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  1. Been over 2 hours since it happened and no word other than he was unconscious and unresponsive according to his team mate. Rumour is that they're waiting for the family to get there from Colorado before they announce anything. If there was good news, they would have announced it by now

    And with Guy Ligier's passing, I think I lead the DDP theme team league now. I'd rather Justin was OK, though. Really nice guy. Been following his career since I saw him race in Formula Vauxhall at Pembrey in 1998, and then through F3000 where he was team mates with Gonzalo Rodriguez, who also died in a tragic accident...

  2. Billy Graham


    Little Jimmy Dickens

    Maria Teresa de Filippis

    Gordie Howe

    Bart Starr

    Valerie Harper

    Clive James

    Rene Angelil

    Chris Woodhead

    Pat Rice

    Jacques Villeneuve Sr

    Sam Simon

    George Alagiah

    Clark Datchler

    Daisy Berkowitz

    Joost van der Westhuizen

    Steve Gleason

    Ryan Buell

    Ritchii Kara

    Lauren Hill (joker)

  3. Rob Ford was the main one. Just not convinced he's going in the next 12 months. Ditto Helen Fawkes and Percy Sledge. But I've gambled on a couple of others who also might not


    It's a tough year. There are a couple of dead certs but there's not much info going round on some of the likely popular picks. And obviously last year's nailed on picks (Simon, Wilko etc) surviving the year just makes it even trickier

  4. Any updates on George Alagiah?


    I'd forgotten about that one, and see he's gone from a fairly regular Tweeter to nothing in six months. Also, the "in the know" folk who tend to blab on the popular forums are keeping quiet.


    I had also just stumbled across him on my longlist and checked around. Usually the likes of the BBC are the first to say when one of their ill personalities is doing well, so the fact that there's been nothing from them since April and nothing from Alagiah himself since not long after suggests he might be a good shout for next year. Doesn't turn 60 until November too

  5. No news over the last few days (even Schumacher's doctors gave out some information every day for the first week or so), rumours of a deterioration, and people like Romain Grosjean and Alain Prost dropping hints that all is not well


    If the worst comes to the worst, I just hope it doesn't go the way of Bruce Jacobi, who was in a coma for 4 years after a NASCAR accident in 1983 before eventually dying

  6. Official statement from Marussia and the Bianchi family: http://www.marussiaf1team.com/news/1035/


    The following statement is provided by the family of Jules Bianchi, in conjunction with the Mie General Medical Center, and is distributed on their behalf by the Marussia F1 Team.


    “This is a very difficult time for our family, but the messages of support and affection for Jules from all over the world have been a source of great comfort to us. We would like to express our sincere appreciation.


    Jules remains in the Intensive Care Unit of the Mie General Medical Center in Yokkaichi. He has suffered a diffuse axonal injury and is in a critical but stable condition. The medical professionals at the hospital are providing the very best treatment and care and we are grateful for everything they have done for Jules since his accident.


    We are also grateful for the presence of Professor Gerard Saillant, President of the FIA Medical Commission, and Professor Alessandro Frati, Neurosurgeon of the University of Rome La Sapienza, who has travelled to Japan at the request of Scuderia Ferrari. They arrived at the hospital today and met with the medical personnel responsible for Jules’ treatment, in order to be fully informed of his clinical status so that they are able to advise the family. Professors Saillant and Frati acknowledge the excellent care being provided by the Mie General Medical Center and would like to thank their Japanese colleagues.


    The hospital will continue to monitor and treat Jules and further medical updates will be provided when appropriate.”


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