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  1. Bibliogryphon

    Donald Sutherland

    For some reason Donald Sutherland has been on my radar for a while. Did he have a health scare a while back?
  2. Bibliogryphon

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    Patrica Kennealy-Morrion author of the fantasy novel The Copper Crown and almost wife of Jim Morrison dead at 74
  3. Bibliogryphon

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Just because it says Exit.....
  4. Bibliogryphon

    World's Oldest

    Shame she couldn't make it till Two O'clock
  5. Bibliogryphon

    47. Vanessa Redgrave

    Was a guest on A Good Read on Radio 4. Sounded very frail and husky. Made Eileen Atkins sound like thirty years her junior
  6. Bibliogryphon

    Nicholas Parsons

    Do you not think she is a good choice?
  7. Bibliogryphon


    Premier League player arrested for Child sex offences. Player not named but is 31 and Everton has released a club statement
  8. Bibliogryphon

    Arghton's deadpool

    William F. Nolan was my 23 hit
  9. Bibliogryphon

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Josip Manolic
  10. Bibliogryphon

    World's Oldest

    If you win you shout Hearse
  11. Bibliogryphon

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    SCAVENGER HUNT BINGO DEADPOOL RULES Each player picks five selections in each of five categories (for categories see below). There are three ways to win 1. You get at least one hit in each of the five categories 2. You get all five hits in one category 3. You get three unique hits across the whole game.  There is no fixed duration you play until there is a winner. In the event of a tie number of uniques will be the next determiner followed by total number of hits across all categories. Obits will not be stringent (more akin to Deathrace requirements). However the Game Controller will be checking that picks meet the category criteria at the start of the game. A unique pick is considered unique in category. For example if two categories were Conservative MPs and Contestants on Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing with the Stars and three players picked Edwina Curry in the first category and the fourth player picked her in the second category. If she eggspired then Player 4 would get a unique bonus. When a winner is declared the selection of the next categories passes to the victor and they get to select the new categories. The winner may opt to pass or play on the organisation of the game. If they pass I will run the game based on their selections or they can take the whole thing. The Categories for the third game are: 1. Any actor (gender neutral term) to appear on screen in any Star Trek franchise (TV or Film) 2. Any player who was part of an MLB World Series Champion team 3. Distinguished Pulitzer Prize Winners (meaning no Staff Winners) 4. Summer Olympics Gold Medal Winners 5. UK Government cabinet ministers Teams must be PM’d to avoid revealing those unique picks. There will be a two week period at the beginning of June after the lists are published for disputes to be settled people whose picks are removed at this point will be allowed replacements but will not be allowed to pick another person's unique pick. Starting Date is 01 June 2021
  12. Bibliogryphon

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2021 Deathlist

    Queen Julianna did not die until 20th March 2004 which makes a gap of nearly 200 days between hits
  13. Bibliogryphon

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2021 Deathlist

    Just looking at the data on my graph the longest gap I can find is 151 days in 2011 which followed Another long gap of 105 days. In 2003 the last hit was over 100 days before the end of the year but I do not have data for 2004 on my spreadsheet so I don't know when the first hit was in that year. 2013 has a gap of 96 days We are currently at 86.
  14. Bibliogryphon

    Brian May

    Not Anita Dobson though
  15. Bibliogryphon

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    I was actually thinking the same thing. My Dad's partner developed dementia and they moved her into a home it lifted a huge weight from my Dad as he didn't have to do all the caring but it gave him a reason to get out of the house to go and visit her.
  16. Bibliogryphon

    20/20 + 1

    The 20/20 game has been a fascinating source of fun and frustration in equal measure but no the first year will all be dwindling Centarians by the end of 2020. @Sean has given his blessing to the continuation of this game in whatever form and we thank him for his initial great idea. This new version will just last one year and from my point of view is relatively low maintenance. Basically the aim of the game is to pick 20 candidates from the years 1921-1930.You need 2 from each year and you must have one male and one female from each year.Candidates only qualify if they have a national news article about their death in English and or an obituary. The game does not start until 1 January 2020 (UK Time Zone) and no teams can be posted before this time and will continue until the end of the year. As soon as one candidate from anyone`s list dies the pool will be immediately restarted and it is first come first serve. You can even be a bitch and steal someone`s entire list if you wish. It is a competitive game. The overall winner will be the person with most hits in the year. The pool restarts as soon as a link from the the qualifying Obituary is posted verifying age of the deceased (by their own standard).No two players can have duplicate picks and the age given in the article will be accepted as soon as the article is published and pasted to this site.It has to be decisive at the time the news breaks. If the age they give is different to the year of birth you don`t get a hit unless it is amended before another death that meets the criteria of a hit. There is no limit to the number of players and you can enter the round at any point. You may even miss some rounds if they are quick. You do not need an admin to confirm your pick if you have a QO to post your next round team but you may be challenged if it in any way suspect.
  17. Bibliogryphon

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2021 Deathlist

    Today is day 195. Even if we got hit eight today we would still be behind 2013 (13) and 2015 (14). However the Eighth hit in 2017 (17) did not come until 8 August. I am thinking 12/13 hits in total.
  18. Bibliogryphon

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    All this discussion is not going to disguise the fact that QEII ain't going anywhere this year or next. If anything she has looked healthier since Philip died
  19. Bibliogryphon

    Pope Francis

    Old and Young Mr 'your' Grace You've all done very well
  20. Bibliogryphon

    20/20 + 1

    You are missing 1930
  21. Bibliogryphon

    20/20 + 1

    1921 Elizabeth Kelly/Ray Lawler 1922 Ruth Bidgood/John B Goodenough 1923 Gloria Whelan/ Henry Kissinger 1924 Priscilla Pointer/Sheldon Harnick 1925 Ysanne Churchman/Pete Murray 1926 Gudrun Ure/Leonard Fenton 1927 Leotyne Price/Kenneth Anger 1928 Denise Bryer/Jean Marie Le Pen  1929 Patricia Routledge/John Woodvine  1930 Edna O'Brien/Bill Treacher
  22. Bibliogryphon

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Voice Actor extraordinaire David Graham is 96 today.
  23. Bibliogryphon

    Winnie Ewing

    No but she is a Jock Ewing....
  24. Bibliogryphon

    Businesspeople, Investors, Ceos

    Rushden & Diamonds only really started to implode after Griggs removed his support. He found out how expensive it was to have a vanity football club. While it was still owned by Griggs the R&D ground hosted a conference I attended. During lunch everyone just stood and looked at the empty pitch
  25. Bibliogryphon

    20/20 + 1

    40% of the hits so far

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