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  1. BadEgg


    I was in the Navy when Scotland got gubbed by Costa Rica in 1990,I watched the game with a load of proud Scots,how we mocked them,now its payback time,Costa Rica 1 England 0 for sure.I'm not sure but I think its at the same place where England got done by The Yanks in 1950 in one of the biggest shocks at the World Cup,so history will repeat itself.
  2. BadEgg

    Nelson Mandela

    RIP Big Guy,you're the reason why Southfields is full of racist Afrikaans twats.
  3. RIP Lewis,I love you big guy
  4. BadEgg

    Monty Python

    i wanna see these old cunts do "The Ministry of Funny Walks Sketch" in their 70s,I'd bet it would be a lot funnier now?
  5. BadEgg

    Nobel Prize In Death

    RIP Doris,great writer,miss you big girl
  6. BadEgg


    News for Arsenal fans you're not gonna win the League,World Cup or the Grand National after today.
  7. BadEgg

    General Jaruzelski

    what is Polish for "popping his clogs?"
  8. BadEgg

    Lou Reed

    not a perfect day
  9. BadEgg

    Hooroo, Mate.

    RIP Chopper,I thought it was Chopper Harris of swinging Chelsea 1970s fame though.
  10. BadEgg

    Hooroo, Mate.

    7th DDP hit for the year (8th overall) and my joker to boot, now will he get a UK obit? good shout
  11. BadEgg

    Billy Connolly

    His comedy died a few years back :-) http://www.phespirit.info/derekandclive/come_again_12.htm he is name checked here,scroll down
  12. BadEgg

    Fort William Football Club

    I spent the day with my old man,hes a South London Cabbie,we got in to watch football results and he was going through the teletext and said "this is the score i want to find!" and he clicked onto the Scottish Cup results,apparently he looks out for Forres Mechanics!!!! fucking bizarre considering his family have no Scotiish roots whatsoever
  13. BadEgg

    London 2012 Olympics

    My favourite Olympic bid of all time was the Stoneybridge one from the TV show Absoloutely
  14. BadEgg

    Very Blue Peter

    I was going to post this,sad to say but IMO the bloke is going senile,at least Peter Purves had his marbles on that show
  15. A great tribute to a great lady

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