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  1. DevonDeathTrip

    The 7th Death of 2019

    Honor Blackman in the next few days.
  2. Crosby is quite engaging on Twitter and regularly responds to queries, so it might be worth asking him straight out if he considers himself 2020 deadpool fodder. Someone else will have to do it though, because I'm not brave enough.
  3. DevonDeathTrip

    Aerospace and Astronomy.

    Ah well, I thought as much. Will give my online sleuthing a rest for a while.
  4. DevonDeathTrip

    Aerospace and Astronomy.

    Good stuff thanks, I appreciate your efforts Beech has claimed Saudi involvement in his alleged abuse, so the above could unfortunately fit in with his warped (and highly suspect) narrative. I don't know anything about this sort of thing, but I take it there's no online database which logs where these planes have actually been? Today Beech gave further evidence to insist one of his schoolmates was murdered - deliberately run over - by the VIP gang, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary - i.e nobody else seems to remember it. He went on to claim the gang shot his horse dead in front of him in broad daylight in the grounds of Hampton Court. Unfortunately for Beech, this version of events remains uncorroborated. The trial continues. The movie will likely follow.
  5. DevonDeathTrip

    Aerospace and Astronomy.

    Got a plane question... For the last few weeks I've been avidly following the trial of Carl Beech, aka 'Nick', who stands accused of lying to police about being abused by an underground network of celebrity/prominent child abusers. Anyway today Beech made a startling new claim in court that he was taken by private jet to Paris to be abused. Furthermore, he claimed the private plane in question was a Boeing 747. My question is how many privately owned 747s are out there? More specifically were any of these planes privately owned in the late 1970s when this heinous alleged incident was alleged to have happened?
  6. Russian film director Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov, aged only 49. By using Scrabble scoring to add up the letters in his name, he comes up with a score greater than his age at death; 60 points. I doubt there are many other people mentioned on this forum to whom the Scrabble deficit would apply.
  7. DevonDeathTrip

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    One of Kerry Katona's ex husbands, George Kay, 39, from a drugs overdose.
  8. DevonDeathTrip

    Fort William Football Club

    And next weekend Fort William will teach Inverness Kindergarten FC a lesson they'll never forget!
  9. DevonDeathTrip

    Life In Prison

    There's been a lot of press coverage recently about the three DL jailbirds - Susan Atkins, Ronnie Biggs and Abdelbaset Al-megrahi. Two of them are now free and Atkins is up for another parole hearing on Sept 2nd, although she will be up against the American justice system, who generally take a harder line when it comes to matters of compassion and mercy. There is a reasonable chance that they will all be dead by the end of the year. I suggest that the 2010 DL should have another prisoner on the list, there's plenty of choice of ailing criminals, and their lawyers generally drip feed us with information about their clients' declining health. I've thought of a few who might make the grade: Ian Brady -Constant hunger strikes and forty plus years of custody will take their toll before too long. William Heirens - Not exactly a household name in the UK, but he is America's and possibly the world's longest serving inmate. He hasn't been a free man since 1946. Donald Neilson - The Black Panther. In jail since 1975, now believed to be suffering from motor neurone disease. Ian Huntley - Would be a bit of a result if he actually died in 2010, but he is due to be "integrated" with the general prison population shortly. I'm sure some of his fellow inmates will have received enough incitement from The Sun to do him in. If anyone else can think of a deserving candidate, please post here.
  10. DevonDeathTrip

    The 6th Death of 2019

    Little Richard - and soon!
  11. DevonDeathTrip

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    I'm going to give Rotten Ali another month to round up the scores for 2018 and then - don't all stampede at once - I'll be putting the job out to tender.
  12. DevonDeathTrip

    Death By Numbers 2019

    Fired: Phil Lesh Garth Hudson, John Prine Shane McGowan Dean Hoyle Hired: Randy Romero, Alex Trebek, Abu Bakr a-Baghdadi Lord Edwin Bramall Lee Noble Thank you.
  13. DevonDeathTrip

    Stranger Than Death

    Step-sisters in £300k inheritance battle ask judge to rule whose parent died of hypothermia first.
  14. DevonDeathTrip

    Animal Antics

    Not recently, but when I was at college many moons ago, I used to be able to see them from the window of my politics class.
  15. DevonDeathTrip

    Animal Antics

    In case you didn't already know, this week is National Swift Awareness Week. Before you die, please take a few minutes to find out why they're perhaps one of the world's greatest birds.
  16. DevonDeathTrip

