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  1. Tomb raider

    Hugo Chavez

    Still looking for an English source, but according to spanish newspaper ABC (and quoted in the Dutch Volkskrant), Chavez has no longer than a year to live. They allegedly laid hands on his personal medical file, which indicated that the cancer has spread to his bones and his back.
  2. Tomb raider

    42. Nigel Lawson

    My apologies, I'm not on facebook and the joke was new to me until very recently. Even taken into consideration that the McKeith-photograph is probably the least flattering they could find, it's still absolutely clear to me that time has been much kinder to Nigella Lawson than to the cardboard-eating old hag. Having all the money of the world can only take you so far.
  3. Tomb raider

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    Dear guest, As a veteran (though irregular) visitor to this forum - I haven't been posting for about a year - I consider myself well-equipped to try and answer the questions that clearly haunt you about this site. It seems that a quick glance was enough for you to classify all DL-posters as mentally insane. That's clearly unfair. Many of them might be a little bit... er... unusual while hiding behind their DL-aliases, but I suspect most of them to be as boring and mainstream as you and I. Perhaps a little bit better educated than average, perhaps a little bit more nerdy than average, perhaps a little bit more male-y than average, but probably less than half as flamboyant and weird as you'd imagine. Most of them seem to have plenty of time on their hands, just as you do, but hanging around here is not necessarily a bad thing to do with your spare time, is it? At least they're not roaming the streets, hanging around with criminals or looting London's shops. (Or at least I didn't... Anyone feels like confessing something?) You lost a child, which is a tragedy that no-one here would make fun of. But I really don't feel it has anything to do with this site or with the morbid fascination of its visitors. In fact: I don't even believe that hanging around DL regularly indicates someone being intrigued by the big questions of life and death - all it points to is a certain sense of humour. We're not laughing at death, we're just mocking life. It's up to our realtime alter egos to celebrate it, and I have no doubt whatsoever that most of us succeed in doing so. Best wishes, Tomb raider.
  4. Tomb raider

    42. Nigel Lawson

    I wholeheartedly agree with Spade_cooley (post #7)! And Nigella tickles my nerves in many ways, for example: (for another example, see the second picture)
  5. Tomb raider

    8. Dick Cheney

    From the always reliable source "I read it somewhere" I seem to remember that Dubya's memoirs are ghostwritten, for a considerable sum at that. regards, Hein If there's words of more than three syllables in it, that's all the proof I need... I have no intention whatsoever of reading the book, but scanning the reviews proves to be quite entertaining.
  6. Tomb raider

    Nederlandse Dead Pool

    I've been very busy lately, Vaagy, but I'll come up with a team shortly...
  7. Tomb raider

    Send Offs

    My 500th post and I couldn't think of anything better than 'Dole in the hole'...
  8. Tomb raider

    8. Dick Cheney

    I'm not American, but I actually DO feel better with 'a nigga' in charge. Now piss off, you moronic redneck... Bush jr. had been in the news lately for quite remarkable reasons: his library opened, and he wrote his memoirs. The astonishing thing is that Dubya is very unlikely to be able to read and write on an adult level... (For unbiased proof, see this letter.)
  9. Tomb raider

    35. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

    O damn! I really should have combed through Wikileaks... Talk of Supreme Leader's imminent demise likely to be somewhat exaggerated.
  10. Tomb raider

    Zsa Zsa Gabor

    The Grim Reaper is taking her piece by piece... A very safe pick for the DL 2011, me thinks.
  11. Tomb raider

    Derby Dead Pool 2011

    It had been very hectic at work lately, so I completely forgot my entry for the DDP 2011. Would you believe it!? The bright side is that with every celeb's death I can easily claim that I would have picked him/her for the DDP, so I firmly expect myself to (virtually) have won the contest by the end of the year.
  12. Tomb raider

    The Seventh Death Of 2010

    Angela Lansbury. No reason whatsoever.
  13. Tomb raider

    The Sixth Death Of 2010

    According to this, 2010 might still turn out to be a record-breaking year for DL. I'm not sure how many picks reside near LA, but there's probably plenty of them. A major disaster in London might do the trick even better, though.
  14. Tomb raider

    Is The Deathlist Dying?

    Ah, really? Is that common among DL'ers, I wonder? My girlfriend knows all my bad habits, and is always complaining about my morbid and tasteless interests - which are typical for regulars here, I suppose. Especially when I leap for joy after a new hit, she's eyeing me with a combination of embarassment, amusement and pity. It goes both ways, though. Her fascination is Farmville...
  15. Tomb raider

    Derby Dead Pool 2010

    Don't know anything about the guy or about the Sun's mistakes, but seeing a photograph of Hewlett for the first time made me wonder why so many paedophiles look that creepy... No child or parent in his right mind would trust a guy like this (founder of the now dissolved Dutch pedo party), this or this?! Or is it just the ugly ones that get attention and is it the guy-next-door that we should be afraid of?

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