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  1. bubblebobbler

    Amy Winehouse

    she had talent but the talent sparked out too soon to be noticed because of her lifestyle overshadowing her career her death is more comparable to jade goody's than anything else in my opinion (not saying jade goody is talented) She was a news story as was jade goody. The only real difference in the death was jade goody gave us a warning before she died which allowed us to have more fun! may seem selfish but I'm happy both of them are gone - one less news story to ignore once every two and a half weeks, and a lot less bullshit 'celebrity' reality shows!
  2. bubblebobbler

    11. Bob Dole

    he's not been well at all lately.Spent most of last year in hospital I think.He shouldnt be taken off the list put it that way it's a common mistake for people to think someone should be taken off of the list just because their ill health isn't publicised as much as someone elses glad that's not happening here
  3. bubblebobbler

    Jerry Lewis

    More info on Jerry for those interested, could very well be number 5. I don't know who no 5 will be,but it won't be Jerry Lewis.He's allready out of hospital don't count your chickens too soon, there's still time for him to go back in...I don't see maggie, zsa zsa or aretha dropping any time soon, and that old tease clive and his apprentice ronnie? no way!
  4. bubblebobbler

    Hugo Chavez

    hugo chavez in 'critical' condition! http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/18185/hugo-ch...%E2%80%94report looks to be bad...people already saying he's dead but nothing announced yet
  5. bubblebobbler

    Zsa Zsa Gabor

    next to go perhaps, what will her husband milk for fame when she's gone?! maybe he'll glue his eyelids shut again...

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