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  1. USFuneralDirector

    Barbara Bush And Rosalynn Carter In 2017

    They are now the two oldest Former U.S. First Ladies at ages 91 and 89, respectively. Barbara would be my personal pick for 2017. She seems more frail, walking with a walker and missed Nancy Reagan's funeral. Rosalynn on the other hand gets around much better and traveled cross country to attend the service.
  2. USFuneralDirector

    The 1st Death Of 2015

  3. USFuneralDirector

    Leonard Nimoy

    Good choice. I didn't think of including him on my list. May have to re-edit it.
  4. USFuneralDirector

    Ken Kercheval

    Not a bad choice. Pretty well-known TV character actor in the U.S. Has had some health issues in the past.
  5. USFuneralDirector

    Sam Simon

    Good Number 2 choice!
  6. USFuneralDirector

    Zsa Zsa Gabor

    Good pick for Number 1!
  7. USFuneralDirector

    11. Bob Dole

    Glad to see him back on DL!
  8. USFuneralDirector

    Who Should Be On The 2015 Deathlist?

    My 50 for 2015 1. Sam Simon 2. Billy Graham 3. Zsa Zsa Gabor 4. George HW Bush 5. Nancy Reagan 6. Rob Ford 7. Bob Dole 8. David Rockefeller 9. Little Jimmy Dickens 10. Mary Tyler Moore 11. Olivia DeHaviland 12. Muhammad Ali 13. Robert Schuller 14. Hugh Downs 15. John Glenn 15. Maureen O'Hara 16. Sidney Poitier 17. Fidel Castro 18. Mikhail Gorbachev 19. I.M. Pei 20. Herman Wouk 21. Norman Lloyd 22. Prince Phillip 23. Jake LaMotta 24. Christopher Lee 25. William Schallert 26. Doris Day 27. Liz Smith 28. Ara Parseghian 29. Lee Iacocca 30. George Kennedy 31. BB King 32. Fats Domino 33. Chuck Berry 34. Hal Holbrook 35. Harper Lee 36. Jerry Lewis 37. Hugh Hefner 38. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 39. Janet Reno 40. John Paul Stevens 41. Henry Kissinger 42. David Dinkins 43. Harry Belafonte 44. Barbara Bush 46. Bishop Desmond Tutu 47. O.J. Simpson 48. Walter Mondale 49. Beverly Cleary 50. Stephen Hawking
  9. USFuneralDirector

    The 10th Death Of 2014

    I went with Billy Graham....again. The photo, I just posted in his thread, certainly looks like the end game.
  10. USFuneralDirector

    Billy Graham

    Hospice anyone? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B3ocmG9IUAA-tSk.jpg
  11. USFuneralDirector

    Who Will Be The 7th Hit Of 2014?

    Olivia DeHaviland
  12. USFuneralDirector

    U.S. Political Figures over 85

    Updated list of United States political figures 85 years and older, as of July 15, 2014 1. Edward Brooke b. 1919, first African American elected to U.S. Senate since Reconstruction, currently oldest living former member of the U.S. Senate. 2. George P. Schultz b. 1920 former Secretary of State under President Ronald Reagan. 3. Nancy Reagan b. 1921, widow of President Ronald Reagan 4. John Glenn b. 1921, last surviving Mercury 7 astronaut and former U.S. Senator. 5. Ernest Hollings b. 1922 ,former U.S. Senator 6. John Anderson b. 1922, former U.S. Congressman and 1980 Independent Presidential Candidate. 7. Melvin Laird b. 1922, former Secretary of Defense under President Richard Nixon 8. Robert Michel, b. 1923, former Republican Leader of the United States House of Representatives 9. Henry Kissinger b. 1923, diplomat and Secretary of State under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford 10. Bob Dole b. 1923, former U.S. Senator and 1996 Republican presidential candidate 11. George HW Bush b. 1924 President of the United States 1989-1993. 12. Jimmy Carter b. 1924 President of the United States 1977-1989 13. Brent Scowcroft b. 1925 National Security Advisor to Presidents Gerald Ford and George HW Bush 14. Barbara Bush b. 1925, wife of President George HW Bush and mother of President George W. Bush 15. Happy Rockefeller b. 1926, widow of Vice President Nelson Rockefeller 16. David Dinkins b. 1927- former mayor of New York City 17. Rosalynn Carter b. 1927 wife of President Jimmy Carter 18. Harold Brown b. 1927, Secretary of Defense under President Jimmy Carter 19. Ramsey Clark b. 1927, United States Attorney General under President Lyndon Johnson 20. Zbigniew Brzezinski b. 1927 National Security Advisor under President Jimmy Carter 21. Ethel Kennedy b. 1928 widow of Robert F. Kennedy 22. Walter Mondale b. 1928 United States Vice President 1977-1981 and 1984 Democratic Presidential Candidate
  13. USFuneralDirector

    12. Henry Kissinger

    Heart Surgery at 91...a tad risky, I'd say! http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-henry-kissinger-heart-surgery-20140715,0,7508045.story
  14. USFuneralDirector

    Academy Award Winners

    This is a list of living Academy A ward winners for Best Actor and Actress. All of these individuals are at least 80 years old. And yes, I do realize that the first two are already on the list. I am thinking that Sidney Poitier, Gene Hackman, and Joanne Woodward could be good candidates for a future DL. Name DOB Award Year Film Luise Rainer 1/12/1910 Best Actress 1937 The Great Ziegfeld Best Actress 1938 The Good Earth Olivia De Havilland 7/1/1916 Best Actress 1947 To Each His Own Best Actress 1950 The Heiress Sidney Poitier 2/20/1927 Best Actor 1964 Lilies of the Field Gene Hackman 1/30/1930 Best Actor 1972 The French Connection Joanne Woodward 2/27/1930 Best Actress 1958 The Three Faces of Eve Robert Duvall 1/5/1931 Best Actor 1984 Tender Mercies Ellen Burstyn 12/7/1932 Best Actress 1975 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore Shirley MacLaine 4/24/1934 Best Actress 1984 Terms of Endearment Louise Fletcher 7/22/1934 Best Actress 1976 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Sophia Loren 9/20/1934 Best Actress 1962 Two Women
  15. USFuneralDirector

    Nancy Reagan

    And 93 is the "dangerous" age for recent U.S. Presidents and First Ladies. Gerald and Betty Ford, as well as Nancy's husband Ronald Reagan all died in their 93rd year. Just saying.....

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