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    Jack Kevorkian

    Recent report on CNN that Dr. Jack Kevorkian (Good ol' Dr. Death himself) is "gravely ill", suffering from high blood pressure, osteoperosis, and Hepatitis C. He's "gravely ill", but we've heard that before about the likes of one Ronnie Biggs. Kevorkian was denied parole and should he ever obtain parole, he'd likely commit suicide shortly after getting out of the big house.
  2. MyBrainHurts2

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    I've searched the site for him and can't find any mentions of him, but Art Modell may be up for consideration in 2008. For those outside the US, Art was the owner of the American Football Cleveland Browns/Baltimore Ravens. Several years ago, Modell suffered a stroke and has been less and less visible publicly. I was talking to my father the other day and told me that he made a concrete delivery to Modell's mausoleum (which to date has cost US$1.5 million, which these days is about 100k in real money). It's no indication of further declining health, but it peaked my interest. As far as a UK obit, I'm pretty sure he won't get one since New York Giants owner Wellington Mara didn't get a UK obit that I can find. If you're in a death pool with wider criteria for points, Modell might be worth a look.
  3. MyBrainHurts2

    Steve Fossett

    Search for Fossett could solve decades-old mysteries It took a rich guy (possibly) crashing his plane just outside the middle of nowhere to find up to a couple hundred old plane crash sites.
  4. MyBrainHurts2

    Stephen Hawking

    It took one sick twist to put together a piece of Lego art like that... I love it.
  5. MyBrainHurts2

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    Don't even mention Montel. I've had MS longer than he has and I'm far from circling the drain. It's not a death sentence for anyone...unless someone really pisses me off about it.
  6. MyBrainHurts2


    His face has gone from green to a lovely shade of blue. Sad, I actually liked watching his antics in WWF and WCCW.
  7. MyBrainHurts2

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    I think he would get an obit on bbc.co.uk. Someone like Peter Angelos (who owns the Baltimore Orioles) most likely wouldn't get an obit overseas, but Steinbrenner has owned the (unfortunately) most successful team in Major League Baseball since the '70's. Don't think I mentioned this - Go Red Sox!!!
  8. MyBrainHurts2

    Is DL Corrupting Your Morals?

    my only comment to that: ....wow...
  9. MyBrainHurts2

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    Saw her answering a couple questions on CNN the other day. She's visibly lost weight since announcing that she has bone cancer. She doesn't look like Tammy Faye on Larry King, but it was noticeable.
  10. MyBrainHurts2

    Estelle Getty

    I think it's a kind way of saying "Not well. Can we change the subject please?" We all know she's going downhill and I'd hope for a hit in the next couple months, but not counting on it. Dementia is tough to predict unless you're looking at someone with it occasionally and have seen enough of dementia over the years.
  11. MyBrainHurts2

    Tammy Faye Messner

    I watched that video during lunch at work...talk about a frightening bag of bones. She's still not skimping on the mascara in her final days/weeks/months/whatever. I only got through a little more than a minute of the CNN clip before I went to another page. I know this is cruel to say, but I was getting a little nauseous from looking at her.
  12. MyBrainHurts2


    I remember that entrance...and couldn't stop laughing at that outfit he was wearing. I had the same curiosity when I was looking through the world's tallest people, and looked up Gonzalez. Just to get an idea, I'd refer anyone curious about what's possibly happening to him to look up Robert Wadlow (there's a video linked from his wikipedia entry) and Matthew McGrory (Big Fish, Devil's Rejects). Those two had acromegaly and I the only reference to 'giantism' is on an imdb site (obviously posted by fans), but in the only speaking role I could find for Gonzalez it doesn't sound like he has acromegaly. I know I can't look at an MRI of his to confirm it, but he doesn't sound like Andre the Giant, or McGrory in Big Fish or even Big Show Paul Wight (who I read had his pituitary tumor removed). This answers.com page hints that his health has been in decline for about 15 years. I've kept an eye out for that silly giant, but getting news on his health is tough. We'd have a better shot with (not a wrestler, so I won't go into it) finding declining health info on Manute Bol.
  13. MyBrainHurts2

    Tammy Faye Messner

    If Tammy can hold off her passing until August 13th, I'd be 4 extra points happier. Let's be honest, we love her to death, but she just won't die.
  14. MyBrainHurts2

    Robert Mugabe

    Is anyone else, with each new story coming out of Zimbabwe, reminded of the blood orgy scene in Event Horizon? Liberate tutame ex inferis (“Save yourself from Hell”)...for anyone wondering what the hell I'm referring.
  15. MyBrainHurts2

    Luciano Pavarotting.

    Brief blurb on Pavarotti. Not much there, and it's from the New York Post, which might as well be a tabloid.
  16. MyBrainHurts2

    Tammy Faye....how Long Is Left...

    She's still alive...God damn her...
  17. MyBrainHurts2

    The Sixth 2007 Success Poll

    My vote is with Tammy Faye, and I recommend that anyone with stock in L'Oreal Golden Ltd sell it quickly. There's about to be a noticeable decrease in demand for cosmetics.
  18. MyBrainHurts2

    Tammy Faye....how Long Is Left...

    One thing I want to know - will Ron Jeremy attend Tammy Faye's funeral? I've been waiting for her to kick the can for about a year now, so a little longer isn't going to kill me.
  19. MyBrainHurts2

    Stephen Hawking

    Wouldn't be tough to get the good professor to do shots - put the liquor in a syringe and feed it to him through his PEG tube. I'd like to see him control his eye to use his voice synthesizer well enough to get the words "I'm so f*cked up" out while patrons stick multicolored glowsticks in his jacket and shirt, offering X to really get him rollin'. I may have gone a little far with that one.
  20. MyBrainHurts2

    Lady Bird Johnson

    Love the choice of words - things start warming up around here when the picks go cold.
  21. MyBrainHurts2

    Tammy Faye....how Long Is Left...

    I'm right there with you. She's my joker as well.
  22. MyBrainHurts2

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    I thought DDP picks had to be 16 years of age or older...don't remember if that applies to 2007 or if it's a change for 2008, and I don't feel like looking right now.
  23. MyBrainHurts2

    Salman Rushdie

    Hey ladies... he's going to be single again.
  24. MyBrainHurts2

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    You're right about him not lasting to 2008 - he passed away on the 29th. Not worth putting a link in here, but I doubt his death was covered in the UK. McCorkle doesn't have an entry in wikipedia, which should give you an idea of his individual level of fame.
  25. MyBrainHurts2


    It's better than I could phrase the events. I'm behind the idea that the Bibles were placed after the fact, sign of guilt and remorse. Killing himself was a 'no other way out' of the situation at hand. Just one man's opinion.

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