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  1. brown_eyed_girl

    The Kings Of Tonga

    Hey ROOM Who is specifically TONGAN in here...just PM me...ok. P.s. I know ROOM there are Europeans in here etc etc etc. Thanks B.E.G lives on
  2. brown_eyed_girl

    The Kings Of Tonga

    Hey ROOM Now I hope you were not gesturing at my comments, 'cos I speak proper english around here, some can speak but can't spell (either that or are not such good touch typist...typing error perhaps?). Another thing, we need to educate ourselves in here ROOM, not just fine line something that is of nothing...lol. Glimpsing at the gibberish talk...are you guys europeans or what?. Certaintly don't seem like it...please help me here...DEATHLIST REGULARS...holler back here to this nobleness chick...thanks. P.s. This is not a hit at you person highlighted quote above...ok, peace. This is for the others in here ROOM...you know who you are! Much respect to the following quote: You go person...stand tall for us Tongans (be brown and proud...that is if you have any in you, get my gesture...peace). Now ROOM figuring this person's indirect comments around here, I am guessing this person is basing her judgement on ROOM your earlier comments towards us Tongans. Now just a question now, are you ROOM making these comments literally 'cos you are not of any TONGAN descent or what?? Please holler back DEATHLIST REGULARS...thanks. This is SO TRUE...here in NEW ZEALAND...bunch of w**nkers spreading something around here... ...got me whined up online there... ...forgive me for he is in my nobleness... ...peace ROOM... . Cheers B.e.g. Lives on!
  3. brown_eyed_girl

    The Kings Of Tonga

    Hey ROOM... Thanks for the much need reply, yes again I remind you, WE all have freedom of speech in any given circumstance, but COURTEOUSNESS comes with MANNERS and that is basic (well should be) in any creed. Again there is a toleration mode/medium, yes you are right, you have a choice in here or anywhere, but I would rather not have to read all this, just stating my point, no need to argue, I have no guilty conscience of any individual...but let's just keep it at that pace aye...peace. I will have to contain my nobleness and adhere to something of more fun...like what...(ROOM)... Ciao, Till next time Long live B.E.G. P.s. Not bad a website, could someone kindly show me around...
  4. brown_eyed_girl

    The Kings Of Tonga

    There seems to be something in the air...or CYBER, that you all seem find this topic worth a gesture...I hold much sympathy and respect for every individual and find that rudeness/racisism--vice versa (and disgrace for the opposite of dignity/self worthyness--vice versa) comes about in any creed. Especially indirect comments towards a King in any part of the world. I'm sorry if I seem to undervalue any personal comments (thus or statements) in here, but it clearly stated ROOM that we are to show a little more respect on the King of Tonga. We don't necessarily have to respect in terms of bowing and kneeling (courteous) as such, but surely we have to show OTHER INDIVIDUALS respect for their King. For what seems to be of no value to others, may prove to be of a value for another, thus Tongans residing overseas and in Tonga (for many are now mixed ethinicities in Tonga and overseas, but we all 'still' hold a part of this origin in our bloods somewhere). Just be careful what you say around here, due to reoffending others, especially me, who happens to be in the Nobles bloodlines. I can assure you, I am more European in my outer looks, but inside I hold much integrity for the King of Tonga. That goes for my Tongan sided culture. I wish to discuss any matter relating to this topic, soon again. P.s. Take it easy ROOM, we're all in this for much humour and excitement... Cheers B.E.G

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