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  1. Living Dead Girl

    Pete Doherty

    Thank you.
  2. Living Dead Girl

    Pete Doherty

  3. Living Dead Girl

    Executioner's Club

    I am NOT a pointless ranter... I much prefer 'Morbid Interest'. I felt quite insulted after my first post, which in my opinion was quite informative. Now I feel obliged to pointlessly rant so I have more posts under my belt and can therefore progress. Shhh... Edited to say: Woohoo!
  4. Living Dead Girl

    Pete Doherty

    Max Carlish is the guy that decided he would film a documentary on Pete Doherty because he found him interesting and wanted to seduce him (in the least sexual way possible although he did "fall in love with Peter"). Pete eventually became tired of Max following him everywhere and annoying the hell out of the band and basically told him to piss off. Max, extremely hurt and doubting he'd ever be able to hang out with Peter again, decided to sell photos of Pete smoking heroin to various tabloid newspapers which then led to Max getting the sh*t kicked out of him and Pete getting sent to prison for 4 days. Here is a picture of the little prick, Max, above and "sweet sweet" Pete below... And here are some articles... Stalking Pete Doherty Doherty Arrested
  5. Living Dead Girl

    Kylie Die-ly ? Minogue Morgue-Go ?

    Kylie won't die, she's too rich and healthy to die. I mean, she will die but just not yet. I doubt she's gonna let a little bit of cancer hold her back. Long live the bum.
  6. Living Dead Girl

    Pete Doherty

    Done and done. wooooo.
  7. Living Dead Girl

    Pete Doherty

    Greetings. I came across this forum whilst searching for Pete Doherty info, it's a lovely little forum so I signed up. I think that new 'pointless' celebrity/manic depressive, Max Carlish should be on the list for 2005 with the amount of Doherty fans that are gonna be wanting him dead. I predict that someone will attack him in the dead of night with a rusty and dull implement and if they don't... I... might. If not for the fact that he set Pete up but for being the most annoying, self-centred, disgusting little man ever to have set foot on screen. If you didn't see the documentary (Stalking Pete Doherty) on Channel 4 last night, where were you?? I just had to tell someone. P.S. NOT a pointless ranter.

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