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  1. Body Snatcher 44

    Name On A Coke Bottle

    The there is this little beauty for a funeral directors
  2. Body Snatcher 44


    1987: de Cesaris, Osbourne (2/31) 1989: Bruno, Ditka, Ian Paisley, Osbourne, Brian Wilson, Jenkins, Cole (7/32) 1990: Noriega, Aznavour, Queen Elizabeth II, Alliss, Ditka, Williams, Winfrey, Waite (8/42) 1991: Willis, Gabor, Beenhakker (3/40) 1992: Finney, Ryder (2/37) 1993: Bennett, Ian Paisley, Kissinger, Ray Kennedy, Lineker, Jerry Lee Lewis (6/56) 1994: Castro, White, Kirkbride, Holly Johnson, Thorpe, Shilton (6/50) 1995: Castro, Holly Johnson, Forsyth, Connery (4/50) 1996: Mr T, Thorpe, Domino, Castro (4/50) 1997: Rooney, Domino, Kirk Douglas (3/50) 1998: Rooney, Jaruzelski (2/50) 1999: Leeson, Simon (2/50) 2000: Farrakhan, Jaruzelski (2/50) 2001: Tutu, Minelli, Pincher, Wallach, Wouk, Rooney (6/50) 2002: Brady, Kirk Douglas (2/50) 2003: Rooney, Gabor (2/50) 2004: Brady, Musharraf, Wallach, Kirk Douglas, Michelmore, Rooney, Mugabe (7/50) 2005: Karzai, Maradona, LaMotta, Wallach, de Havilland, O'Sullevan, Castro, Jerry Lewis (8/50) 2006: Di Stéfano, Wallach, Kirk Douglas, Lynn, Bouteflika, Graham, Ali, LaMotta, Rooney, (9/50) 2007: Castro, Graham, Tim Johnson, Piper, Wallach, Kirk Douglas, de Havilland, Lynn, LaMotta, Molinaro, Vigoda, Jerry Lewis, Farrakhan (13/50) 2008: Castro, Pincher, Wallach, Kirk Douglas, Domino, Gabor, Lynn, Graham, Watson, LaMotta, Karzai, Charles Taylor (12/50) 2009: Havelange, Pincher, Wallach, Castro, Kirk Douglas, Graham, LaMotta, Rooney, Nancy Reagan, Christopher Lee, Cardin, B B King (12/50) 2010: Gabor, Pincher, Wallach, Castro, Kirk Douglas, Wouk, de Havilland, Healey, Tork, Edrich, Graham, Bough, O'Sullevan, Molinaro, LaMotta, Norden, Attenborough, B B King, Lansbury, Jerry Lewis, Domino, Garner (22/50) 2011: Gabor, Kirk Douglas, de Havilland, Healey, Edrich, LaMotta, Khamenei, Jerry Lewis, Aretha Franklin, Dole, Cheney, Pincher, Wallach, Ellison, Schmidt, Molinaro, Brady, Cardin, Lynn, Michael Douglas, Nancy Reagan, (21/50) 2012: Harper Lee, Wallach, Kirk Douglas, Adulyadej, Gabor, Graham, Pincher, Wouk, de Havilland, Jaruzelski, Mubarak, Lawson, Castro, Healey, Schmidt, O'Sullevan, Molinaro, LaMotta, Kissinger, PD James, Macnee, Mugabe, Van Dyke, Randi, Aziz, Ali, Berry, Domino, Gaddafi, Hawking (30/50) 2013: Clive James, Pincher, Gabor, Havelange, Bush, Wallach, Prince Philip, Whitlam, Mubarak, Paisley, Kirk Douglas, de Havilland, Castro, Lynn, Healey, Harper Lee, Dole, O'Sullevan, Graham, Schmidt, Molinaro, Attenborough, PD James, Adams, LaMotta, Nancy Reagan, Sallis, Day, Stan Lee, Jaruzelski, Kissinger, Parsons, Stritch, Domino, Garner, Brady (36/50) Updated for the singers Seeger and Frederiksen.
  3. Body Snatcher 44

    Room 101

    Quite surprisingly, IF this is a genuine post I actually sympathise with you. I live next door to a stuttering twat that looks like a cross between Wayne Rooney and Graham Norton. He and his wife have no children, but do have a boxer dog that they talk to as if it were a child - 'that's a GOOD GIRL, bring the ball to mummy!' - he scuba dives so is deaf, so turns his stereo and Sega Megadrive up to 11, thus making my bookshelves vibrate. They do this between the hours of about 6pm and 1am, as he 'works from home as a photographer' (read that as 'does fuck all except wank while his wife is at work') - thus meaning that I get to sleep at about 2am, and then wake up again about 5am when they decide it's funny to make their dog start barking. On the weekends (and sometimes in the week) they have friends over and all have sex with each other, and his wife does quite a good impression of a squealing Jack Russell with a strangulated hernia. When his friends come over, they find it acceptable to park across my driveway. One day I am going to kill him. Actually kill him, to death. In the meantime, because I'm a lazy council-working cunt, I have dapped along the work corridor to the planning department, who have confirmed that due to the location of our properties, I am perfectly within my rights to erect a rather high fence in my front garden - this will block most of the daytime sun from his living room. And he can do fuck all about it as he doesn't own the house, and IF his landlord tries to complain (which planning say he can't), I will report him to Revenue and Customs, as I know he does not declare the full amount of rent they pay to him. So they can all suck a big fart right out of my ass. Post of the year, so far. If she has sex with loads of men, any chance of puting a good word in for me? Im trying to remember what its like. I may be hung like a chinese hamster but ive got nigh on 15 stone to push it in with. Cheers!! You'd probably catch chlamydia. You'd be better off fucking the boxer dog. Makes less noise too. The thing is, they are skanky cunts too. I've been in their house because when we first moved in, we were actually fairly civil, and we would go round to feed their cat when they were off diving (in the sea). They have a pole (for dancing) in their dining room, and their house FUCKING STINKS. Of course, with hindsight, I should have had a key cut, so that now we are not friends, I could still go in their house and hide kippers behind their radiators, to make the house smell better. Lard Bazaar I can fully sympathise with your current situation as my neighbours are currently hosting another late party in their backyard.
  4. Body Snatcher 44

