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  1. Bald rick

    Joan Rivers, Please Lord

    So stop watching it then...
  2. Make and insert a tampion.
  3. Bald rick

    Name Shame?

    Would you just let it lie now? It's really getting VERY tedious.
  4. Bald rick

    Paul Harvey - Commentator

    So what are you saying Bald Rick? That i waste your time? I don't think you have the privilege to say that - because clearly with only 111 posts you have no say. Once you make another let's say 964 posts then you can say that. During filming of the classic Witchfinder General Michael Reeves, the 25 year-old director and Vincent Price, the veteran star had a disagreement, leading to this exchange, Price:"I have made over 70 films, what have you done?" Reeves: "I have made three good ones". Quality, not quantity BS. Thanks for backing me up, jackal-headed, chimp-faced moderator-god-person.
  5. Bald rick

    Paul Harvey - Commentator

    I tell amusing stories as well - Which tommorow i will have to explain to everyone why i posted nearly 30 times in 2 hours. None of which added anything to the site... That's a good few minutes of my life which I won't get back. I knew it would be tedious when I saw that BS was the last poster on about 20 threads...
  6. Bald rick

    Career Death

    Agreed. The Roland Award for '96 was won by Mother Teresa... Why 96?
  7. Bald rick

    Lord Lichfield

    BBC says DEAD.
  8. Bald rick

    The Deathlist Christmas Special!

    No. Don't care - just ignore it. I buy what I want to, thanks very much. Not really. It's a good excuse for a few days off work, to eat and drink too much and argue with the family. No. He doesn't need believing in, he just IS.
  9. Bald rick

    WW1 Survivors vs Titanic Survivors

    Last of the summer wine...
  10. Bald rick

    Treasonable Politicians

    I think that what gets a lot of people's goat is that the Prime Minister duped parliament into approving the war on the basis of the existence of weapons of mass destruction, and the threat that they posed to us in the West. Nothing to do with the nastiness of the regime. The US were upset that terrorists attacked on US soil, those terrorists were Moslems, so their response was to attack Moslem countries. We were just taken along for the ride, to keep our 'special relationship' with the USA. There are countries around with human rights records at least as bad as Saddam-era Iraq, but we haven't invaded those on the coat-tails of the US have we?
  11. Bald rick

    Treasonable Politicians

    Calm down dear. Do you think Mr Rusk could have been making deliberately inflammatory comments?
  12. Bald rick

    DL Members' Secrets

    Au contraire monsieur Josco. Religions die out if everyone stops believing in them. Many ancient cultures had complicated multi-deity religious systems, many of which are now regarded as an archaeological curiosity, as there are no longer any priests to defend the beliefs, or believers to sustain the myth. Science is not a belief system, it persists even if no one believes in it. 2 + 2 will always = 4, whether there is anyone around to believe it or not. (Damn - beat me to it Lady Die)
  13. Bald rick

    Edward Heath

    Ah yes. Of course. How silly of me not to realise. I'll try not to let it happen again. (Bows obsequiously to the great moderator notspud)
  14. Bald rick

    Edward Heath

    So, if you were only alerted to the exisetnce (sic) of Deathlist this year, how the hell did you manage to join last year? Is there a fake nonspud lurking somewhere? Or is the real one getting a bit confused - the poor love?
  15. Bald rick

    Norodom Sihanouk

    Jean-Marc Bosman, Justine Henin-Hardenne and Kim Clijsters are all Belgian. All moderately famous, on the back pages of the newspapers anyway. Also the Smurfs, and Adolphe Sax, of the ophone. Belgian facts
  16. Bald rick

    Pretty Irrelevant But Its Bothering Me

    When I read this thread earlier on, I added it, and the little icon appeared. Now, on a new session of IE, it has reverted to the standard little blue e on a white sheet, just the same as all the others. How do I get more interesting icons on my favourites list, and make them stay there? Apologies for the basic level question, but it wasn't something I was really aware of until I saw the image of wm90's favourites. Big Boys indeed. I expect that replaced the local magic log emporium - but then he claims to have moved on... Ta very much for the help that I suspect will be forthcoming from the more techy DLers!
  17. Bald rick

    Bloody Fireworks!

    I found a pretty decent remedy to the annoyance of non-stop fireworks -we spent the weekend in Paris. (no, not the rioting suburbs, but the un-fire-bombed (and expensive) centre). I highly recommend it to you for future years.
  18. Bald rick


    Um, isn't the autumnal equinox in September? More than a month away from Hallowe'en.
  19. Bald rick

    Richard O'Sullivan

    I think windsor could recommend a milliner.
  20. Bald rick


    It's some kind of blackmail strategy until he gets his name capitalised. (w to W) Is it worth never changing his w? See who cracks first - pink-hatted ex-Royal fora member, or the great DL admin committee?
  21. Bald rick

    Richard O'Sullivan

    So wind him up back. Works a treat!
  22. Bald rick

    Richard O'Sullivan

    Just the one, posting under a myriad of pseudonyms.
  23. Bald rick


    What about windsor's new avatar? A sort of camp Grim Reaper?
  24. Bald rick

    Margaret Thatcher

    Would a Deathlist undergraduate be someone who's terminally ill or very old? And how would you define a postgraduate? Perhaps the Admins and Mods could be re-titled as Professors and Lecturers? ....in the University of Life Come on, come on. University of DEATH , surely.
  25. Bald rick

    Jane Tomlinson Killer Ride

    Excellent. A well-constructed rant-deconstruction always gladdens the heart. Surely Pinkoboe loses rant points for taking the time to register. Otherwise, well done Mr Spud.

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