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  1. deathstar

    The Dead Of 2012

    Another obvious candidate missed off the 2012. Putting Dick Van Dyke ahead of a man whose had multiple strokes
  2. deathstar

    Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    To be fair she hasn't done a lot in Coronation Street since she ended up in the lake with Bet and Fred was an easy gig standing behind a bar for 40 years.
  3. deathstar

    Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    Coronation Street star Betty Driver who played Betty Turpin dies age 91. Can we have a new compiler for 2012 what was he thinking this year.
  4. deathstar

    Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    Well deathlist forum compiler must be hiding away this year all these obvious candidates who are snuffing it Betty Driver at 90 another one who should have been on the list she won't last pneumonia at 90 not a chance.
  5. deathstar

    43. Clive James

    Clive James suffering from Leukaemia for last 15 months and is in Addenbrooks Hospital
  6. deathstar

    Mollie Sugden et al

    The creator of the UK's most popular Sit Com Only Fools and Horses and Dear John has died aged 64.
  7. deathstar

    Last of the Summer Wine

    What will happen to Wallace when Sallis croaks who is gonna do the voice?
  8. deathstar

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2012

    This is my list of people I think could sod off from earth for good this year. 1) Casey Kasem - 78 Year old American Music presenter and voice of Shaggy in Scooby Doo he left his radio show in 2009 after 39 years - why give up your show after 39 years and not wait for 40? I think he left through illness and is clinging on he is said to not make many appearances anymore. 2) Gaddafi - Obvious reasons he is either gonna die a martyr or at the hands of the coalition planes or the rebels or maybe even his own sons. 3) Betty White - I know she is very much still alive but even at 89 I think she will take on too much 4) Eric Sykes - He has been treading the line for a number of years and keeps going but it's time to for him to join Hattie in the comedy sky club. 5) Leslie Phillips - Like Sykes has been walking the line for a few years time to say "Ding Dong" to the bell of the pearly gates. 6) Etta James - Leukemia an dementia a must surely 7) John Bardon (Jim Branning Eastenders) never fully recover from a stroke and continued ill health his character is going into a home with possibility of him doing guest appearances but to me that means "bye bye" 8) Michael Parkinson - For no reason whatsoever just another of my probably bad hunches. 9) Prince William or Kate Middleton - Assassination at Royal Wedding. 10) Justin Beiber - As explained in my previous post.
  9. deathstar

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2012

    I'm going to go with a hunch I have and say Justin Beiber don't know why it's just a long time since we had the "River Phoenix/Kurt Kobain Die Young" syndrome. Also what about Kate or William in a joint anarchist/Al Qaeda/IRA/Halibut Extremist/Libyan multi strike at the royal wedding that would kill off quite a few royals, news reporters and media types and certain high profile celebs.
  10. deathstar

    Max (In A Grave) Bygraves

    Sorry ignore previous comment
  11. deathstar

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2012

    He looked absolutely shocking How he used to look: http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http...1t:429,r:18,s:0 How he looked in January: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-12174150 He looked much much worse on BBC news last week.
  12. deathstar

    Gaddafi Guesses

    Cameron says Bahrain offered a referendum to the people so they doing it by the book. Personally I believe its none of our business and no one should be going to another country and deciding to tell them what the can do. It's Gadaffi's country he rules it if he wants to fly planes and fight back of course he should do these UN people really think he should sit back and let people try come and get him he has every right to fight for his land as anyone else. Leave it to them and stay out of it.
  13. Do you ever see anyone on tv and think they look like they gonna get Cancer or another type of illness my example would be Ulrika Johnson she looks prime fodder for it thin as a rake all bones pale pasty anyone think of anyone else? Apologies for the spelling in the title if a mod can alter thanks
  14. Please, please, please ITN send the poison dwarf Mary Nightingale to Libya and let's see her being chased down Triploi High Street by Gaddafi's well armed tank regiment. Oddious, obnoxious, up her own arse woman.
  15. Which reporters/presenters from BBC, Sky or ITN (itv News) will meet their maker in the current unrest in Middle East. I hope Mark Austin gets caught by Gaddafi but me thinks he is well protected and stays well away from trouble. Sky's Lisa Holland seems to be courting danger by being a blonde female in Tripoli, though I'm sure she is wooing Saif Gaddafi. I think John Simpson is most likely to get on the wrong side of a few goverment troops but Bill Neeley and the itv News team are causing themselves trouble keep trying to get passed border patrols in to Zawaiyah. Of course after Terry Lloyd in Iraq I will put my money on ITN to get the first reporter casualty though Alex Rossi seems to have disappeared off Sky News.

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