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    Ideas And Possibilities For 2011

    Sir Connery's an octo this year, although at first it looked like he was going to age quite fashionably, his more recent photos show that life is finally starting to catch up with him. Perhaps it's finally time for you to die, Mr. Bond. Wilford Brimley is starting to look haggard, and personally I'd welcome the end just to kill his meme status over the diabetes commercials. Leopold Engleitner should have made this year's list at 105, if you're going to have one of the oldest living Nazi's on the list, then surely the oldest living concentration camp survivor deserves a spot on the list ;p
  2. WellPreservedStone

    Al Molinaro

    Mr. C beat ol' Al home today at the age of 83, Al's still alive and kickin at 91!

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