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  1. I've split this foreign film thespian info from the (completely inappropriate) Academy Awards thread, (where I had originally posted it a while back.) All of my years watching sexy foreign babes on Australia's infamously liberal-minded SBS network is now paying off as I share my amassed knowledge of these (formerly) sexy babes: ***** Here is the info to kick-start this thread, copied over: Danielle Darrieux, very famous in her home country, who was born in 1917 putting her up there with Joan Fontaine and Olivia De Havilland. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danielle_Darrieux Judging from her filmography, she is still active but might be an interesting one to watch. ***** some vintage Japanese actresses, both born in 1920: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Setsuko_Hara http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshiko_Ōtaka Hara starred in Tokyo Story whilst Otaka was in Kurosawa's Scandal, billed as Shirley Yamaguchi. ***** Dora Doll, born in 1922, is a well-known German/French actress from gangster and thriller films, such as Touchez pas au grisbi. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dora_Doll ***** Emmanuelle Riva, born 1927, is best known for Hiroshima, Mon Amour, but has also starred in many other films. Still seems to be active, so maybe not a good pick just yet but I'll put her here for future reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmanuelle_Riva ***** Jeanne Moreau is also starting to get long in the tooth, being born in January 1928 but, like Riva, she is still very active so probably just another one to bookmark for the moment: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeanne_Moreau ***** Once we reach the early 1930s, a whole string of notable foreign actresses are still with us, including Monica Vitti and Lucia Bose but one worth looking at is Anita Ekberg, who has had some health problems: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anita_Ekberg "Despite her condition not being considered serious, she has been put under observation in the facility", or so says that oracle of all truth, Wikipedia.
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    Non-British Royals

    Florentine prince Filippo Corsini killed cycling in London: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/nov/01/italian-prince-filippo-corsini-latest-cyclist-killed-london-knightsbridge
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    The Duke of Wellington didn't make it into the new year: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/11318923/Duke-of-Wellington-dies-aged-99.html
  4. Davey Jones' Locker

    Judith Versus Joni

    Which of the two folk music legends will die first? Each has had major health problems in the last 18 months but each has seemingly bounced back from the verge recently..
  5. Davey Jones' Locker

    Celebrity Chefs

    Feeling bored so thought I would start a thread on celebrity chefs, to see who we think will be the next flamboyant gourmet to follow Floyd and be flambeed. In fact, celebrity chefs don't always have a good record: besides Floyd, Jennifer Patterson (Two Fat Ladies), Joseph Cerniglia, Robbie Millar, Jean-francois Poinard, Bernard King (King's Kitchen), Fanny Craddock (desitute after scandal) and Bernard Loiseau (suicide after thinking he would lose a Michelin Star) all met fairly young or tragic ends. Also, Mietta O'Donnell, who was not a chef but an Aussie celebrity food critic went down in a car crash a few years ago. Some candidates: **** Antonio Carluccio - Italian, born in 1935, has history of depression including the notorious "self-stabbing" incident a few years ago: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Carluccio#Self-stabbing **** Jeanne Rankin - Canadian, born 1961, had all sorts of problems for years due to morphine addiction http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/149...o-morphine.html http://www.bighospitality.co.uk/People/Jea...-in-the-Kitchen **** Margaret Fulton - Aussie, born in 1924: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Fulton Despite her age, she's still very active and, in fact, the cheeky old devil has just been playing the major supermarket chains off against each other as she advertises for both of them at once: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/opin...0-1225965741074 **** Iain Hewitson - New Zealander, born in 1948 but very overweight: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iain_Hewitson **** Peter Russell-Clarke - Australian, born in 1935. No health information and still very active but I thought I would just use this as an excuse to share the infamous blooper reel... (Not safe for work): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDYxGB8V88k **** Graham Kerr - English, born 1937. Still seems very active with his own blog and public speaking activities. Focuses almost fanatically on healthy eating these days after his Missus had a stroke and heart attack after eating too much of his old "Galloping Gourmet" food! http://www.grahamkerr.com/?cat=1 **** Lorenza de Medici - Italian. She must be fairly ancient now but I can't find any age or health info online which is a surprise since her shows were fairly prominent here in Australia back in the 1990s. Anyone know how she is going? ***** Can't think of any others who are even remotely candidates unless Heston poisons himself or Nigella drives someone to murder with her uber-contrived "sexiness." PS. I'll wager that a large number of the good citizens of Huntington, West Virginia die well before one Mr Jamie Oliver.... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/artic...od-crusade.html Pity no celebs live there!
  6. Davey Jones' Locker

    Korean War Vets

    Now that Shroud seems to have disappeared back into oblivion, I thought it might be safe to start a thread on Korean vets, since most are in their 80s and starting to bite the dust. Feel free to post major figures from both sides. Will the two Koreas be reunified before they all die off?
  7. Davey Jones' Locker

