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    Deathlist Merch

    Whilst idly probing sections of this site I was unfamiliar with, I chanced upon the merch. What I want to know is: how much of this has actually sold? Was I remiss in not purchasing my DL mug when I joined up? And furthermore, where's the "special merchandise" celebrating "big DeathList successes as they happen" as promised? May I suggest that more... fashionable... items be put up for sale? For example the DL Bikini. Or the matching DL His and Hers Cufflinks. Or perhaps the DL Aromatherapy Set of Bath Oils. Maybe there could be a monthly bit of kitch commemorating [sp?] the top poster of the month: like the Tempus Fugit Set of Six Coasters. Or maybe we need to think more long term: for example, a lovely dinnerware set where each month a new piece comes out (soup bowls, side plates, gravy boat) upon which is inscribed the best Guest Rant of the month.
  2. in eternum+

    10. Angela Lansbury

    About bloody time.
  3. in eternum+

    The 13th Death Of 2015

    #throwbackfridays #harvesterofsouls
  4. in eternum+

    The 2nd Death Of 2011

    I've just noticed Angela Lansbury isn't on the list this year. What a shame. I'm SURE her time is nigh. I was scandalised to hear her SLANDERED in a film I recently went to see. Shocking. Aline Brosh McKenna, you should be ashamed of yourself.
  5. in eternum+

    The 2nd Death Of 2011

    Now that CLS is dead, it's so difficult to commit to a response. I think I shall place all of my eggs into Jack Klugman's basket. C'mon Jack, victory is nigh!
  6. in eternum+

    Claude Levi-Strauss

    SEE?! I told you!! Aw... we'll miss you, CLS... you've kept the masses entertained for years.
  7. in eternum+

    Farrah Fawcett

    I know Diana was depicted as a saintly figure, but I had no idea that they made her Pope. Besides, Mother Theresa was a cow. Meh, whatever. I stand by my somewhat incorrect point.
  8. in eternum+

    Farrah Fawcett

    I'm sad that Farrah Fawcett has died and no one is paying any attention because of Mickey J. It's just like that time when Mother Theresa died, and then the Pope went and stole her thunder. Rubbish. Bye, Farrah... my first DDP hit of the year...
  9. in eternum+

    Michael Jackson

    Like buses and plane crashes, let's hope celebrity deaths come in threes. Maggie T would be an excellent one to round the week off. Cronkite is dying according to a link given by DDT. Is that big enough? My vote goes to CLS. Every time.
  10. in eternum+

    Michael Jackson

    Well, he's going to be on Questiontime next week, so fingers crossed!
  11. in eternum+

    Michael Jackson

    Crikey. I go away for a few months, and it all kicks off! I can't believe the big MJ has over-shadowed my first DDP hit of the year. Booooooo...
  12. in eternum+

    Claude Levi-Strauss

    Thank goodness CLS has been included in the 2009 list! I was worried, after last year's comments, that he might not be. Phew!
  13. in eternum+

    Andy Fordham - Will he retain his liver?

    Ah, Lakeside. Sadly, Monsieur Fordham is not gracing the the stage with his presence; nor, despite my best efforts, am I gracing the audience with mine. I've still got plans and dreams though. Many of you here might remember what they entail; I certainly haven't forgotten. I'm now aiming for 2009, so keep your eyes peeled when the TV coverage starts! With regard to the early stages of this year, I'm SO pleased that Rubbish John Boy Walton and Cry-Me-A-River Tony David are out! out! out! Early indications are that it's shaping up to be a rollicking finale - hurrah!
  14. in eternum+

    New Year Greetings

    Happy belated New Year to you all! May it be a year of deadlines successfully met.
  15. in eternum+

    Claude Levi-Strauss

    There was a strong lobbying effort. It failed. Hurrah!
  16. in eternum+

    Claude Levi-Strauss

  17. Indeed, you are very belated for mine, ie. Thanks. I prefer to think of it as being particularly early for yours.
  18. Happy belated birthday, H! Hope you had a great day.
  19. in eternum+

    Luciano Pavarotting.

    Quite unexpectedly, the first thought I had when I heard that Pavarotti had carked it was "football fan will be so pleased!" Not entirely sure why I thought that - perhaps ff's been championing him for the past few years or something. Anyway, I for one am not at all fussed that he won't be gracing the operatic stages anymore. His kind of tenor is the worst; makes all the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Not in a good way, mind... more in a way like they are about to flee the vicinitiy in an attempt to find the nearest cliff's edge and hurtle themselves off it. I can hardly wait for the tribute concerts to start.
  20. Happy Birthday, LG!! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with wine, men, and song.
  21. in eternum+

    Jane Tomlinson Killer Ride

    The beeb gets in on the action
  22. in eternum+

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death... 2007

    Act like a twat and make the news internationally
  23. in eternum+

    Pressing The Self-destruct Button

    I voted for Amy, on behalf of her in-laws.
  24. in eternum+

    Room 101

    Good god, that must have taken some effort to compose. Surely not as much, though, as it took to trawl through. There's several minutes of my life I'll never get back...

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