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  1. Bald rick

    Abu Hamza

    Back to Maths class: 4/25*100 = 16.
  2. Bald rick

    DL in "The Sun"

    And here's the story. They don't provide a link to DL though.
  3. Bald rick

    Name Shame?

    Well said. US Football is similar to the touch rugby that Josco Junior II plays at prep school. Only I expect JJ II doesn't need half his own body weight in padding to play his version of the game.
  4. Bald rick

    General Pinochet

    I see your Spanish lessons were about as successful as mine!
  5. Bald rick

    Death Of An Architect

    Those certainly seem to be the criteria that iain uses, for his multitude of postings from the wikipedia recent deaths.
  6. Bald rick

    Ideas and possibilities for 2007

    OK By 'old soldiers' I meant the likes of the oldest survivors from WW1, who had their own thread last year, and which you could probably find using the marvellous DL search facility. Most of the oldest ones, over 107 probably by now, are what you describe as 'doddering old army privates', so, yes, we were singing from the same hymn sheet. Someone like Stormin Norman, to give a more recent example than Douglas Bader, would probably be eligible. I would imagine that there is no clause in the unwritten DL rules to bar the military, or any other profession, but hey, what would I know?
  7. Bald rick

    Paul Hunter

    Mind you, some tips on how not to post the same thing twice into the same forum might help...
  8. Bald rick

    Ideas and possibilities for 2007

    These 'world's oldest' people are generally barred from the DL on the grounds that they're only famous because they're old. Ditto old soldiers etc
  9. Bald rick

    Members' User Names

    Hmm - solid gold you say. Gold costs about £9,000 per kilo, so your $34,000 casket could only have had 2 or 3 kilos of the stuff in it, if it was pure. Even at 9 carats, which is less gold, more gold-contaminated non-precious metal, it would only have weighed about 8 kilos. This would give around 730 cubic centimetres of the 9 carat stuff, which would have to be beaten pretty thin (about 0.2 mm thick) to form a coffin. Are you sure this was for people, not for their hamsters?
  10. Bald rick

    Kennedy, Right Or Wrong?

    Which question are you asking? If I click 'yes' does that mean I think that he was right or wrong?
  11. Bald rick

    Paul Hunter

    Um, isn't that what inevitable means...?
  12. Bald rick


    Are you a teacher? Or a dinnerlady?
  13. Bald rick

    A Joke

    Anubis, here's your coat...
  14. Bald rick

    Al Lewis

    It's not so much the first aired date that's important, as when they started production. Could be that the Munsters team had the idea first, then the producer defected, or someone leaked the idea, and the Addams team were faster at getting the programme out. This info would most likely be much harder to obtain. Pilot episodes?
  15. Bald rick

    Tommy Cooper

    Shouldn't you be taking into account the quality of the opposition? Barnet FC in 1994 probably didn't have players as good as those playing for England in 1986. I would imagine the pressure in a World Cup match is rather greater than in an English lower league game too. Sorry to rain on your parade old chap, but that's just the way it is.
  16. Bald rick

    Deathlist Forum Milestone

    No, I think you've won the opportunity to make us all a nice cup of tea. Two sugars please.
  17. Bald rick

    12 In 2005?

    I think you've plumbed your toilet wrong.
  18. Bald rick

    Marilyn Monroe – Suicide Or Cover-Up?

    I quite agree.
  19. Bald rick

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2006

    This might help. Come again?
  20. Bald rick

    Billy Graham

    What's wrong with using the existing Billy Graham thread, here? If I could find it (using the very handy search facility) surely it's not beyond your capabilities.
  21. Bald rick

    Marilyn Monroe – Suicide Or Cover-Up?

    Perhaps you'd be better off posting here. You'll find plenty of like-minded suckers there.
  22. Bald rick

    Marilyn Monroe – Suicide Or Cover-Up?

    She's been dead for forty-three years. Let it go, love.
  23. Bald rick

    Joan Rivers, Please Lord

    So stop watching it then... Thanks for the tip. Glad to be of service.

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