    18. Emperor Akihito

    Starting to decline: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-08-08/japanese-emperor-addresses-nation/7702084
  8. Davey Jones' Locker

    Academic Footnotes

    I am very sad to note that one of my heroes, Denis Dutton, passed away earlier today. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denis_Dutton Dutton was the founder of the "Bad Writing Contest" which he awarded annually to a prominent academic, (winners included Judith Butler and Fredric Jameson), in an attempt to highlight the intellectual vacuity, arrogance and obfuscation rife in modern academia. Here is some more information on the "Bad Writing Awards" including samples from some of the most famous academics today: http://denisdutton.com/bad_writing.htm Bless you, Mr Dutton, for your service in showing that the emperors (and empresses) of academia have no clothes. May you rest in peace, good sir. Unfortunately, most of these academics are still influential, as are their legion of sycophantic supporters in just about every university in the western world.
  9. Davey Jones' Locker


    The fizz has gone out of Nicolas Feuillatte: http://www.france24.com/en/20140813-french-champagne-magnate-nicolas-feuillatte-dies/
  10. Davey Jones' Locker

    Magicians And Hypnotists

    American stage hypnotist Scott Lewis falls over balcony in Sydney before show: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-01-11/hypnotist-scott-lewis-falls-to-death-in-sydney/5195846 Witnesses are saying on the radio that he "appeared mentally ill".
  11. Davey Jones' Locker

    Yank Science Fiction Series

    To complement the venerable British science fiction series thread, let's look at some non-Star bloody Trek American shows. Flash Gordon All of the main actors from the 1930s serials are long gone, the last being Jean Rogers (Dale Arden) back in 1991. Likewise, the actors from the 1950s television show and the much-loved 1979 Filmation animated versions all seem to be gone, which leaves us with the notorious 1980 film... Survivors are: Peter Wyngarde (Klytus) born 1928 Max von Sydow (Ming the Merciless) born 1929 Topol (Dr Zarkov) born 1935 Brian Blessed (Vultan) 1936 Timothy Dalton (Barin) 1944 Sam Jones (Flash) 1954 Melody Anderson (Dale Arden) 1955 Ornella Muti (Princess Aura) 1955 Mariangela Melato (Kara) died back on January 11th this year, it seems. Buck Rogers Likewise no survivor from the 1930s serial, the last main cast member, Constance Moore, dying in 2005. Again, there was apparently a short-lived television show in the 1950s, featuring none other than: Eva Marie Saint (Wilma Deering) born 1924 Of the well-known 1979 series, the following are still alive: Michael Ansara (Kane) born 1922 Tim O'Connor (Dr Heuer) born 1927 Henry Silva (also played Kane) 1928 Felix Silla (Tweekie [and Cousin Itt on the Addams Family!]) 1937 Thom Christopher (Hawk) 1940 Gil Gerard (Buck) 1943 Eric Server (Dr Theopolis) 1944 Erin Gray (Wilma) 1950 Pamela Hensley (Aura) 1950 Battlestar Galactica (the original, not that new-fangled stuff) Lorne Green is obviously long gone but nearly all the rest of the very extensive cast are still alive. I won't list them all here as they were a fairly young cast being nearly all born in the 1950s but the oldest survivor is: Terry Carter (Tigh) 1928
  12. Davey Jones' Locker

    Radiation exposure

    Know of any celebs (or forum members) who have been to the Grand Canyon museum's collections building in the last eighteen years? The collections included paint buckets(!) full of uranium. "One of the buckets was so full that its lid would not close. Stephenson said the containers were stored next to a taxidermy exhibit, where children on tours sometimes stopped for presentations, sitting next to uranium for 30 minutes or more. By his calculation, those children could have received radiation dosages in excess of federal safety standards within three seconds, and adults could have suffered dangerous exposure in less than a half-minute." https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona/2019/02/18/grand-canyon-tourists-exposed-radiation-safety-manager-says/2876435002/
  13. Davey Jones' Locker

    The Black Death

    There is a new article on why the Black Death was so deadly here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-10-13/stud...-plague/3555568 What an illustrious age for Death Poolers that must have been!
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    Australian teenaged boy Ryan Campbell is trying to fly around the world solo and beat a world record. Let's see if he fares better than Jessica Dubroff: http://www.teenworldflight.com/
  15. Davey Jones' Locker

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is 70 now. He has a history of steroid use and heart surgery, so it is time for him to have his own thread.
  16. Davey Jones' Locker


