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  1. Bald rick

    Near Misses for 2005

    Oops. Just found a whole new thread entitled 'Anne Bancroft'. Look before you leap... Still new here (if that's any defence).
  2. Bald rick

    Near Misses for 2005

    Anne Bancroft has Graduated from the University of Life. No more Miracle Working
  3. Bald rick

    Michael Jackson Poll

    Having voted, I feel I ought to add - who really cares? The accused seems to be a strange bemused creature, who once sang a few catchy tunes. All he seems to be famous for nowadays is (not?) fiddling with the youth of America and having a falling apart face. Why does anyone (other than the families involved) give a damn?
  4. Bald rick

    charlie bronson

    Another illiterate drive-by posting. Is he about to pop his clogs? If not, where's the relevance? This website is Deathlist, not shallwereleasehimfromprisonlist. Muppet.
  5. Bald rick

    Lady Bird Johnson

    I think you're getting confused. Ladybirds eat aphids. Ants 'milk' aphids.
  6. Bald rick

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2006

    Has every Man United fan's favourite old American gentleman been proposed? Mr Glazer - he looks rather shaky, and there's always the possibility that if he ever turns up at the ground he will be lynched by an angry mob, waving their prawn sandwiches and (shock horror) last year's team shirts. (I tried the search facility, but like some others recently, it didn't seem to work properly. If he is listed, my apologies.) I did chuckle a week ago, when an upset season ticket holder announced he would be destroying his ticket. This after the last home game of the season. Empty gesture anyone?

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