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  1. Teddy

    Mahmoud Abbas

    Looks like the likely successor to Arafat is in for a tough time Abbas unharmed in shooting spree And when you consider who was doing the shooting.... If he makes it to the elections in January, an outside bet for next years list...
  2. Teddy

    Clive Dunn

    Clive Dunn must deserve some sort of honour. He appeared as no1 in the 1987 list, and is still in there at 50 in this years list. Perhaps he is only hanging on for spite, in the hope that he drops off next year - and then can drop off for good.
  3. Teddy

    Ronnie Wood

    Okay, so he has probably been in the judges minds for a while now, along with the rest of the Stones (apart from Keef - who is already dead!) But spotted today an article on Yahoo, quoting from an interview Ronnie just gave.. An outside chance for next years list ? - especially if anyone spots him with a fag in his hand over the next 9 month.
  4. Teddy

    Clive Dunn

    The death of Clive has brought me back after a (too) long absence, to pay my respects. The word legend is bandied about too easily these days, yet the number of tributes here surely mark the passing of one - a man who headed the inaugral deathlist, and for 25 years nurtured the belief that immortality was a distinct possibility. When planning Winston Churchills funeral, the army codenamed it Operation Hope Not. I would like to think that most Deartlisters had the same codename for Clive's passing. There has been mention of retiring the 50 slot in tribute - a much more fitting tribute would be to retire the slot Clive occupied 25 years ago, in the first deathlist - number 1.
  5. Teddy

    Michael Jackson

    Looks like to family may have picked up some ideas from this thread.... Unconfirmed reports suggest Jackson's body may be placed in a glass coffin and be transported from Los Angeles to Neverland in a "fairytale carriage".
  6. Teddy

    Karl Malden

    According to the LA Times article, he was born in Chicago, and only moved to Gary, Indiana, when 5. Interestingly, I notice that his website is under construction, with an update due 2009. Wont be much to update now!
  7. Teddy

    Jane Goodie

    With Easter nearly upon us, perhaps they could just keep her head for Egg Rolling...
  8. Teddy

    Jane Goodie

    You know, in my times of stress, the thought that its all going down the pan, and I think it is, its so comforting to pop on here and read the kind of post that puts everything into perspective. Thanks Lardy I Love you. Regards LFN Wow, if I knew what an impact (ho ho) my shitty ramblings would have, I would have posted it sooner. Sorry to be a pooper...
  9. Teddy

    Most Significant Celebrity Death In 1983

    No Dick "Ooh, you are awful ... but I like you!" Emery, or Ira "Porgy and Bess" Gershwin
  10. Teddy

    Margaret Thatcher

    I notice that whilst the petition to 'not support a state funeral for Baroness Thatcher' now has 5000+ signatures, a petition to 'grant Margaret Thatcher a state funeral, when the time sadly arises' was rejected.
  11. Teddy

    Missing In Action

    Note that his body has never been found - what would happen if he suddenly turned up riding Shergar through the streets of (London)Derry?
  12. Teddy

    Clive Dunn

    Seems he was in 1 episode - Dad's Army.. so not suprised you missed it.
  13. Teddy

    Widow(er) Shopping

    Not sure how famous - but sure she would get an obit... Norris Church Mailer - widow of the late Norman - . although it seems she may have some competition from a mistress. Nice going when you are in your 70's.....
  14. Teddy

    Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

    Brought back memories of this little sketch...
  15. Teddy

    Albert Hofmann

    I think that should read "in March", although "on Mars" would probably be equally valid, given enough drugs.... Psychedelic Forum Speakers Edit: If I wasn't half way there already, would have beaten Phantom to the joke
  16. Teddy

    Stephen Hawking

    So, a severe case of conjunctivitis could re-write physics as we know it....
  17. Teddy

    Room 101

    To do this safely, keep your foot on the accelerator and break lightly with the other so that it doesn't actually slow your car down - helps avoid an arctic in your rear seat. An ex-colleague of mine, when faced with tail-gaters, would flip on his side lights. The red lights at the rear would appear, to most drivers, as brake lights (especially if they weren't paying close attention). Has the same effect, without losing any speed. Of course, this only works when it is light enough not to need lights during the day, which in Scotland rules out around 9 months of the year
  18. Teddy

    Dying On Your Birthday

    Dunno, I remember one of our most esteemed mods (Teddy) added a link to a thread which showed people that died on their birthday, but I cant find it, or remember which one it was. What a good memory HCW. The link was in this thread, many moons ago, but seems the same link that Lard Bazaar has posted.
  19. Teddy

    Room 101

    Reminds me of the clip from the West Wing (see it ), where Bartlett is having a go at a 'doctor'. If you are in any way a religious zealot (i.e. Eileen ), it would be best not to clink on the link.
  20. Teddy

    The Dead - 2007

    Here is the BBC link.
  21. Teddy

    Paul Hunter

    But, is it?
  22. Teddy

    Michael Winner

    Where? In the hospital?
  23. Teddy

    Art Buchwald

    Another link from the BBC. Harold Pinter should be fine for another day then....
  24. Teddy

    Pete Doherty

    So, has review in October, comes back 3 months later, Judge says well done, don't need reviews so frequently, please come back in 3 months My understanding of 'not..as frequently' initially led me to think there may be a longer gap until next review. Just goes to show how little I understand the law....
  25. Teddy


    Given that the date on that 'news' article is Thursday, 10th July, 2003, I think we would be more aware of his death by now

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