absolute bile and drivel, with most of it not even related to Ms Wyman! I think most of the problems stem from illiterate guests (perhaps the mods should monitor there posts more closely) Posts wishing the 'old bitch would drop dwon dead' are a) stupid b)not informative c)Not the point of this site (unless i'm missing something) As for some of the other tripe written about the white/black divide and American politics exactly what relevance does it have to Jane Wyman!!!!!!!!!!! Some of the marks are disgusting and crass tinged with racial hatred!!But more important than that this thread is about Jane Wyman not politics or race relations. Just to remind those wanting to post on this thread Jane was an Actress who despite her relationship with Regan (befoire he was a politician) was never a political figure!! So keep it relevant. And posts wishing people would die are very sick indeed, an I can oinly presume posted by people so unhappy with there own lives that they think comments like this are appropriate
  8. Mr Macabre

    Olivia De Havilland

    Just wondering if anyone has heard why Olivia didnt pick up an honary Oscar at this years awards. It was reported in the press (bbc news website etc) that she was to be honoured with a lifetime achievement award at this years ceremony. I didnt see the actual telecast but dont think it ever happend as Robert Altman recieved this honour and I cant find any refrence in press snippets of her attendance so im presuming Ms De Havilland didnt get any sort of sickly tribute? An indication she was too sick to attend?
  9. Mr Macabre

    Hollywood Possibilities

    I can't remember Tony Martin's performace as Rose in Titanic Oops that was meant to be next to Gloria Stuart who played old Rose in titanic an was a relatively famous 1930s actress. I also missed Evelyn Keyes Dulcie Gray Googie Withers Esther Williams Jane Russel
  10. Mr Macabre

    Hollywood Possibilities

    This thread is all over the place. Wish people would keep to topic indicated. Anyways rant over!!Actual Hollywood possibilties over 85 (what the thread is actually about in first place!!!!!!!!) Over ninety Charles Lane Ernest Borgnine Luise Rainer Gloria Stuart Tony Martin (Rose in titanic) Jane Wyman Between eighty five and ninety Cyd Charrisse Olivia de Havilland Joan Fontaine June Allyson Lena Horne Celeste Holm Kirk Douglas Kathryn Grayson Maureen ohara Jennifer Jones Janis Paige (at laest think she is still alive) Yvonne de carlo
  11. Mr Macabre

    Olivia De Havilland

    Hmm just been announced that Ms De Havilland is to recieve a special honary oscar at next years awards.Also that she is going to be in attendence. This would indicate that despite being almost ninety she is in pretty good shape.However the academy have a tendency to honour those with failing health who wont be here for much longer. I reckon the old gal is guna hang on till next year just so her ego can be fed an she can pick up what will be Oscar number three. However with that an her ninetieth birthday also coming up next year mite be more excitement then that ageing heart can deal with. A defo for next yeras list!!!!!!!
  12. Mr Macabre

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2006

    Saw the 1948 version of Little Women the other day (my grandma made me watch it ahem) an thought the women playing three of the main four protaginists are all good bets for 2006. Jo- June Allyson. Many sources give her date of birth as 1917 which would make her 88.However seems to be some confusion over this date and actually she is a few years older (back then studio bosses often took years off a stars age to prolong their carears). However in good health still. Meg-Elizabeth Taylor. Seventy three an a candidate on this years death list. Beth. Margaret O Brien- Again early seventies no health problems as far as I know. Janet Leigh played other main character (minds gone blank cant remember last March girl name). An she died suddenly last year surely not long before the other three shuffle off behind her
  13. Mr Macabre

    Damn, won't anyone die?

    Going back to the origins of this thread I think future hits for the list are going to be few an far between this year!I normally have agreed with past selections however this years list seems bizarre in the least!Sure alot of old people but they are still in comparative good health!Definate no gos Liz Taylor, Wyman , De Haviland, Wisdom and Jerry Lewis even Martin an Astor have good odds of seeing the year out!Posiible Heath an Castro will be hits thats about it! I guess past successes an the loss of perenial favourites such as Bob Hope an Kate Hepburn have meant the introduction of some new blood!Give it another year or two an this lot will be taking the final shuffle into oblivion!Not this year tho I am afraid
  14. Mr Macabre

    Jane Wyman

    Although 91 I dont reckon Jane will be a hit for this years list! Still in decent health, she probs has a good chance of making it too the elusive 100! A better choice would have been Jane Wyatt 94, famous movie star of the 1940s then won emmys for Father Knows Best in 50s. More recently plaid Spocks mum an was in Amytville four. I reckon she will be a miss for the list this year
  15. Mr Macabre

    Elizabeth Taylor

    Hmm some pretty harsh criticism of Ms Taylor an pretty unfounded too!In her hey day she was without doubt one of the most beautiful women in the world an now looks perfectly fine for a woman in her seventies!As well as being a consumate actress (Place in the Sun, Suddenly Last Summer etc) this is a woman who has helped many charities! In 1980s America before it was fashionable to champion Aides as a cause Liz was the first big name to pubicly declare her support for Aides victims (risking her reputation). Furthermore she has always proved to be a loyal friend to those close to her for example putting her whole fee for Reflections of A Golden Eye up as collatarel so Montgomery Clift could get insured to star in the movie! If as some of you suggest her looks, career an health have faded then thats only natrual for a woman entering her Winter years. Lay off Liz a star, legend, humanitarian an generally feisty old broad! An as for the Idiot who says he hopes she will die this year, get a grip!This site is a bit of fun an its one thing to predict someones death an another to wish someone dead

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