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  1. Bridge over the River Styx

    Cartoonists And Animators

    Yes, very sad. Danger Mouse was great...especially the narration which was sadly omitted from the DVD's. Who is going to protect us now from those arch enemies?
  2. Bridge over the River Styx

    Blake Edwards

    A more appropriate demise for him would have been to be shot in the dark. Does this mean we will have three deaths pending a write up?
  3. Bridge over the River Styx

    Bill Deedes

    This is quite an impressive run. Perhaps Mr Reaper was on holiday for the early part of the year and is now playing catch up.
  4. Bridge over the River Styx

    Gerald Ford

    Now he really can't walk and chew gum at the same time. For me, he was the first US president that I can remember, so it is a bit symbolic.
  5. Bridge over the River Styx

    Paul Hunter

    It is very sad to hear of someone dying so young, especially when they have a young family. Anyway, some humour is always a good thing to my mind as long as the intention is not to be nasty. With that in mind I want to ask "was the Grim Reaper a Hunter gatherer last night?"
  6. Bridge over the River Styx

    Steve Irwin

    I think this could just be a publicity stunt. There will be a sting in the tail, mark my words.
  7. Bridge over the River Styx

    Pink Floyd

    Let us just hope that Roger Waters hangs around for a long time yet and stops writing bloody opera. I know where Syd Barrett lives. Actually I think he is about to change address.
  8. Bridge over the River Styx

    Gene Pitney

    What a place to snuff it: a hotel in Cardiff.
  9. Bridge over the River Styx

    Death Links

    I really like.... http://www.entrances2hell.co.uk/
  10. Bridge over the River Styx

    Tony Banks

    I'll always remember him for "that" save off Pele during the 1970 world cup. Talking of Banks, I wonder whether Gordon Banks (the former Labour MP) would be a good candidate for next year!
  11. Bridge over the River Styx

    Ariel Sharon

    I think you will run out of people on your list very quickly at that rate. He is on our work DL so we are feeling rather chuffed at the moment as well.
  12. Bridge over the River Styx

    Dead Pop Stars

    It was 20 year's ago today that Phil Lynott died......thank Christ.
  13. Bridge over the River Styx

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    Absolutely nothing wrong with favouritism, it's what makes the world go round. Long live nepotism. As Josco Senior used to say "It's not what you know, but who you know that gets you on in life." I think that what you know about who you know that matters more!
  14. Bridge over the River Styx

    Peace Activists In Iraq - Brave Or Barmy?

    Has anybody heard anything? It has all gone very quiet. What is Graham Crowden doing in Iraq anyway!
  15. Bridge over the River Styx

    A Joke

    Q. What does "DNA" stand for? A. National Dyslexic Association.

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