    With the hype around the Dark Knight Rises, I thought Deathlist should blatantly cash in by turning our attention back to the 1960s Batman and seeing how many cast members are still with us. The answer: not many at all. These are the only survivors from the main cast: Adam West (1928) Batman - still active at conventions and does some voiceover work for that Family Guy animated show. Burt Ward (1945) Robin Yvonne Craig (1937) Batgirl Julie Newmar (1933) first Catwoman Lee Meriwether (1935) Catwoman in the film John Astin (1930) filled in for the role of the Riddler while Frank Gorshwin was away for a short stint. He is, of course, best known for playing Gomez in the Addams Family but that could be the subject of a whole other thread... Of the other guests, the most notable is Lesley Gore who did a stint as one of Catwoman's underlings. Also, Deathlist favourite Eli Wallach (1915) did one appearance as Mr Freeze. ******************** Of the Burton and Schumacher Batman films, the only person of note to have passed away so far is Michael Gough. I guess either Jack Nicholson or Arnold Schwarzenegger will be next, with Danny DeVito in the running as an outside chance.
  17. Davey Jones' Locker

    Seven Brides For Seven Corpses

    Our adoring public have demanded it, so DeathList is proud to present a Seven Brides for Seven Brothers countdown thread: The Seven Brides: Norma Doggett 1925- Virginia Gibson 1928-2013 Betty Carr 1929-2008 Jane Powell 1929- Nancy Kilgas 1930- Julie Newmar 1933- Ruta Lee 1936- The Seven Brothers: Marc Platt 1913-2014 Howard Keel 1919-2004 Matt Mattox 1921-2013 Jeff Richards 1922-1989 Tommy Rall 1929- Jacques d'Amboise 1934- Russ Tamblyn 1934-
  18. Davey Jones' Locker

    Richard Branson

    Couldn't find a Richard Branson thread so this will do... (as I brace myself for a slap on the wrist from the moderators): "Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet carried Richard Branson's 90-year-old mother to safety as the tycoon's house was consumed by fire after being hit by lightning." http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-08-23/kate...ay-home/2850982
  19. Davey Jones' Locker

    Ex-Pope Benedict Versus Prince Philip

    Decided to create another poll... This one is a classic showdown between two longstanding DL favourites.
  20. Davey Jones' Locker

    Maggie Kirkpatrick

    Vinegar Tits my dear, you may be interested in the great Prisoner reunion of 2011: http://aca.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=8219303 Great watch! My sister picked Patsy King (governor Erica Davidson) in her DDP list so I'm very pleased to see she's looking in fine health. Quite surprised at how old Elspeth Ballantyne (Saint Meg) looked however - I know she's a couple of years older than most of the cast, Davo and Lizzie excepted, but she seemed and sounded rather frail. I was a massive fan of Prisoner Cell Block H when it was on late at night in the UK.Never missed an episode.Lizzie was my favourite character Vinegar Tits, NaG and the other "Prisoner" fans on this thread will be interested/shocked/horrified to learn that one of the stars of the show is up on child sex charges, according to this morning's news headlines: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-07-28/prisoner-star-maggie-kirkpatrick-charged-with-child-sex-offences/6652464 "In a statement, police confirmed the 74-year-old had been charged with two counts of indecent assault and one count of gross indecency with a person under 16." Maybe she really will end up being a prisoner! Trust the Daily Mail to have all the salacious details: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3176164/Prisoner-Home-Away-actress-Maggie-Kirkpatrick-74-facing-child-sex-charges-incident-13-year-old-girl.html Okay, I decree that this warrants its own thread.
  21. Davey Jones' Locker

    Edward Snowden

    Julian Assange has his own thread, so Edward Snowden deserves one too. He believes there are possible ways that the CIA may take revenge in a number of possible ways including via their links to triads or other third parties.
  22. Davey Jones' Locker

    World War Three

    I thought we had a discussion thread for this somewhere. Anyway, it may be getting closer: http://www.news.com.au/world/russia-china-us-are-ww3-and-cold-war-2-on-the-cards/news-story/a3a445dba24ade74c4da76460d4a144a
  23. Davey Jones' Locker

    Gone With The Wind

    A newcomer requested a Gone With the Wind thread, so here it is. Apparently only four of the film's massive main cast are still around, these being DL favourite Olivia de Havilland, Alicia Rhett (born 1916), Mickey Kuhn (born 1932) and Mary Anderson (born 1920). As someone who has never actually seen the film, I was surprised to learn just a moment ago that George "Superman" Reeves also had a role in it.
  24. Davey Jones' Locker

    Cardinal George Pell

    If Savile and Rolf have their own threads, Pell deserves one, too. George Pell is 77 years old, has heart trouble (though that may have been a sham to avoid flying home to face trial) and is due to have knee reconstruction work. Yet to be sentenced though judging by the judge's comments, he's had it: 10 years is the standard sentence for this kind of crime, putting him at 87 when he is released.
  25. Davey Jones' Locker

    The Who Versus the Beatles

    I was bored so I decided to create another poll... Both The Who and the Beatles are down to only 50% of their classic/best known line-ups. Which band do you think will be completely dead first? The surviving Beatles are McCartney and Starr. The surviving members of the Who are Daltrey and Townshend.

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