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  1. Bald rick

    Caption Competitions

    Plenty. Not only a jobbie, but a snuff picture too. You should know better.
  2. Bald rick

    The Deathlist Howto

    My last reading of the unwritten rules led me to understand that a UK obit is not required for DL purposes. If the candidate dies, that's enough for us.
  3. Bald rick

    Room 101

    I say that to people who serve me in shops even if I don't really know them. I may be back some other time, you see. You're a DL member, you're allowed to... What does annoy me though is when you say it to be nice and then they don't respond. Rude bastards. Then you're officially allowed to knife them.
  4. Bald rick


    Not a good day to be a Feyenoord supporter!
  5. Bald rick

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    I don't think you'd need to be Halibut to want to do nasty things to her after some of the things she is supposed to have said. Anyway, the Hindus are quite warfaring, aren't they? Don't need to rely on the Halibut minority. Just hope the silly slapper has a holiday in Goa this year.
  6. Bald rick

    Andy Fordham - Will he retain his liver?

    Apparently the South African English batsman Kevin Pietersen was known to some during the recent Ashes humiliation as figjam - f**k I'm good just ask me.
  7. Bald rick

    Room 101

    People who give their sons the same name as the father. Are they really that unimaginative? And then the sons, who, as if it wasn't bad enough going through life being called 'Junior', then go and name their sons the same thing again! Why?
  8. Bald rick

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    I remember seeing an obituary of the rapper Proof (whom I had not previously heard of) in the Times last year. How does this fit with people's expectations of who gets an obit in which paper? Is a Chicago rapper (who I seem to recall was only being obituarised because he was friends with Eminem) more likely than a wrestler?
  9. Bald rick

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    Here's the final scoreboard. Yikes! Every team had at least one hit! This does not bode well for me having company at the bottom of the table by the end if the year... Don't worry. With my deadpool debut, I hope to be propping up the table. Team is called Please don't let them die, which rather sums up my feelings about the team-members.
  10. Bald rick

    Tim Johnson

  11. spiky barbarity honez? spewy baronetcy honez? epoxy berserkly honez? Can't make many more words fit the gaps.
  12. Bald rick

    The Monkeys

    May I propose some more categories? Most entertaining poster of the year - quality, not quantity - otherwise MPFC would win it hands down! Thread which most people would like to see deleted. Favourite Mod/ Admin. Bribes will be gratefully accepted. Member who most people would like to see banned. Let the fun begin.
  13. Bald rick

    28 Years Of The Deathlist!

    No, you'll be really old when you can't remember them any more. Or where you left your tartan shopping trolley.
  14. Bald rick

    Ross Davidson

    He's going to be on t'telly tonight: BBC1, nine o'clock. You'll be able to see him having his head zapped with a laser. Link.
  15. Bald rick

    The Trumptonshire Trilogy

    Trip to Trumpton.
  16. Bald rick

    On Content and Form

    And here I thought the whole point was for you to accumulate posts and watch your silly words come back and bite you on your fat hairy ass. Is this another one of your exes, TH?
  17. Bald rick

    Why Are We Here?

    _______________________ Lashings of thought provoking stuff by other DL'ers................. _______________________ So my original answer still stands. No. Do you think you could summarise any other threads like that - there are several that spring to mind. Eg Post 1: how is So and so? Post 2: He is fine - and will not be a DL candidate for at least the next 10 years. Post 3 onwards: I have no relevant information about this person, but what the hell. Replace above with Josco's handy summary, which replicates Post 2! If the intervening rubbish could be hidden or deleted too, even better. You could probably strip the whole site down to a couple of comments if you're not careful. The devil makes work for idle moderators...
  18. Bald rick

    Parting Shots

    Does Steve Irwin count?
  19. Bald rick

    Richard O'Sullivan

    Hear hear! After seeing some people post repeated inane comments, mostly answering themselves, this is something I have been thinking of suggesting. Can it be enforced by the forum software? What is to stop the offender from just editing their original post to add all the crap there instead?
  20. Bald rick

    The Canadian Paul Deadpool

    Doesn't the blue text on a black background hurt your eyes? I found it made it very difficult to read. But, as I haven't entered a team, I don't really care. However, I agree it is an impressive undertaking. If the site is finished, does that mean that this thread has pretty much served its purpose, and can be merged with all the other deadpool threads - at least three at last count? Or will the current situation persist of whenever anyone dies it gets posted in their own thread, as well as (probably) in either near misses or not exactly famous, AND in each of the deadpool threads. Makes it difficult to track the topics as related comments are not all together. Any thoughts, or am I to be shot down in flames for my impertinence?
  21. Bald rick

    The English Language

    .......... putting his final full stop in just the right place. he'd been in a comma for some time..... I wouldn't be surprised to learn he had a large part of his intestine removed due to cancer. If so, he would have been left with a semi colon. Your coats, gentlemen. Kindly close the door on your way out.
  22. Bald rick

    Room 101

    If the grapes are peeled (or preferably replaced with a gourmet meal, cooked by your own fair hand), that should be fine. Chop chop - he may be deteriorating whilst you dally on the Death List. (He's not famous is he - do you think he'll last until next year?)
  23. Bald rick

    Room 101

    No no no, you've got it all wrong. He hasn't got a cold, he's got man flu. Much more severe than a cold. Show some sympathy in his hour of need, and stop being so heartless.
  24. Bald rick

    Room 101

    I do have some sympathy for your point of view, not being a great fan of sparkling wines. Given the choice I would prefer to 'toast the bride' with one of the two great English alcoholic exports, a pint of Guinness or a tot of whisky. I think our Celtic friends might have something to say about that.

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