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  1. The Watcher

    Clarissa Eden

    There are rumours that there is at least one anonymous child still alive which is why I was deliberately vague. It seems quite likely as the last widow of a US Civil War veteran died as recently as 2008 (?) - certainly more than one widow has died this century.
  2. The Watcher

    Clarissa Eden

    Party bores also tell people that John Tyler (born 1790) & the 10th US President still has 2 grandchildren alive 230 years after his birth. Cricket followers who nearly all love statistics regularly mention that John Woodcock (94 in August 2020), the cricket writer & former Times cricket correspondent had a grandfather who was born before the Battle of Waterloo. The other old chestnut is that up to 7 years ago there were still 2 children of US Civil War veterans drawing a pension due to their fathers' service. It is believed that both have now died.
  3. The Watcher

    World's Oldest

    Conflicting records apparently. There are various online sites stating that Jack and Joan Bare (aged 102 &101) will have been married 81 years in August 2020 & that THEY currently have the longest marriage in the UK. Also earlier this year a couple were featured in the press & on TV who were celebrating THEIR Oak (80th) wedding anniversary so unless something has happened to at least one of them during lockdown then THEY must have the second longest marriage in the UK. (It doesn't help with marriage records when Guinness ignore the two longest marriages on the Wikipedia page.)
  4. The Watcher

    William Roache

    The last two photos look as if they were taken about 10-15 years apart. The latter one looks like Nigel Havers in 20 years time or a cross between Havers & Bill Nighy.
  5. The Watcher

    The 100 Club

    With all these aged publicly known people falling off the perch, surely Roberta McCain, Eileen Ash (Whelan) & Norman Lloyd won't all survive into their 13th decade - mathematically that is!
  6. The Watcher

    The 100 Club

    3 weeks before Clarissa Eden joins the 100 Club & follows Lady (Mary) Wilson into this distingished group. Has a 'celebrity' ever been a super centenarian? Eileen Ash & Roberta McCain must surely qualify if they manage to reach 110.
  7. The Watcher

    World's Oldest

    Anthony Eden's widow is 100 this year. John le Mesurier's widow is another link with the past as the last widows (of Ted Sinclair & James Beck) have died acccording to an online site. In a documentary on Dad's Army the son of Arnold Ridley (Private Godfrey) seemed as old as his late father appeared in the show.
  8. The Watcher

    World's Oldest

    Yes, John Tyler's son, Lyon Gardiner Tyler was born in 1853 & died in 1935. His living sons are Lyon (b 1924) & Harrison (b 1928). So they have a father who was born earlier than the much-quoted (well on Test Match Special anyway) cricket writer John Woodcock who is 94 this year & whose father was born in 1857 & whose paternal grandfather was born before the Battle of Waterloo.
  9. The Watcher

    World's Oldest

    Her father was born in 1846 - difficult to believe that anyone still alive has a father (or mother!) born in an earlier year such as before Victoria came to the throne in 1837.
  10. The Watcher

    The 100 Club

    Ronald Atkins is a former British MP & 104 this year. A potential record breaker in the mould of John Manners (cricketer)?
  11. The Watcher

    Cricket Thread. Only Mad Dogs And Englishmen

    John Woodcock who was The Times chief cricket correspondent from 1954 to 1988 will be 94 in August. His father was born in 1857 and his paternal grandfather before the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.
  12. The Watcher

    Cricket Thread. Only Mad Dogs And Englishmen

    Brian Bolus was a test batsman, not a bowler. In his first class career he scored over 25000 runs but only took 24 wickets. He played 7 tests for England as an opening batsman but lost his place to John Edrich & Geoff Boycott. Although he never scored a test 100, he holds a test record as playing the most test matches (7) & test innings (12) without ever scoring less than double figures. He had a sturdy stature like Colin Cowdrey which did not help when well into his 30's he reached the final of a long-forgotten single wicket competition when the particpants did all the bowling & batting but had fielders to assist. Bolus was out for about 1 (one) but his opponent, the dynamic Essex all-rounder Keith Boyce scored 84!!!
  13. The Watcher

    British Character Actors

    Jill Gascoine has died aged 83 after a 10 year battle with Alzheimer's.
  14. The Watcher

    Tom Baker

    The sci-fi yarn is that there was a Dr McCoy in Star Trek (Leonard aka 'Bones') & a BBC executive thought that as Dr Who was waning & not at all popular with Michael Grade, that another Dr McCoy but this time in Dr Who would improve the show's fortunes.
  15. The Watcher

    Tom Baker

    All very strange as Christopher Ecclestone specifically asked Russell T Davies if he could play the eponymous hero when Dr Who returned in 2005. In the week it returned for 13 weekly episodes, Ecclestone announced that he was leaving. Many have said that he was an "actor's actor" (whatever that means) like the late Pete Postlethwaite. It certainly wasn't as amicable as it first seemed as he refused to appear in the 2013 50th anniversary special when they wanted 3 doctors (as in the1973 10th aniversary special when they had the very frail William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton & Jon Pertwee - the latter possibly on another thread as like John Thaw both former wives are still with us) so Stephen Moffat invented a new doctor played by the late John Hurt who together with David Tennant & Matt Smith made up the requisite three doctors. Incidentally, probably everyone knows that Peter Davison's daughter is married to David Tennant - they met after she appeared in the show as his daughter. Dr Who's grand daughter Carole Ford is still with us as is one other of the original companions - the 95 year old William Russell.

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