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  1. Body Snatcher 44

    Oscar Niemeyer

    Perhaps Death has lost his paper work and is hastily writing it up again...
  2. Body Snatcher 44

    President (recumbent) Barack Obama

    I think it has more to do with population management. Large populations are easier to control if they are kept stupid and angry - with authority figures (politicians, media personalities, religious figures etc) subtly removing rights and opportunities whilst blaming and directing the anger at the other guys. I think that this happens most blatantly in the US. I think it depends on how gullible a society is or is willing to be. I watched the Fox News coverage of the election (yes thats right, I'm not ashamed of it ) and after the uncontrollable laughter subsided I grew concerned that what I find absurd others may take as gospel.
  3. Body Snatcher 44

    The 12th Death Of 2012

  4. Body Snatcher 44

    The New Dunn...

    I'd have to agree with this approach - as each current deathlist candidate has taken on a persona of there own and could never really match Clive's status anyway. RIP Clive.
  5. Body Snatcher 44

    The 11th Death Of 2012 - Guest Posts Will Be Deleted.

    I voted Niemeyer again.
  6. Body Snatcher 44

    Conspiracy Theories

  7. Body Snatcher 44

    The 10th Death Of 2012

    Niemeyer to Diemeyer.
  8. Body Snatcher 44

    Margaret Thatcher

    Good to reminisce...isn't it guys???
  9. Body Snatcher 44

    A Joke

    Ah-hem... http://www.deathlist.net/forums/index.php?showuser=8023
  10. Body Snatcher 44

    Ronnie Biggs

    Whats the towel for??? drool, weak prostate or incontinence
  11. Body Snatcher 44

    London 2012 Olympics

    Thats because we aren't winning anything, mate.
  12. Body Snatcher 44

    Muhammad Ali

    The fact is that Parkinson's progresses over time and largely reduces life expectancy. Ali has been showing symptoms of Parkinson's since he was 38, and he is now in his early 70's. Doesn't matter how hard he can punch me in the gut. Even so, it's pretty safe to assume that this will his last olympics.
  13. Body Snatcher 44

    The 9th Death Of 2012

    Billy Graham to go laughing into the grave.
  14. Body Snatcher 44

    Geoffrey Hughes

    Didn't know so many of you knew him personally, seems like he was a great bloke.
  15. Body Snatcher 44

    Zsa Zsa Gabor

    After seeing that photo i would give her 8 months max. enough time for another court session then Yes her quality of life at this point is virtually zero – maybe it is the Bashar al-Assad approach to trucing.
  16. Body Snatcher 44

    Bunkum Or Bunker?

    Lol my thinking exactly yet end of the worlders are stockpiling supplies and it seems that fallout shelters are selling like hot-cakes. Time for all good capitalists to start flogging the gullible "shelters" and parting the fools from their cash. Although admittedly it does seem to be mostly Americans in the documentaries about the end of world survivalists. I often wonder if the principles of modern capitalism include the mantra 'One born every minute' e I think that reflect a more modern society 'One born every second' - wasn't there supposed to be an internet apocalypse on Monday, one that meant to plunge us into the dark ages again???
  17. Body Snatcher 44

    The 8th Death Of 2012

    Niemeyer may die'er.
  18. Body Snatcher 44

    Eric Sykes

    I'll echo that.
  19. Body Snatcher 44

    The 7th Death Of 2012

    Mubarak - he must be hot favorite
  20. Body Snatcher 44

    25. Hosni Mubarak

    Heaven forbid he suffer an embarassing parade in Rome.
  21. Plus guests. How could I forget our valued guests...
  22. Everyone should get a chance to post it...all *checks current member total* 2,481 of us.
  23. Body Snatcher 44

    Clive James

    If not already mentioned...Clive James thinks he's terminal. http://www.metro.co.uk/news/902774-broadcaster-clive-james-says-he-has-lost-his-battle-with-cancer
  24. Body Snatcher 44

    The 6th Death Of 2012

    The general for me...again.
  25. Body Snatcher 44

    The 5th Death Of 2012

    Never even got the chance to vote for the fourth hit... Went for the General.

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