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  1. M.Lawrenson

    Political Frailty

    Otto von Habsburg must have been important. His death and funeral now has it's own Wikipedia article. Otto was an important person, just not as important as he imagined himself to be.
  2. M.Lawrenson

    Political Frailty

    Otto lived a good long life, and probably had a far more active and interesting one than he would have done if he'd become Emperor. Though it's unlikely he would have become Emperor had Franz Ferdinand lived. FF had two sons who, at the time of his death were not allowed to inherit the throne (FF's wife wasn't Royal). As soon as old Franz Joseph died, FF would have likely changed the Habsburg Succession Law to allow his eldest son to become Crown Prince.
  3. M.Lawrenson

    The Dead Of 2010

    Archduke Rudolf of Austria, youngest brother of Otto von Habsburg, has died aged 90. That makes Otto and his brother Felix (94 in 2 weeks) the only remaining children of the last Emperor of Austria.
  4. M.Lawrenson

    The Dead Of 2010

    Otto's still going, but Mrs von H is not. Otto surely can't last much longer now. He is 97 after all.
  5. M.Lawrenson

    Former Grand Duke Jean Of Luxembourg

    O, good old Otto von Habsburg! For not-DL-related purposes I searched him on the internet just the other day. His mother, the last Austrian empress Zita, died twenty years ago, aged 97 as well. Her husband only made it to 35, though I believe the Grandducal family to be related to Zita's house of Bourbon-Parme and not to the Habsburgers - feel free to prove me wrong on this. (Of course: Jean's eldest daughter married a Habsburg prince, but that's not supposed to contribute to Jean's gene pool, obviously). Jean is the son of Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma, who was Zita's younger brother. Jean's mother Grand Duchess Charlotte, lived to 91 as well. Most of these nonagenerians are descendants of the marriage of King Miguel of Portugal and Princess Adelaide of Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg. Both Jean's parents were grandchildren of Miguel and Adelaide. The Habsburgs, however, tend to have average lifespans, presuming they don't get shot or catch TB or pneumonia.
  6. M.Lawrenson

    Former Grand Duke Jean Of Luxembourg

    Old Jean has good genes. His first cousin is famous royal codger Otto von Habsburg, who is 97 this month (and also has two brothers still alive in their 90s). Many of his other relatives have lived into their 90s.
  7. M.Lawrenson

    The Chequered Flag

    Don't want to steal OoO's thunder here, but it appears Peter Arundell has finally succumbed to his respiratory illness.
  8. M.Lawrenson

    The Chequered Flag

    The only thing I can recall about Tony Maggs was an unfortunate incident with Ken Tyrrell's wife and a hotel wardrobe. Though it's not half as salacious as you'd imagine.
  9. M.Lawrenson

    The Chequered Flag

    The vultures must have been circling him for a while at that age, OoO. (Motor racing joke which nobody else would probably get) Btw, how many of F1's front-engine driver brigade are left? Off the top of my head - Moss, Brooks, Brabham, Gonzalez and probably at least 20 more.
  10. M.Lawrenson

    Formula 1 & Other Motor Racing

    It has also been used in other events when a fatal crash has meant the end of the race. Mind you, this is 1st time it's happened in F1 since 1991, and only the 5th time since the rule was brought in. (Spain 1975, Austria 1975, Monaco 1984, Australia 1991, Malaysia 2009 - all bar one due to rain - the other was a fatality). Ah yes, most if not all of those races were just as controversial as the most recent one. Spain 1975 : After some major bolt-tightening action by everyone involved (the drivers refused to race due to dodgy armco barriers), the race got underway at the infamous Monjuich Park in Barcelona. After numerous crashes, Rolf Stommelen found himself in the lead, until he crashed as well, killing 4 people when he went into the barriers (apparently screwed together by his own mechanics the previous day). Austria 1975 : A race so hilariously randomised, Vittorio Brambilla managed to be in the lead when it was stopped. Even he was surprised. He crashed going over the finishing line. Monaco 1984 : Who knows who really one that one. Mansell probably should have, but went off after ignoring Jackie Stewart's advice ("Och, stay off the white road markings in the rain Nigel"). Prost led it, but was being caught in leaps and bounds towards the end by Ayrton Senna and Stefan Bellof. Monaco clerk-of-the-course Jackie Ickx red-flagged the face just as Senna overtook Prost, but it was counted back to the previous lap. Ironically, Senna's car wouldn't have lasted much longer, as he'd broken his suspension earlier. Then Bellof would have won but his team was disqualified at the end of the season. Yes, who knows what went on that day? Australia 1991 : It should never have been started, but the drivers were more afraid of the wrath of Bernie and the GP organisers than torrential rain and zero visibility. So off they went, to engage in 14 laps of soggy mayhem. Eventually, Senna pulled into the pits and demanded the race be stopped. Who could refuse Senna.
  11. M.Lawrenson

    Alex Higgins (And Snooker)

    From what I've read and remember, snooker was televised mostly when the tournament reached the last 16. Medati only ever reached the last 16 three times in his career, so it's not surprising he's not remembered.
  12. M.Lawrenson

    Alex Higgins (And Snooker)

    From 'The Hurricane' by Bill Borrows : I'm even more glad than usual I wasn't out in town last Friday...
  13. M.Lawrenson

    People I Was Surprised To Find Are Still Alive

    Otto von Habsburg was 96 on Thursday. I'm betting he dies within a year, as his mother and grandmother (from whom he likely inherited his longevity) both died at 96.
  14. M.Lawrenson

    Gary Glitter

    I don't think people using Gadd's music for commercial reasons because of his reputation and actions. What about Eric Gill? The BBC uses a typeface he designed for its logo.
  15. M.Lawrenson

    Formula 1 & Other Motor Racing

    I'm surprised Zsolt Baumgartner didn't get in. Apparently, he never won a single race at any level. Or George Eaton, who paid his way into BRM with his daddy's department store money. Or if they were looking for the 'completely wasted talent' angle, they couldn't have done better than Jean-Pierre Jarier.

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