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  1. deathwatch

    Dame Anita Roddick

    Maybe if she'd tested her stuff on animals....
  2. deathwatch

    Ariel Sharon

    I don't want to second guess God,but Im thinking Sharon isnt at the top of His list for entry to heaven... Well they do say he works in mysterious ways. Ariel Sharon
  3. deathwatch

    Alex Ferguson

    Not only high blood pressure and a grumpy nature, but also had a pacemaker fitted. I hope to see this from him in the New Year
  4. deathwatch

    Claire Rayner

    I quite like you avatar but even so, here's hoping
  5. deathwatch

    Poll - Number 10 - Who Will It Be?

    Shurley shome mishtake? You don't mean Gerald Ford (Dr.) of coffee shop fame?!
  6. deathwatch


    Update: Some yanky bird (sounds like a South American, but I'm no expert) has left us a 4 minute long rant on our 'helpline' (0870 069 5851) after sitting though 45 mins of music to tell us off for slating.... Whoopi Goldberg! I ask you! We have .wav files of these bints, if we get enough we'll make a podcast!
  7. deathwatch


    DTD: Still going strong, ten billion chinese can't be wrong?! In case you're interested, the ten most popular (?) celebrities according to our server logs are, in descending order: 10: Myra Hindley Me-oh-Myra 9: Frank Zappa 8: Tori Spelling well her Dad's dead, not that it counts. Talentless bint. 7: Tommy Cooper 6: Ricky Martin - still Livin' 5: Ted Bundy 4: Joseph Stalin - lots of calls to our 'helpline' slagging us off about this one! 3: Britany Spears - of course, but interesting that we're higher in the Google listings than most of her sex sites! 2: George Bush and the winner is.... 1: Adolf Hilter Bubblin' under: Joan Rivers, Idi Amin, Peter Falconio Over 4000 people have called the Did They Die helpline, mostly from America, and they wait on hold listening to our cool tunes for an average of 8 mins, 22 seconds before giving up. We just introduced a forum. Sadly, no fukcer wants to know!
  8. deathwatch

    Princess Diana

    Oooooh, thanks for that. Stuck a link on here which no doubt the litigious Egyptian will let me know about shortly. Today, Rita recommends: The Titbox - show you care!
  9. deathwatch

    Princess Diana

    Mohammed Al-Fayed's?
  10. deathwatch

    Princess Diana

    Great post, Mr. Al-Fayed. She's dead alright..... Today Rita recommends.... Jesus car fresheners - your car, your holiness
  11. deathwatch

    McDonald's - bad for your health ...

    Sorry guys but if it's a choice between eating at McDonalds or eating a grotesque pile of fetid stool, I'm for the Maccy-Dees every time! Da da da da daaaaaa... I'm luervin it! Clive Sinclair - RIP?
  12. deathwatch

    Near misses 2006

    Shame Lynne Perrie didn't make it to the official list (i.e. the Deathlist) as you could have had plenty of fun slating that old bag of .... of course, it all becomes rather more tasteless now she's popped it! Well a picture says a thousand words, and since I couldn't find one on here, here she is in all her death's door glory. A face that, truly, would frighten children.
  13. deathwatch

    Birthdays, Births, Anniversaries Etc...2006

    Happy Birthday, Lady Die! from your lovely friends @ Did They Die?
  14. deathwatch

    The Death Penalty

    It's high time we put more value on the freedoms of the majority to live honest lives. Instead, our attention and protections seem increasingly geared to those who step over the line. I liked the idealism earlier on in the thread in "let's educuate them to do things other people cannot do"... Maybe we could get a squadron of the meanest out in Iraq? Send some of our "boys" home in the process? Maybe one of the scumbags will use the prison library service and his ample free time to find something useful for the benefit of mankind? My point is that these people are not 'valuable resources' they are a drain on our resources. So a small percentage of miscarriages of justice occur... and the result is death. Statistically less likely to go wrong than a major operation in a UK hospital - more so if you're unfortunate enough to have your operations booked in "death week"!
  15. deathwatch

    Joe Longthorne

    What a voiciferous (if stupid) lot these Joe Longthorne fans are! I've never heard so many mutters since I pushed in the front of the queue at the Post Office last giro day! "Haven't you lot got anything better to do than talk about the death of...." blah blah blah. Right at the moment, "no".

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