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  1. - Stephanie Clifford wins her law suits and brings down the Trump administration in The Perfect Stormy

    - A Trump-themed biopic chronicling his transformation into a bloated carcass in The Food, the Bad and the Ugly

    - Trump's interactions with a news outlet increasingly becomes like white-noise in The Fox and the Sound

    - Donald Trump gets chased by a swarm in Fat-Man and the Wasp

    - Melania gets her wish and remains unemotional at her husbands funeral in Blank Widow


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  2. 9 minutes ago, Grim Up North said:

    'No More Squawking for Hawking'


    I realise that whoever does these can't hit the mark every time but for a man who has been on the point of dying for over 50 years, has written a book called A Brief History of Time,  scientific papers on black holes and was one of the most famous people on the planet this rather weak rhyming effort  presumably relating to his voice seems a bit pathetic and I can't help feeling the great man himself, who seemed to have a sense of humour and an eye for a memorable quote, would be somewhat disappointed.


    Needless to say I can't immediately improve on this but I'd like to think the many clever people on here could at least offer something a bit more deserving for consideration.


    Unlinked to the above this is my personal favourite of the quotes of his that I have read today.


    'I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.'


    His quotes will be hard to avoid today I'm sure, but well worth clicking on a link to seek them out, because after today you probably will not have the urge again.


    RIP Professor Hawking - a man who managed to live many aspects of the life he would have dreamed of despite an almost complete failure of his physical body. 

    Agreed, a lackluster obit title...


    I would have gone with "Hawking Shuts Down" or "Stephen Experiences Fatal Error" 


  3. I would like to put forward Bill O'Reilly as a potential suicide watch. 

     - Control freak, no-longer in control

     - Egocentric, no-longer relevant 

     - Career down the gurgler 

     - Reputation in tatters

     - Constant subject of jokes and ridicule - a laughing stock now without a platform for rebuttal

     - Marriage failure

     - A series of intellectually noxious literature; whereby the great men die - perhaps he considers himself among them

     - The book precedes , i'll wager, going towards the settlements for the women he's abused - numbering in the tens of millions

     - Former boss also accused of same crimes, dies abruptly at the beginning of the year - made to look like a health cause, wouldn't be surprised if it was in fact suicide.

     - Cancels television appearances - shutting himself away

     - Evidence of potential alcoholism in podcasts and few interviews 

     - Angry at god to "giving me a good going over" 

     - Attempts to garner sympathy by bringing his children into what he's done - a scoundrel always hides behind their children

     - Looks dejected, tired and has aged ten years - he has always been a miserable c@#t


    As someone who suffers from major depression, albeit for very different reasons - it must be said, I see the signs in this man as he went from a tough guy persona to a bad guy persona and sees no way to escape it. He is depressed and for good reason - he should be after what he's done. He is a criminal who can't seem to understand that how, in the world of Trump, his perceived entitlement to his female colleagues was somehow wrong. For these reasons I've added his name to my 2018 shortlist. They are falling like dominoes and we'll all be better for it - that is my great hope in all of this.

    I've often said that I wouldn't wish depression on anyone, yet he brought it on himself - he chose it and it couldn't happen to a nicer bloke.

  4. 1 hour ago, charon said:

    And for the record lardy....



    Who is the bigger villain?





    A/ a predatory cunt in a position everbody knows he is





    B/ the girls that enabled him, by keeping their mouths shut for a couple of decades after they got their first million, allowing umpteen other girls to be abused?





    I'm guessing you'll say 'A', and you're fucking wrong.

    Troubles me a bit...


    If one were to change the option "B" word "girls" to the word "children" i don't think your premise holds water. I'm sure the perpetrators would welcome the chance to say they had been enabled

  5. Hi everyone,


    When I view the home page all the elements are disproportionate and playing funny buggers - like for example the images are all disproportionate and and the header logo is just localized to a small square in the top left of the page. I think the settings are off somehow, any ideas on how to fix this?




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