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  1. Bert Trautmann

    Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi

    Look at me!! Interesting choice but a wrong one I think...
  2. Bert Trautmann

    The 1st Death Of 2012

    Nelson Mandela
  3. Bert Trautmann

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2013

    No longer such a concern - he's dead Whoosh!
  4. Bert Trautmann

    Deathrace 2012

    Et moi, I reckon I'll go for the dozen option again this year makes it more interesting
  5. Bert Trautmann

    Christopher Hitchens

    An absolute hero, sad to see him go
  6. Bert Trautmann

    Smokin' Joe Frazier

    Will make next year very interesting...
  7. Bert Trautmann

    The Dead Of 2011

    That link did not work for me but I'm on the warpath to find a further source of this news. Miami Herald have it... San Francisco Chronicle have it... Bloomberg have it... And now AP... Slam dunk... Guardian has it. After a dry spell of months, my 5th hit...hurrah!
  8. Bert Trautmann

    Fantasy Football

  9. Bert Trautmann

    Fantasy Football

    Would enough people be interested? I'd set one up on: http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ If anyone's up for it like...
  10. Bert Trautmann

    Time Added

    Danny Fiszman has died - http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/d...szman-1945-2011 A unique hit for DDT...he's running away with it!
  11. Bert Trautmann

    Members' User Names

    Pretty self-explanatory, the legendary German MCFC goalie of ex-nazi and broken neck fame. Is there anyway I can change BertTrautmann to Bert Trautmann? ...obviously it's barely a change but it would help my OCD, neatness complex subside
  12. Bert Trautmann

    The 1000th Ddp Hit

    Christopher Hitchens.
  13. Bert Trautmann

    José Alencar

    Shoe-in to beat his own record of 13 hits in a year after reaching 7 of those in just 3 months I'd think...and with a joker most probably to come!
  14. Bert Trautmann

    José Alencar

    Come on obituary!! ...er, but RIP and that.
  15. Bert Trautmann

    The 5th Death Of 2011

    You'll see...you'll all see!
  16. Bert Trautmann

    The 5th Death Of 2011

    Clive Dunn.
  17. Bert Trautmann

    Derby Dead Pool 2011

    So far... 1st - DDT 2nd - Garn2 3rd - Banshees =5th - MPFC 8th - Godot =9th - Spade Cooley =15th - Vinegar Tits =18th - Deadsox 25th - Moosey =26th - Canadian Paul =34th - OoO's theme team The latest updates are up but I'll write the email tomorrow. There's a North West Classico to sit through... I'm 9th, February player of the month too! Lovely, jubbly.
  18. Bert Trautmann

    Bill Tarmey

    My mate's dad operated on him yesterday, trying to get any further details out of him was like pulling teeth but if he's had surgery it might not be long for Mr. Duckworth
  19. Bert Trautmann

    The 2nd Death Of 2011

    is Anna Wing about to 'fly' to heaven then? HA! Seriously stop! My poor sides! No idea but no=one else has died yet so she's technically still on track.
  20. Bert Trautmann

    The 2nd Death Of 2011

    A toff mate of mine is off to see Lady Thatcher for a magazine article about the cabinet in the 80s so I'll get a health update from him. Not sure what she can tell him about the 80s given her dementia though... Anyhow my Anna Wing prediction is still on track
  21. Bert Trautmann

    Aretha Franklin

    Well, whatever the problem is, she's starting to look like a wasted pick. At least I didn't pick Michael Douglas...
  22. Bert Trautmann

    Time Added

    My Dad just text me to say that one Louis Saha is a very lucky boy... He's a fireman and he arrived at the airport to find his car totalled with two wooden blocks spiking through the window on the right-hand side, if it wasn't for the fact he has left-hand drive car from abroad he'd be dead!
  23. Bert Trautmann

    Drunk? Bored?? Psychopath???

    Someone needs to slap his stepson around, what a fucking prick Someone needs to slap you around. Bert Trautmann endorses this statement. Jeez there are some real arseholes out there, in addition to abuse of the elderly do you endorse wife-beating and paedophilia too? Bert does not endorse the abuse of the elderly, Bert does not endorse wife-beating, Bert definitely does not endorse paedophilia, Bert endorses the slapping of JR976evil.
  24. Bert Trautmann

    Drunk? Bored?? Psychopath???

    Someone needs to slap his stepson around, what a fucking prick Someone needs to slap you around. Bert Trautmann endorses this statement.
  25. Bert Trautmann

    Deathrace 2011

    Bert would be proud! I think I'm unlikely to catch up with DDT though, especially given I picked a Deathrace Dirty Dozen and only have 10 left, I'm relying on Mr. Buckles to pop off soon...

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