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  1. The Watcher

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Jon Pertwee's first wife is also still alive. She is the actress Jean Marsh & the co-creator of Upstairs, Downstairs. She made her return to the series when it was brought back over 30 years later but due to the success of Downton Abbey it disappeared without trace! Her co-creator Dame Eileen Atkins must also be a similar age.
  2. The Watcher

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Joan le Mesurier (b 1931) is the widow of John le Mesurier & former wife of Mark Eden. (ex Coronation Street) She was an actress & possibly best known for an affair with Tony Hancock. Eileen Derbyshire (b 1931) is best known for playing Emily Bishop in Coronation Street from 1961 to 2016 when she took a 6 month break which has now extended to 36 months. She will appear in a a recorded cameo next month to celebrate the 80th birthday of the only actor to appear longer in the soap - Ken Barlow played by William Roache. She is also the mother of the sports journalist Oliver Holt.
  3. The Watcher

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    John Manners who was 105 yesterday & is the oldest ever first class cricketer having played county cricket in 1936. Gilbert Melville Grosvenor (b 1931) who was for many years the editor of the National Geographic Magazine which began in 1888 & has always had an iconic yellow border on its front cover. He is also the great grandson of Alexander Graham Bell.
  4. The Watcher

    Carry On Dying

    I think a few are fed up with Paul Merton & his antics which he hones to perfection as he appears in every show. A few months ago Sheila Hancock got snappy with him by saying something about him appearing in every show so it was no wonder that he did so well. Merton tried to diffuse the situation with humour by saying that he played it at home but Wendy Richard famously stopped appearing due to the way he performed & many feel that Nicholas Parsons is rather generous towards Merton. A couple of weeks ago when it was a 2 horse race in the last round between Merton & someone who had only appeared once before, Fred McCauley (?) gave a challenge with nothing to say which gave the speaker who was the one in contention with Merton an extra point which proved decisive. Merton moaned about the ethics of the game.
  5. The Watcher

    Political Frailty

    An astonishing political link with history. The 10th USA President John Tyler who was born in 1790 & was President from 1841-45 still has two grandsons alive! They are Lyon Tyler (born 1924) & Harrison Tyler (born 1928) There can be very few other people alive who had a grandparent born in the 1700's?
  6. The Watcher

    Political Frailty

    Roberta McCain was 107 this February & looks a good bet to reach 108. She outlived her famous son John the Senator who forbid Trump to attend his funeral. Her husband was an admiral who died in 1981 & her twin sister lived to the age of 99.
  7. The Watcher

    The 100 Club

    Helen Shingler a retired actress was 100 3 days ago. She is the mother of Anthony Head (actor) & Murray Head (musician). Her husband lived to the age of 90 & died in 2009. Anthony Head is probably best known for playing Giles the librarian in Buffy & starring in the coffee ads with Sharon Maughan about 35 years ago.
  8. The Watcher

    The 100 Club

    Also 100 today is Marge Champion. She was the model for the dance moves that Snow White performed in the 1937 Disney animation Snow White when she was only 18.
  9. The Watcher

    The 100 Club

    Dame Frances Campbell-Preston is 101 today. She was Woman of the Bedchamber (lady-in-waiting) to the Queen Mother from 1965 to 2002. She was widowed in 1960 & her late husband was a famous Colditz prisoner. The Dame is sister-in-law to Joyce Grenfell (1910-1979) & obviously has the same health plan as the Royal Family - presumably Princess Margaret & possibly Prince Andrew are/were not subscribers?
  10. The Watcher

    The 100 Club

    Three famous actors all over 100. Who will depart the stage first? Kirk Douglas, Olivia de Havilland (the only adult actor still with us from Gone with the Wind) or Norman Lloyd?
  11. The Watcher

    World's Oldest

    Norman Lloyd reputedly the world's oldest actor will be 105 on November 8th 2019.
  12. The Watcher

    Nicholas Parsons

    How will his favourite Paul Merton manage on Just A Minute when Nicholas Parsons is no longer able to chair the show?
  13. The Watcher

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Although Herman Zapf (1918-2015) a famous German type designer and calligrapher died 4 years ago, his widow who was also born in 1918 is still alive. Zapf created fonts such as Palatino (favoured by the writer Dean Koontz), Optima & Zaphifo (!); his widow Gudrun Zapf von Hesse (born on January 2nd 1918) is an equally famous typographer & calligrapher.
  14. The Watcher

    Cricket Thread. Only Mad Dogs And Englishmen

    Amazingly there are currently 4 ex-cricketers alive who are over 100. The oldest is John Manners (born 24 September 1914) who is the only living cricketer who played first class cricket before WW2. He played for Hampshire & Combined Services. No other first class cricketer ever lived to 104 & he is closing in on his 105th run! Incredibly he played first class cricket way back in 1936 not in the summer of 1939. Archie Scott is 101 & was born on 26 January 1918. Eileen Whelan is a former women's English Test player and was born on 30 October 1911 so will be 108 later this year. Thelma McKenzie is a former ladies Test player for Australia and was born on 6 April 1915.

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