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  1. murderface

    Tony Curtis

    RIP Tony!
  2. murderface

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2011

    Tony Curtis has died. Score one for me!
  3. murderface

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2011

    Who wants to bet Andy Griffith, Jack Klugman and Dick van Dyke will all die within a week of one another?
  4. murderface

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2011

    How about Martin Landau? He was old 16 years ago when he played Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood. Christopher Plummer is on my list as well. Martin Landau Christopher Plummer Tony Curtis Roger Moore Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Don Rickles Mel Brooks Jimmy Carter Polish death metal vocalist/guitarist Nergal from Behemoth is also suffering from advanced leukemia.
  5. murderface

    Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

    What do you guys think? Is Batman's butler going to kick the bat-bucket? Great site by the way, very funny!
  6. murderface

    Tony Curtis

    I think his clock is ticking...
  7. murderface

    Don Rickles

    This guy has been around for a looooooooong time. I mean he was old when he was in Casino, and that was like 15 years ago! He's awesome but his time has to be coming up!

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