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  1. Captain Koot Hoomi

    World's Oldest

    - What does that say? You weren't f****n listening were you? Were you listening? I don't think so. I just said that I didn't agree with these ideas. I feel like a broken f****n record. Next time think before you speak. It is of no consequence if you agree with those ideas or not (although personally I suspect you do). You were endeavouring to present them as valid viewpoints according to some ridiculous hypothetical model of allegedly modern reasoning. But they aren't. They are utter balderdash in anyone's book but that of the most foolish idiot. As is your theory of modern thinking. Here is an important lesson for you: Talking incessant nonsense does not make people think that you are cleverer than you because they can't understand you. It merely makes people aware of the fact that you are someone who talks incessant nonsense.
  2. Captain Koot Hoomi

    World's Oldest

    Some may call that modern thinking, others may see it as heartlessness. Not everybody values money above human life, or even sees it as a consolation for the loss of a loved one. I think you would have a hard job imposing that point of view on many people. In an emergency you could invade their country I suppose. There will never be a building constructed above ground that can stand the impact of having an airliner flown into it. To try to do so would be insane. Better would to try not to be the sort of person whom others want to fly aircraft into the buildings of. Quite the contrary. It has drawn much attention away from other, major catastrophes which merely happen to have happened in places less significant to the US media. It seems to me that you are someone for whom the activity of thinking is a closed book. In your attempts to appear clever you merely make yourself look more imbecilic. Your ideas (if indeed they are your own) display neither reason nor common sense. I think you may have been taken in by others practised in deceiving foolish, vacuous young people such as yourself for their own ends. Your avatar strengthens this suspicion. Know your limitations and act with according wisdom and your life will take the best direction it can. Deceive yourself (in any attempt to deceive others you will surely fail) and an open mind will be no match for the obstacles you place in your way.
  3. Captain Koot Hoomi

    Kirk Douglas

    At which point does someone who isn't dead yet graduate from DL? Or do they graduate in?
  4. Captain Koot Hoomi

    Princess Diana

    At least write something people can understand for God's sake.
  5. Captain Koot Hoomi

    charlie bronson

    Hello freinds! Greetings from the Spirit World! I can see things others cant. you should be listening to me, not some 60 year old woman that couldnt interlecutuly chalenge a tableid newspaper probably she knew off course Ms moss was getting fired from that contract befor she even started campaining for it that is plane for any to see who thinks. I know other things too. Things nobody knows. Listen to the dreams of the one who call's himself Banshees. I am his gaurdian angel and guide his thoughts in the way off TRUTH!! Go in Peace!!!
  6. Captain Koot Hoomi

    how did you come here

    I was out for a spin in the old Astral Plane this morning with my old pal Lobsang Rampa and who should we bump into but Great Uncle Grim, looking like death warmed up as he had been out on the ran-dan last night with the Masters of Wisdom who really ought to know better by now. He said Ted Heath had told him about this place in passing. Passing Geddit? I'm new here too so a big Hi to everybody.

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