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  1. Goodnight Vienna

    Gene Pitney

    I was not a big fan of Gene Pitney but what a shocker.... Standing ovation the night before at his concert and dead the next! Rest in peace Gene..... Regards VIENNA XXXX
  2. Goodnight Vienna

    Wilson Pickett

    A loss to the soul world.... is now a real "soul" singer! Rest in peace Wilson Bit of a shocker really....... Regards VIENNA xxxxx
  3. Goodnight Vienna

    Is Mr T Dead?

    Oh no please not another Rocky film..... Heres a spolier for you I bet "ROCKY WINS"!! Never watched any of the other 499 sequels so I wont be that interested whether Mr T is only a commentator or not! VIENNA xxxxx
  4. Goodnight Vienna

    Dead Body Web Site

    Seriously though is it male or female? Also for someone who has been in the ground for nearly two years they look remarkable did they have a lot of plastic surgery? I think the webcam has faults myself and they cant really ask the subject to give a wave to see if it is still working either Oh well the colon looks quite entertaining for a Sunday afternoon time filler... VIENNA xxxxx
  5. Goodnight Vienna

    Autopsy - Channel 4 (uk)

    Does he have access to one? VIENNA xxxxx
  6. Goodnight Vienna

    Tony Curtis

    Tony Curtis..... he did a great impression of "Cary Grant" in "Some Like It Hot" and snogged Miss Monroe. Hung around with Roger Moore for a few years in the 60's and fathered Jamie Lee and Kelly with the Psycho lady and a few others with a few others! Was quite a handsome devil too.... Tony Curtis Just for those who dont know him! Regards VIENNA xxxxx
  7. Goodnight Vienna

    Roger Taylor

    Once again no-one is wishing a quick death or any ill will on these people it's just speculation.... I hope they stay around for a good few more years yet. Queen are still an excellent group and they are very talented musicians but YOU dont seem to understand the concept. What I really want to know is why you have registered if you dont agree with anything the list does or the people who post on it? You are quite rightly entitled to an opinion but when you are ranting about something which is so far off base you just seem so negative. By the way smilies are there also to express opinions like when you pull your face at the deathlist this is probably what youre doing I myself think you really need to calm down or if not try to lose the link off your PC. I really dont want you to get too stressed about something as trivia as this! VIENNA
  8. Goodnight Vienna

    Roger Taylor

    I am one of the last people in the world to wish anyone dead.... and like the last post we dont wish death on anyone. Its a lighthearted point of view of something which happens to us all.... even you & me! To say Roger Taylor is going to die is a true statement, just when that is the issue! Take a chill pill and go with the flow I like Queen.... It was a very sad loss to the world of music when Freddie Mercury passed away but he led a rather risque lifestyle so he was playing with fire there. We just look at people who are doing the same thing and helping the inevitable along or are old and ready to shuffle off this year! Regards VIENNA xxxxx
  9. Goodnight Vienna

    Gary Glitter

    In Vietnam they didnt have any Christmas trees this year..... they thought they would just be hanging Glitter instead!!!! VIENNA XXXX PS. I dont like the guy and he should have his bits chopped and pickled.
  10. Goodnight Vienna

    Funeral Directors

    I was once at an aunts funeral... I couldnt actually go inside the church as knowing me it might have fell on my head.... anyways I got chatting to the guys who carried the coffin, drove the hearse outside.... do you know they were some of the most funniest (ha-ha not peculiar) people I have ever met, a sense of humour is always a plus, but these guys were born comedians! They did a good funeral.... not something the chuckle brothers might of done. I often wonder if all Funeral Directors have this sense of humour just to keep them going?? VIENNA xxxx
  11. Goodnight Vienna

    Birthdays, Births, Anniversaries Etc...2006

    Sorry it's a bit late.... but Happy Belated Birthday Boudicca! You were the first person to welcome me to the deathlist when I became a member... thanx for making me welcome Have a great time over the next year.... I can only just remember my 21st! VIENNA xxxxx
  12. Goodnight Vienna

    Jerry Lewis

    Sorry Mary but you hit a nerve with me The "Norman Wisdom Fan Club" here! My hero is Norman.... he's a lovey guy, unlike that arrogant ass called Jerry Lewis. Admittedly I watched him when I was a child and found him funny, that squeeky voice is now like dragging fingers across a chalk board!!! Norman had the kids laughing a few years back in a panto! He had still got it. I cant compare the two.... One is my hero (Norman). The other is now a zero! Regards, VIENNA xxxx
  13. Goodnight Vienna

    Richard Pryor

    R I P Richard Pryor.... Another comic genius goes off to make St Peter wet his knickers! This guy wasnt my favourite but he will be missed! VIENNA xxxx
  14. Goodnight Vienna

    Tony Hart

    Used to watch & then copy his ideas... loved "Take Hart" later on. I never drew any pictures for the gallery but always remember what a quietly spoken gent he was. Takes me back to my childhood! VIENNA xxxxx
  15. Goodnight Vienna

    George Best

    Scored his last goal..... Rest in peace Georgie. And just when 24 hour drinking laws have arrived in UK pubs & clubs too.... VIENNA xxxx

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