    Room 101

    You know...it's 1:33 am, I'm sitting here at my computer, with my headphones on, listening to music and I can still hear the impromptu party the neighbours are having next door. Gave up trying to sleep about an hour ago...the drunk fools. I think someone is going to have fun listening to really loud bagpipe music on a loop for the entirety of the morning tomorrow - the perfect hangover cure I reckon.
  5. Body Snatcher 44

    Fidel Castro

    or Guest_Queequeg_*. Indeed, but you must also consider that Castro is by far a much less "respectable" person than say Nelson Mandela, Norman Borlaug, Aung San Suu Kyi, or Malala Yousafzai.
  6. Body Snatcher 44

    The 100 Club

    no DDP points there but my first Body Count hit for 2014. Run Run Shaw, thanks for the Kung-Fu.
  7. Body Snatcher 44

    Christopher Lee

    Dead. http://www.torontosun.com/2014/01/03
  8. Body Snatcher 44

    Valerie Harper

    Her mum would...
  9. Body Snatcher 44

    Derby Dead Pool 2014

    Well here is mine...
  10. Body Snatcher 44

    New Year Greetings

    Happy new year guys, hope 2014 is a good year for you all.
  11. Body Snatcher 44

    1st Death of 2014

    Billy Graham to meet his maker first
  12. Body Snatcher 44

    The Deathlist Christmas Special!

    Merry Christmas Deathlisters, hope everyone has a memorable one. For what it's worth, I will be spending it not with my family, but with my ragtag bunch of misfit mates, who (for one reason or another) aren't spending it with their families either. As far as the deathlist is concerned here is a gift for your enjoyment, from Australia.
  13. Body Snatcher 44

    The 14th Death Of 2013

    After I actually scored on one of these polls with Kalashnikov. Jaruzelski with plenty of days remaining.
  14. Body Snatcher 44

    Discuss The 2013 Deathlist

    Yep they're starting to drop now. There does seem, from time to time, to be a late rush at the end of the year.
  15. Body Snatcher 44

    The 13th Death Of 2013

    Kalashnikov, and I like how the votes for none of the above have decreased as well.
  16. Body Snatcher 44


    Yeah bitches... All reports are done (all 82 of them) and only have to suffer through another 4 days of term before the hols start. Going to start the celebration early - Hitting the piss tonight
  17. Body Snatcher 44

    3. Olivia De Havilland

    Now you know.
  18. Body Snatcher 44

    The 12th Death Of 2013

    There seems to be about 3 contenders who could drop at any moment; Jaruzelski, Graham and Kalashnikov now. Went with Kalashnikov.
  19. Body Snatcher 44

    The 11th Death Of 2013

    Mikhail Kalashnikov for me as well...if there is to be another hit this year.
  20. Body Snatcher 44

    Hooroo, Mate.

    I was about to get and say that Bart was noticeably absent from the cup this year. But I'd imagine he would be back next year unless something drastic happens...I'm still going to keep him on my list.
  21. Body Snatcher 44

    2. Kirk Douglas

    Well he got out of the car... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2450903/Kirk-Douglas-looks-frail-visits-doctor-Beverly-Hills.html
  22. Body Snatcher 44

    The 10th Death Of 2013

    The General in his last battle.
  23. Body Snatcher 44

    Hooroo, Mate.

    7th DDP hit for the year (8th overall) and my joker to boot, now will he get a UK obit?
  24. Body Snatcher 44

    Hooroo, Mate.

    As am I...him being my joker and all.
  25. Body Snatcher 44

    Hooroo, Mate.

    Also this is quite a list here...although I think most still have many good years left in them, remembering what could have been. Yes, we sure do have a big turnover. I wonder who will be up next? Albanese or Shorten, I guess. As I said previously, I definitely think Clive Palmer is a heart attack waiting to happen. Indeed, or someone could always see Abbott on his bike and run him down with their car. The ALP need to pick a new leader and sick with them. I for one like Albanese, who at least has some character about him, whereas Shorten reminds me more of a funeral parlor director, the kind of bloke who haunts children in their sleep. They need to find their base again, and galvanize their policies (none of this hesitation or indecisiveness), stability and consistencies will be key to beating Abbott in 2016. Plus Albo can run with the slogan "easy peasy Albanese."

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