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  1. JR976evil

    6. Vera Lynn

    That’s a pretty common complaint for people her age to be fair
  2. JR976evil

    8. Jimmy Carter

    He just needs a tap on the head
  3. JR976evil


    There are quite a few hacks out there not much longer for this world, many still writing regularly. Sir Peregrine Worsthorne (b. 1923) former editor of the Sunday Telegraph, still contributes the odd column here and there to various publications I believe. US film critic Roger Ebert (b. 1942) famed for his thumbs/up down criteria along with the late Gene Siskel, has had extensive treatment for thyroid cancer over the past few years including large sections of his jaw removed can now no longer speak as a result, though he continues to write regular film reviews and is a prolific Tweeter. Has said he will not undergo any further treatment if the cancer comes back, definitely one to bear in mind for the 2012 list I reckon. Plenty of potential for puns too - "Ebert Gets Two Thumbs Down" "Last Picture Show For Ebert" "Movie Fades to Black" "Roger, Over and Out" or how about "Hopefully Not A Thumbs Down at The Pearly Gates" deserving of his own thread really. Derek Jameson (b. 1929), former Mirror editor went on to become Radio 2 DJ and prolific TV presenter and personality, spotted recently on BBC2's The Young Ones (no, not that one). That's just for starters really, must be many others I haven't thought of, what do people think?
  4. JR976evil

    Gay Byrne

    His brother is taking it well
  5. JR976evil


    Think he was one wrestler who had the good sense to quit while he was still healthy and hung on to his money
  6. JR976evil

    Mollie Sugden et al

    Wonder if he got a card off Gloria Hunniford
  7. JR976evil

    28. Barbara Walters

    If only that were true of Rosie O’Donnell
  8. JR976evil

    Life In Prison

    Blue is the most vomit-inducing colour
  9. JR976evil

    Gary Glitter

    He can afford a lavish coffin at least
  10. JR976evil

    Gail Porter

    She wants to go on Naked Attraction
  11. JR976evil

    The 12th death of 2019

    Prunella, sailing away
  12. JR976evil

    5. Leah Bracknell

    That’s another one ticked off the bucket list then
  13. JR976evil

    43. Clive James

    They usually are, despite global warming’s best efforts
  14. JR976evil

    43. Clive James

    Don’t count your chickens just yet, a simple cold could see him off now
  15. JR976evil

    Paul Verhoeven

    Terrific director, hope he sticks around a bit longer. Thought Elle was fantastic in spite of what various moaning Minnies protested
  16. JR976evil

    The 10th Death of 2019

    I don’t usually like to run with the herd but fuck it, Ginger got my vote
  17. JR976evil

    49. Ginger Baker

    I abhor prejudice though I loathe political correctness even more. Patronising rubbish stifling honesty and free speech, has achieved precisely fuck all and only enabled the likes of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump to thrive
  18. JR976evil

    Eddie Kulukundis

    Former shipping magnate, theatre impresario and philanthropist, also other half of Susan Hampshire who has been his carer for the last ten years. Suffering from dementia and type 2 diabetes since 2009https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/1177151/susan-hampshire-husband-dementia-sir-eddie-kulukundis
  19. JR976evil

    Aaron Carter

    And he once dated Lindsay Lohan, fancy that
  20. JR976evil

    Aaron Carter

    They don’t want him that way
  21. JR976evil

    28. Barbara Walters

    I hear she’s making big plans for her 21st
  22. JR976evil

    Desmond 2.2 versus Don King

    For a second there I thought they'd unleashed a reanimated cyborg of Norman Beaton
  23. JR976evil

    The 9th Death of 2019

    About the same as Ian Watkins & Gary Glitter nabbing it with Little Drummer Boy
  24. JR976evil

    The 8th Death of 2019

    Gone for a Jimmy
  25. JR976evil

    37. Valerie Harper

    Remarkable what a sitcom stars pension can afford

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