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    Sam Simon

    Yeah, he looks really frail, and he's not nearly as energetic as he was in interviews from even a few months ago. He used to have muscle tone, but that seems to be gone now. Behind the makeup, the editing, and the suit, he probably does not look much unlike Steve Jobs in that last picture of him. I give him until his birthday in June, although he could really go any day at this point. Deadpooling aside, it will be a sad day when he finally goes. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, and it's a shame that he's dying pretty young.
  2. SchindlerHaughton

    George Bush Senior

    i just saw Carter on The Daily Show the other day, and he seemed to be in very high spirits, especially for someone of his age. I wouldn't be surprised if he got to be the longest-lived president (that would be about another 5 years). Bush may make 90, but he's to the point where the next health episode could easily take him, which could be any day.
  3. SchindlerHaughton

    Derby Dead Pool 2013

    I'm doing better than I expected to do, especially for my first year- a 4 way tie for 23rd. I'd be in 10th if I made Chavez my joker, and I've pretty much regretted not making him my joker since the very beginning.
  4. SchindlerHaughton

    The 3rd Death Of 2013

    Seeing as Ed Koch and Patty Andrews just croaked (two moderately, but not terribly high profile American figures), I'm thinking that it'll be Bob Dole.
  5. SchindlerHaughton

    2013 DDP Dumping Ground And Salvage Lot

    I decided against Ryan Buell and Ethan Zohn (although I did keep Zohn onboard as an alt) because of age and obit chances (the latter being more true for Buell). I decided against Castro because I didn't feel that his chances of dying this year were all that high. I feel like I should have gotten Patty Andrews though- I feel like I should have switched out somebody like Ali or Mary Tyler Moore for her. I also somewhat regret not making Chavez my joker, as I do feel like he's going to croak this year.
  6. SchindlerHaughton

    Hugo Chavez

    Gibb and Dio were both said to be getting better, and they died within the year. Fact is, few people get to be in the type of shape that Chavez was in from cancer and survive more than a year. They may 'get better', but the end result is all the same. Taking his and the secrecy into account, I imagine that he'll still be a hit.
  7. SchindlerHaughton

    Hugo Chavez

    They said the same of Gibb, and we all know what happened to him.
  8. SchindlerHaughton

    Derby Dead Pool 2013

    I'd give it until 23:59 on January 2nd. That is plenty of time for any celebrity or even remotely notable person to get an obit if they are to get one at all.
  9. SchindlerHaughton

    Derby Dead Pool 2013

    Mine is as follows: Team Name: Melon Smashers & Melon Heads 1. Clive James (joker) 2. Margaret Thatcher 3. Jerry Lewis 4. Gallagher 5. Dick Cheney 6. Zsa Zsa Gabor 7. Billy Graham 8. Bob Dole 9. Michael Winner 10. Mary Tyler Moore 11. Muhammad Al 12. Hugo Chavez 13. Prince Philip 14. George H.W. Bush 15. Stan Lee 16. John Derbyshire 17. Bob Barker 18. Ray Price 19. Van Cliburn 20. Bonnie Franklin Reserve Picks: Courtney Love, Lindsay Lohan, Ethan Zohn Gallagher might not get a UK obit, but is an otherwise promising pick. He's my unique pick (hopefully).
  10. SchindlerHaughton

    The New Dunn...

    Richards is a pretty good idea. After all, many argue that he is immortal. However, I am a part of the 'let a new Dunn emerge' club. I would not be all opposed to retiring #50 for at least a year, even if it means skipping from #49 to #51 (there's an idea).
  11. SchindlerHaughton

    The Dead Of 2012

    http://news.sky.com/...im-dies-aged-58 Hmmmm. Yes the timing of his passing is suspicious but even if it emerges that his passing was aided I don't think many would be appalled or outraged. His quality of life was almost nil, he was a prisoner in his own mind and it would have been cruel to make him continue living like that. Word is that he began to refuse food after he got word of the ruling.
  12. SchindlerHaughton

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2013

    Not sure if notable enough or reputable, but I'll just leave this here: http://www.mercurynews.com/entertainment/ci_21273030/hicks-amy-winehouses-ex-husband-near-death-after
  13. SchindlerHaughton

