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    Poker Players

    Don't think there is a topic for poker players, if there is feel free to delete this There are currently 56 people who have been put in the Poker Hall Of Fame, and 30 are still living https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poker_Hall_of_Fame Doyle Brunson Lyle Berman Johnny Chan Bobby Baldwin Berry Johnston Jack Binnion Crandell Addington TJ Cloutier Billy Baxter Barbara Enright Phil Hellmuth Dewey Tomko Henry Orenstein Mike Sexton Mike Harrington Erik Seidel Barry Greenstein Linda Johnson Eric Drache Tom McEvoy Scotty Nguyen Jack McClelland Daniel Negreanu Jennifer Harman John Juanda Todd Brunson Carlos Mortensen Phil Ivey Mori Eskandani John Hennigan
  2. Wee Jum


    Eight out with covid and Andrew Constadine is suspended, I get paid tomorrow. I'm very tempted to put the lot on the farmers to win. That must be easy money. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/donsnews/st-johnstone-v-aberdeen-on-but-eight-dons-players-ruled-out-due-to-covid-19-concerns/?fbclid=IwAR1YG6cS0tJVlDCbYeoYzcVDWH1KnSBXfpafb4kQFOIgznyx32KIsWl9ytM
  3. Wee Jum

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Placido Domingo, he resigned October last year from his position as general manager of Los Angeles opera last October over sexual harassment allegations wich have since been looked into and concluded were credible and contracted covid in March
  4. Wee Jum


    Marty Jannetty casually hinted that he killed somebody today.
  5. Wee Jum


    When Premiership players forget to take a knee... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/53632156
  6. Wee Jum


    TBF I think most Newcastle fans would prefer it was Pie Guzzler Mike Cashley that went into the hotel room before Steve Bruce
  7. Wee Jum


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  8. Wee Jum


    Who cares about Brechin its a sh*thole
  9. Wee Jum


    I was more having a go at Ann Budge and Smertz
  10. Wee Jum


    After a stupidly long deliberation by the SFA. They have eventually have come to the correct decision and rejected the Partick + Hearts laughable plea to overturn there relegations. United are back where they belong in the SPFL F**k The Dee
  11. Wee Jum

    The 13th Death of 2020

    Going for an unpopular pick David Attenburgh
  12. Wee Jum

    3. Olivia De Havilland

    At last I can pick somebody different
  13. Wee Jum


    The good old days before squad numbers.
  14. Wee Jum


    That ridiculous
  15. Wee Jum


    Watford sack there 3rd manager this season. MENTAL I'm not a fan of Nigel Pearson but I'm not sure that was the right decision. He saved them from almost certain relegation this season and the team is in better shape than when he got it https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53464251
  16. Wee Jum

    John Lewis

    Didn't really know much about him But now I know he was fighting against Trump he sounds like a good guy RIP
  17. Wee Jum


    I've seen this opinion a lot I , at the moment, am watching all football muted including the half time analysis. This no crowd stuff is useless would rather have it on in the background whist I do other things than watch a game with about as much atmosphere as a game at the The Etihad
  18. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/oct/15/us-embassy-apologises-after-mistakenly-sending-cookie-monster-cat-invitation
  19. Wee Jum

