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  1. 14 hours ago, Paul Bearer said:

    Boris Johnston: Why are you such a fucking lying twat? 


    3 hours ago, redrumours said:

    David Cameron: Why are you such a fucking lying twat?


    3 hours ago, Wee Jum said:

    Thatcher: Why are you such a fucking disgusting lying twat?



    Hmmmmm.  I can see some kind of pattern developing here. 

  2. The first game will be played on Friday, kick off time 11.45 am UK time.  I think I'll keep the scoring as simple as possible.


    You just have to predict the winner and score difference.


    i.e. Team 'a' v team 'b'   Team 'a' to win ( one point awarded if correct) and to win by 46 points. (46 points awarded) this would give you a total of 47 points.


    Assume the score was team 'a' 53 team 'b' 7 difference being 46. + one point for the victory.


    Hope that makes sense.  





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  3. 4 hours ago, Kinnock said:

    Fucking hell am away for a week and you cunts are fucking spastics aren't you?


    Are you really incapable of copying and pasting the fucking fixture list from BBC and adding fucking k/o times.


    You're fucked if I'm marauding through your disorganised babbling fucking messes to assimilate which cunto predicted what.


    This weekends round of fixtures are off you cunts.

    Well, I only done this to, what I assumed, help you out with your game.  I probably shouldn't have bothered.  Maybe someone else can take over the reigns. 


    Never mind folks, I'll probably be doing a rugby World Cup when it starts,  although I'm not sure about how to do the scoring yet. 


    6 hours ago, Hosni Mubarak said:


    Wtf, is matter with you, you acting like there is a Suez crisis

    Why don't you publish my IP address and Desmond's IP address and see we are not same person

    You will see mine is from Eygiptian prison and Desmond's is from a church in South Africa


    Is also bad for you to talk to him like that, he has done so much for world in last decade, while all you do is stay in room at your parents house and mod this site. 




    As I said before, Robert, fuck off. 


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