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  1. philheybrookbay

    Room 101

    Bit like Laurence Fox on Question Time last night?
  2. philheybrookbay

    28 Years Of The Deathlist!

    Like someone before I do remember Violet Carson dying and the tributes at the time. Watched Challenger vaperised like most kids on BBC Newsround with Roger Finn. The first big one was the Liberace and I remember it being talk of the playground and betting on the day he'd go. It died on my 13th birthday but I lost the bet I waged.
  3. philheybrookbay

    When will Harry and meghan divorce if at all?

    Its classic narcissist behaviour.
  4. philheybrookbay

    When will Harry and meghan divorce if at all?

    BBC News - Prince Harry and Meghan: Duchess returns to Canada as Queen seeks solution https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51055074 Shes gone. And little one didnt come back following holiday. Mmmmmm. She's showing her true colours.
  5. philheybrookbay

    When will Harry and meghan divorce if at all?

    Well shes lost the faith of her in laws of that there can be little doubt now. So they go to Canada. How long before something happens and they have to come back- look at our Number 1 pick, that's going to be a massive state event. Do they come back and show a united front (unlikely) or will just he come back? Theres some rumour going about Prince William and an affair - could that be a deflection?
  6. philheybrookbay

    New Year Greetings

    Of all that's holy, that was BAD. So bad, it was actually hilarious. I've never heard so many stifled laughs as coughs in a cinema ever. I looked at best mate after 15 mins and said "did you lace that ciggie before we came". Its like you've taken something which normally is illegal, but you've not certain if you've taken something stronger. The CGI is patchy at best at worst unbelievable. You'll need to suspend the fact the last time you saw Jason Durelo was half naked on a bed singing "it's too hot to sleep", as now you'll remember him for licking milk off a bar Why are they all horny? Every scene is sexual. The director (a loose term!) clearly told Jennifer Hudson to "act up lovie" to the point over acting. And as for Judi Dench and Ian Mckellen?? Ian Mckellen drinking milk from bowl and hissing is now engraved on my brain. And not in a good way. Judi Dench in a cat basket If you want a laugh go and see Cats. Best £7 entertainment in years!
  7. philheybrookbay


    Did he see it coming.......
  8. philheybrookbay

    Tammy Faye Messner

    Just reread the thread, the parrells with Leah Bracknell are rather stunning in her fight. I think next celebrity with stage 4 lung cancer given the events cant be guaranteed a short illness.
  9. philheybrookbay

    Tammy Faye Messner

    Funny I was talking on NYE about how I got into Deathlist and how it started with Tammy's illness for me. Fond memories of different times
  10. philheybrookbay

    Drunk? Bored?? Psychopath???

    Drol that's terrible. Fucking hate this time of year, bloody grim reaper goes into overdrive. Unless you're on the list of 50 names.
  11. philheybrookbay

    How many hits this year?

    I'll take 13 if it's free please?
  12. philheybrookbay

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2020 List

    Well I got that right. Its solid this list. I do think Jill Gascogne is a mighty miss along with Jimmy Greaves, but otherwise I do like it. They've gone for numbers this year with a much older list than I can remember. Could the record go? I think we'll miss it but a solid 15 is on the way imho.
  13. philheybrookbay

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2020 List

    Yup Prince Philip top 3 with Olivia and Kirk I think
  14. philheybrookbay

    New Year Greetings

    By other half hes my flat mate. Actually hes an ex from years ago. No sex just living together. Bit like my civil partnership was....
  15. philheybrookbay

    New Year Greetings

    My year has one final sting in the tail. Other half has got tickets for Cats The Movie... Happy New Year peeps
  16. philheybrookbay

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    There's clearly something not right about Madonna. Be it illness or her rampant narcissism. Actually, that could be her killer blow, the fact shes not the person she thinks she was. Even my other half whose a massive fan thinks shes loosing the plot - Madame X is a clearly a cover up for something.
  17. philheybrookbay

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    One name dropped this year was Jill Gascoigne. She was in the final stages of her illness 2 years ago, so I'd think she'd be back on 2020.
  18. philheybrookbay

    Death In The Family

    Sadly my colleague and friend Chrissy died this afternoon. It was a catastrophic brain haemorrhage with no hope of survival. However, as was her, her organs will go towards helping others. The world is a lot darker tonight I can tell you.
  19. philheybrookbay

    Death In The Family

    Just left work. No change. Sadly my colleague is still on ICU, her partner who also works with us is with her. He's in pieces. If you love someone, hug them tight tonight. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed.
  20. philheybrookbay

    Death In The Family

    Came into a very somber work today. A work colleague has had a brain haemorrhage yesterday afternoon. She survived one in 2009 but this time sounds more serious, on life support and in a coma.
  21. philheybrookbay

    Who Should Be On The 2020 Deathlist?

    I'd think Barbara Windsor is a great shout, she's deteriorating rapidly and I stand to be corrected, it's a lot more media quiet about her the last few months.
  22. philheybrookbay

    Tony Britton

    You chased the wrong ambulance.....
  23. philheybrookbay

    UK election. You voted for?

    Conservative 1st time ever. Couldn't vote for our Labour MP bloody idiot he is, but he survived thanks to the student vote.
  24. philheybrookbay

    The 13th death of 2019

    I'm dreaming of a Betty White Christmas......

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