    Bill Clinton

    Photo of Bill Clinton from last Saturday: Meh. While he doesn't look fantastic, he doesn't look bad. I don't think we need to worry about Clinton for at least a few years.
  14. SchindlerHaughton

    The 9th Death Of 2012

    Olivia de Havilland, just 'cause.
  15. SchindlerHaughton

    Clive Dunn

    I think we should give him some title a bit like the title the North Koreans gave to Kim ll -sung when he died . Make him the eternal #51 when/if he dies.
  16. SchindlerHaughton

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2013

    Sounds like a good 'no shame' pick, but I don't know if he'd quite pass the notability test. He has his own Wikipedia page, given that Mel Gibson's troubled personal life has come to overshadow his career in recent years think its safe to say that Gibson Sr.'s passing would generate a fair amount of media coverage, not least cause hacks would probably be waiting with baited breath for the poor grieving son's reaction... Plus he has acquired notoriety without his son's help Yeah, now that I did a little more research, I don't have much doubt in my mind that he'd get a British obit.
  17. SchindlerHaughton

    The 8th Death Of 2012

    I have a wierd feeling you could be right on that one. I feel we are entering a period where many of the 'lingerers' will finally pop off.Plus we're overdue a female death. I expect Gabor to go any day now. We're overdue for a female death, a lot of the 'lingerers' are starting to pop off, and she's a bit overdue herself. You never know, but, considering that Mubarak looks like he'll croak soon but not in 2012, she's about as good of a bet as there is right now. I have a feeling the next hit might be a less obvious one, but I'd be shocked if Zsa Zsa doesn't turn out to be a 2012 hit.
  18. SchindlerHaughton

    Hosni Mubarak

    I think he'd be a pretty ripe pick for DL 2013. He might not be a hit this year, but I'm sure he'll be gone by next year.
  19. SchindlerHaughton

    Eric Sykes

    I think the difference with Sykes is that although he is on the DL, no-one really wanted to see him being a headline act. He will be sadly missed by those that knew his work and will never be just a satstistic like some of the other members of the DL. Yeah, there's usually a few people like him that nobody wants to see go outside of the deathlist, and a few people like Brady and (although the response was mixed) Megrahi that people are especially rooting for.
  20. SchindlerHaughton

    The 8th Death Of 2012

    I have a feeling that we'll lose at least one more regular this year- we already lost Shamir and Megrahi . I voted for Gabor, but I have a feeling that the next one might be somebody pretty deep on the list rather than a top 10 candidate. Maybe we'll lose Biggs this year.
  21. SchindlerHaughton

    Political Frailty

    Definitely keeping an eye on Jackson. His father doesn't seem to be suffering from any real health problems, however.
  22. SchindlerHaughton

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2013

    Sounds like a good 'no shame' pick, but I don't know if he'd quite pass the notability test. Hmmm.....this could lead to a special genre. People on death lists who are incarcerated. Pretty sure there already is one Yeah, there's a few. Off hand, Brady and Mubarak come to mind.
  23. SchindlerHaughton

    Lara Roxx

    Yeah, I'd pencilled this one in on the (slight) chance she makes it to 2013. I think the Daily Mail would see website hits from covering her death so she'd get the required obit. Reach for the rubber eraser. For the sake of cherished childhood memories, I hope Charlie Cairoli never got involved in the seedy world of clown porn. I think I may have a pretty good DDP draft going, seeing as her and Griffith were both on there (Stevens was #5 I think, Griffith was pretty low). Shame that they couldn't make it to 2013.
  24. SchindlerHaughton

    Hollywood Possibilities

    We probably should have seen that one coming- Nora has been hinting at health problems for a while. In other news, TMZ reports that Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's former physician, is in failing health and fears that he may die in jail. I think a bulk of the article is complete, sensationalist bullshit, and TMZ and the other tabloids are rarely factual, but we should keep our eyes open nonetheless.
  25. SchindlerHaughton

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2013

    I think we should keep an eye on Hugh Hefner. He'll be 87 in 2013 and has had a far-from-perfect track record in terms of health.

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