    This Is Your Life

    Here is a list of people who appeared on This Is Your Life "The Thames Years 1969-1988" who are still living. Info from here - https://www.bigredbook.info/series_index.html Des O'Connor b 1932 Singer Bobby Charlton b 1937 Footballer Twiggy b 1949 Model Teddie Beverley b 1927 Singer Jackie Stewart b 1939 FI Driver Wendy Craig b 1934 Actress Tony Jacklin b 1944 Golfer Joe Brown b 1941 Singer Peter Noone b 1947 Singer Rolf Harris b 1930 Barry John b 1945 Rugby Player Tom Courtenay b 1937 Actor Graham Kerr b 1934 Chef Pauline Collins b 1940 Actress Ray Illingworth b 1932 Cricketer Lulu b 1948 Singer Shirley Bassey b 1937 Singer Willie Carson b 1942 Jockey Jack Smethurst b 1932 Actor Mary Peters b 1939 Athlete Jack Charlton b 1935 Footballer Jim Dale b 1935 Actor Heather Mills b 1946 Actress Pete Murray b 1925 DJ John Alderton b 1940 Actor Lionel Blair b 1928 Tap Dancer Barry Briggs b 1934 Speedway Rider Beryl Grey b 1927 Ballerina David Hemery b 1944 Athlete John Conteh b 1951 Boxer Chay Blyth b 1940 Yachtsman Richard O'Sullivan b 1944 Actor Ray Cooney b 1932 Playwright Denis Law b 1940 Footballer Nina Baden-Semper b 1945 Actress Dicke Davies b 1933 Presenter Moira Anderson b 1938 Singer Precious McKenzie b 1936 Weightlifter Willie John McBride b 1940 Rugby Player Petula Clark b 1932 Singer Garfield Sobers b 1936 Cricketer Frank Windsor b 1928 Actor Bill Tidy b 1933 Cartoonist Ray Reardon b 1932 Snooker Player Patrick Mower b 1938 Actor Susan Masham b 1935 Paralympian Vince Hill b 1934 Singer Alan Mullery b 1941 Football Gareth Edwards b 1947 Rugby Player Richard Dunn b 1945 Boxer Norman Croucher b 1941 Mountain Climber John Blashford-Snell b 1936 Army Officer Pam Ayres b 1947 Broadcaster Joss Ackland b 1928 Actor Shiela Hancock b 1933 Actress Tom O'Connor b 1939 Comedian Virginia Wade b 1945 Tennis Player Conleth Cluskey b 1941 Singer (The Bachelors) Declan Cluskey b 1942 Singer (The Bachelors) John Stokes b 1940 Singer (The Bachelors) David Broome b 1940 Jockey Max Boyce b 1943 Comedian Dennis Waterman b 1948 Actor Harry Patterson b 1929 Writer Mike Yarwood b 1941 Impressionist Michael Parkinson b 1935 Presenter Mary O'Hara b 1935 Singer Naomi James b 1949 Yachtswoman James Galway b 1939 Flautist Elaine Paige b 1948 Singer Kevin Keegan b 1951 Footballer Robert Powell b 1944 Actor J. P. R. Williams b 1949 Rugby Player Ian Ogilvy b 1943 Actor Gerald Harper b 1931 Actor Terry Griffiths b 1947 Snooker Player Geoff Capes b 1949 Strongman Clare Francis b 1946 Yachtswoman Jilly Cooper b 1937 Author Robin Cousins b 1957 Figure Skater Bill Beaumont b 1952 Rugby Player Alan Minter b 1951 Boxer Michael Aspel b 1933 Presenter Clive Lloyd b 1944 Cricketer Julie Goodyear b 1942 Actress Lawrie McMenemy b 1936 Footballer Manager Peter Bowles b 1936 Actor Andrew Lloyd Webber b 1948 Composer Billy Connolly b 1942 Comedian Jeffrey Archer b 1940 Novelist Brian Jacks b 1946 Judoka Melvyn Hayes b 1935 Actor Fred Housego b 1944 MasterMind Champion Bernard Cribbins b 1928 Actor Gemma Craven b 1950 Actress Jim Watt b 1948 Boxer Jonjo O'Neill b 1952 Jockey Judith Chalmers b 1935 Presenter Bob Champion b 1948 Jockey Wayne Sleep b 1948 Dancer Ian Botham b 1955 Cricketer Tommy Cannon b 1938 Comedian Bobby Ball b 1944 Comedian Angela Rippon b 1944 Presenter Julia McKenzie b 1941 Actress Kiri Te Kanawa b 1944 Opera Singer Anita Harris b 1942 Singer Mike Brace b 1950 Paralypian Faith Brown b 1944 Actress John Toshack b 1949 Footballer Roger Whittaker b 1936 Singer Peter Davidson b 1951 Actor Ranulph Fines b 1944 Explorer Joan Collins b 1933 Actress Diane Keen b 1946 Actress Marty Wilde b 1939 Singer Allan Wells b 1952 Athlete Gloria Hunniford b 1940 Presenter Johnny Briggs b 1935 Actor Kenny Dalglish b 1951 Footballer Charlie Magri b 1956 Boxer Sandy Gall b 1927 Journalist Jimmy Tarbuck b 1940 Comedian Chaim Topol b 1935 Actor Pat Jennings b 1945 Footballer Richard Noble b 1946 Record Breaker Matthew Kelly b 1950 Presenter Liza Goddard b 1950 Actress Jim Davidson b 1953 Racist Nerys Hughes b 1941 Actress Eddie Macken b 1949 Jockey Jenny Pitman b 1946 Rachorse Trainer Brian Blessed b 1936 Actor Viv Richards b 1952 Cricketer Ruth Madoc b 1943 Actress Millicent Martin b 1934 Actress Bob Geldof b 1951 Musician Bryan Robson b 1957 Footballer Russel Grant b 1951 Astrologist Zandra Rhodes b 1940 Fasion Designer Paul Henry b 1947 Actor Peter Alliss b 1931 Golfer William Roache b 1932 Actor Dennis Taylor b 1949 Snooker Player Richard Branson b 1950 Businessman Gerry Marseden b 1942 Musician Dave Peacock b 1942 Musician Bonnie Langford b 1964 Actress / Singer Martyn Lewis b 1945 Journalist Peter Shilton b 1949 Goalkeeper Simon Williams b 1946 Actor Carl Davis b 1936 Conductor Joe Johnson b 1952 Snooker Player Susan George b 1950 Actress Gary Wilmot b 1954 Singer / Actor Liz Hobbs b 1960 Water Skier Patricia Hodge b 1946 Actress Terry Marsh b 1958 Boxer Gabrielle Drake b 1944 Actress Jimmy Cricket b 1943 Comedian Jane Rossington b 1943 Actress
  20. Wee Jum

    This Is Your Life

    Took an age doing those ones Don't have time for the rest at the moment
  21. Wee Jum

    A Joke

    Warning!!!! Please share, dont become a victim of this scam. Today I was walking through Sheffield city centre when I was approached by a smartly dressed man who asked me if I would like to smell his cheese. As he asked this he gestured his hand towards my nose which was in the extended palm position. Being a lover of cheese I saw no harm in taking the man up on his kind offer. As he brought his hand up to my nose what I hadn't noticed was that his other hand was in the clentched fist position at the base of his extended palm (see picture). When his finger tips reached my nostrils I could neither see or smell the cheese and it was too late to retract as his now perfectly alligned fist of the other hand was traveling towards my nose at speed, which struck me with considerable force. There was never any cheese! This was a scam to catch me off guard and punch me in the nose. No matter how much you love cheese do not accept offers to "smell my cheese" off people you don't know. Please share and stay safe!
  22. Wee Jum

    A Joke


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