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  1. Marlfox

    Derby Dead Pool 2017

    One for the List of the Missed i think, Ivan Koloff: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4238024/Ivan-Koloff-Russian-Bear-dead-74.html
  2. Marlfox

    Sam Simon

    I'll go for March the 1st.
  3. Marlfox

    The 9th Death Of 2014

    Going with Billy Graham.
  4. Marlfox

    The 4th Death Of 2013

    Zsa Zsa. She's got to go sooner or later.
  5. Marlfox

    The 13th Death Of 2012

    That's it for the year I think. Though i'm gonna go with Kirk next for the ones who are left.
  6. Marlfox

    The 10th Death Of 2012

    Toss up between Zsa Zsa and Kirk Douglas for me. Zsa Zsa seems the more likely, so I went with Kirk.

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