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  1. 3 minutes ago, Boudicca said:

    The photos I took don't have legs in them because you were being the Berry Mite Whisperer and coaxing it onto your hand you lunatic


    Quite how I imagined it was cutting about without them I don't know. Some class of rollers perhaps. Been a long day.



    And how did it get onto my hand?


    Teleported in its wheelchair?




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  2. 43 minutes ago, maryportfuncity said:


    If that block has the same cladding as the Grenfell Tower


    ...Just sayin'...




    Saw a quote from the latest Sadowitz gig.


    Dianne Abbott looks like she fell from the top of Grenfell Tower and ate every immigrant on the way down.

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    Sitting in front of the fire searching for ill folk as you do near the end of the month and this wee cunto comes across the floor going like fuck.





    Bou has spent two minutes googling "strawberry shaped moving insect with no legs" wut.gif



    I thought it wid be quicker asking whit it is on here.



    * this after a long diatribe about cobwebs/spiderwebs being not the same wut.gifwut.gif





  4. 15 minutes ago, Fergie86 said:

    Got to admit that is some record one that will never be matched, shame he didn’t do it at United.


    Tbh I think he had chucked it afore his appointment due to his dad's health.


    His father was a one cap goalie for Portugal and I vaguely remember tipping him up on here a wee while afore his death as José was flying to Brazil to see him.


    I think his dad had brain surgery which caused Jr to quit Chelsea, and was nearing the end when he took the Man U gig.


    Timing is everything.


    Longevity? Without thinking too much, Guy Roux.


    And José winning the CL with Porto after flukily winning the Europa League the previous year is waaaay beyond whit Sur Alex did at the sheep.



    ETA after a quick check, Roux is 80 now :sherlock:

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  6. 6 minutes ago, Paul Bearer said:

    Taken from the Clachnacuddin Facebook page.....


    This Saturday we welcome Fort William FC to Grant Street in the SHFL.
    The game will once again see the winners lift the Simon Shields memorial trophy, which was named after Simon who sadly left us at such a young age. Simon played for both clubs and was a highly thought of friend and team mate to many at both clubs and is still missed by all of us.
    KO on Saturday is at 3pm, hopefully see you there, 




    Simon didn't die, he just fucked off out the shithole without telling anycunto.......

  7. One for the masses.


    The US bonds inverted last Friday, ie you get a higher return on a 3 month bond than on a 10 year one.


    Last time it happened was the signal for the Housing Crash in 07/08.


    It almost always leads to a Recession within 15 months.





    Given the main players in the EU are pretty much struggling as is, would you want a soft Brexit, to stay in the shit hole, or get the fuck out?


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