    The Dead of 2019

    Bryan Marshall, who I remember playing an evil psychiatrist on Prisoner Cell Block H, has, er, "gone ahead"
  17. DevonDeathTrip

    From Cleric To Relic

    I have recently unearthed several ecclesatical leaders, who are very aged or in frail health. Sadly, none of them are really famous enough to qualify for their own thread, but I would think most of them should get an obit in the UK. It has been a spiritually enriching experience, reading about the exploits of fine fellows below. Feel free to add any men of God I might have missed: Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria 17th March 2012 Archbishop Christodoulos 28th January 2008 Patriarch Maxim of Bulgaria 6th November 2012 Whakahuihui Vercoe of Rotorua 13th November 2007 Cahal Cardinal Daly 31st December 2009 Pavle, Patriarch of Serbia 15th November 2009 The Most Reverend and Most Holy Father, His Beatitude Ignatius IV, Patriarch of Antioch, the Great City of God, of Syria, Lebanon, Arabia, Cilicia, Mesopotamia and all the East 5th December 2012 I predict they will all be dead within 2 3 4 5 6 years.
  18. DevonDeathTrip

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    Seeing as you mentioned him, here's his signature, before and after he was tortured.
  19. DevonDeathTrip

    Rolf Harris : Stairway To Heaven ?

    Not that I'd want to be seen to be going out of my way to defend Rolf Harris, but it should be noted his conviction for assaulting Wendy Wild was quashed upon appeal. The evidence for this particular offence was tenuous at best and almost resulted in Harris' other convictions against different victims being quashed as well, because his defence team argued that Wild's false testimony had turned the jury against him. In the event, the other eleven convictions were upheld. The Mirror have removed the story describing Wild as a victim from their site.
  20. DevonDeathTrip

    The Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Thread

    I was thinking of coming with a deadpool theme team comprised of people with a surname beginning with Z. However I am struggling a bit, the only ones I've thought of so far are: Velimir Zajec - former Portsmouth manager, ill with motor neurone disease Efrem Zimbalist - Actor And that's it. Wikipedia has a massive list of live Zs, but I can't be bothered to trawl through all of it. I need more old and ill Zs. (Not dead Zs, they can go on the dead thread) any suggestions would be gratefully received If this goes the way of the last thread I started (about Fleetwood Mac) I'll be very disappointed.
  21. DevonDeathTrip

    Sporting Bravery

    So, I was reading about American cyclist Lawson Craddock, who broke his shoulder on the opening stage of this year's Tour De France. This would be enough to make most mere mortals quit the race on the spot, but pro-cyclists know how to suffer and Craddock has kept going, in agony, through nine stages and is still in the race. This made me think of other examples of sportsmen battling through adversity. For example rugby's Wayne Shelford didn't let having his scrotum stapled back together stop him completing a match. Not did Japanese Olympic gymnast Shun Fujimoto consider a broken knee any good reason to deter him from taking part in the rings exercise, achieving a perfect dismount from eight feet above the ground. Anyway, I thought I'd start a thread about sports men and women who, for better or worse, fight their way through the pain barrier. Feel free to post contemporary and historical examples here.
  22. DevonDeathTrip

    The Archers

    June Spencer is 100 today She was interviewed just now on R4 and says she has no plans to retire.
  23. DevonDeathTrip

    John Prine

    Worrying that I might not get many more opportunities, I've just taken the plunge and booked tickets to see John Prine in concert on Sept 6th, so I hope his dodgy lungs continue to function for at least that long. Edit - I decided to make a Prine thread, just because I can and because I think he's brilliant For the uninitiated, here's an 80s performance of Speed of the Sound of Loneliness. Apart from the song, the pained look he gets from bassist/vocalist and soon to be ex-wife Rachel right at the end is something to behold.
  24. DevonDeathTrip

    Political Frailty

    Alan 'Hownling Laud' Hope, 77, de facto leader of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, might be worth keeping an eye on. He was unsuccessful in his latest attempt (his twentieth!) to become an MP at night's Peterborough by election, but of interest to us is something I heard on the radio about him being unwell and not able to manage much campaigning these days. He tends to pop up at any by election of note, so if he doesn't stand at the next one, it might indicate something serious about his health.
  25. DevonDeathTrip

    General Non School Massacre Thread

    Three armed men wearing body armour have shot 20 people on a golf course in San Bernardino, California. This article mutters about hostages and explosives.... I'm listening now on the police scanner.

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