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    Geoffrey Hughes

    Too many dodgy soap stars, why bother with anyone from Corrie, Eastenders, etc. Surely we can come up with real celebrities rathers than these clowns.
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    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    I have been a fan of this site for a number of years, and have often used it as a conversation stopper both at home and at work, but I must protest on the strongest terms abvout this years list (2011), despite a spectacular start with Gerry Rafferty, it rather lacks anyone of real character in the debutant department. The fact the list had failed to spot Anne Francis, star of Forbidden Planet, a film that not only was the best in its genre, but also was that important she was name checked in the opening title of The Rocky Horror Show, this leads me on in my rant, tal;king of Rocky Horror, why no mention of the supreme creator himself, surely Richard O'Brien is getting close to finding himself as a qualifier. The world of Science Fiction and Fantasy does seem not to get enough mentions, you drag you feet in not nominating Stan Lee, the overlord of Marvel Comics, co creator along with Stan Lee (88) of Spider-man and Dr Strange, Steve Ditko (83) should also be marketable for the 2012 list. Brian Aldiss, the leading British SF writer anyone? Perhaps we should already be thinking laterally for 2012, and trying to come up with some more original ideas for candidates than the also rans, has beens and never really weres that currently occupy such a dull list as we have this year.

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