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  1. Predictor

    Derby Dead Pool 2013

    Does anyone know which newcomer is the most succesful so far? It's not my team, is it?
  2. Predictor

    Gough Whitlam

    Hey, is it true that Gough Whitlam was in an Australian movie in 1937? Does anyone have the footage?
  3. Predictor

    The Dead Of 2013

    Hey, Jean Stapleton has passed away (1923-2013) http://www.nytimes.c...anted=all&_r=1 In total, 5 teams in the ddp picked her, although not as a joker. So that's 5 points to each of you!
  4. Predictor

    3. Olivia De Havilland

    Looks like guest guest has finally signed up then Who? I've been member of this site for approximately 6 months now...but with another name. I've never posted here as a guest... That last part about Miss Kent was maybe an exaggeration, but I'm definitly confident that Olivia isn't anywhere near death...I looked all over the net to see if there were any ailments or such, but couldn't find any. Her father Walter was 95 and her mother Lilian became 88 so longevity is clearly in her genes.
  5. Predictor

    3. Olivia De Havilland

    Hahahaha, really guys? You take one of the healthiest nonagenarians in the world and you put her on the death list not once, not even twice, but 6 (!) whole times? Oh well, you guys are the experts but l'm telling you...She will reach and surpass fellow actress Barbara Kent's age one day. I've noticed some interesting similiarities between them: *Both were actresses a long time ago *Both were brunettes *Both were petite *Both were really cute
  6. Predictor

    Discuss The 2013 Deathlist

    But at least you had the courage of your convictions and played her in your DDP and so can bask in the glow of points earned. Well done. Thanks. At this rate, I'll have 9/20 deaths by the end of the year, which is a decent result for a newcomer. Next year, l'll probably manage at least 20/20...
  7. Predictor

    Name Shame?

    Thanks, Paul. That was quick!
  8. Predictor

    Name Shame?

    Lol, l meant the bolded text only....
  9. Predictor

    Name Shame?

    Hey, l wanna change my ridiculous name to something else. Something with Sweden and predictor in it, cuz l'm from Sweden and I predict deaths.....SwedePredictor or something like that. Thanks
  10. Predictor

    Discuss The 2013 Deathlist

    In 8 December 2012, I wrote the following text in the "Ideas And Possibilities For 2013" section: Deanna Durbin: Actually, we don’t know anything about her health. No one’s heard from her since 1984. Which means that she MIGHT be really ill. Think of this as a gamble, a 50-50 chance. Well, looks like you should've listened to me.
  11. Predictor

    Al Molinaro

    Do we have any recent pictures of Al Molinaro? Or any news at all? It feels like no one pays attention to him, yet he gets included quite frequently in the list.
  12. Predictor

    World's Oldest

    lf it turns out that Kimura actually is alot younger than he claims to be (this is a very possible scenario), will l get more points if he dies this year?
  13. Predictor

    Derby Dead Pool 2013

    She was still active whenever she was first picked on DDP Yes a few entries could do with updating as the Queen is described as not a popular pick but she must be heading for the drop forty in the next two years. There's well over 3000 names chosen, lots of whom are new this year. Perhaps someone will volunteer to go through them and identify which need updating, write the updates and edit the site. In the meantime, perhaps the rest of us should just shut up bitching. No bitching was intended. I realise the enormity of the task and we are all grateful to TMIB for all his hard work. The incongruity of the description with the then long list of picks rather made me smile. I'm guessing the post wasn't intended as me as much as you but I do hope I didn't come off as bitchy either. Was moreso just answering Roibot's question. My ire was primarily directed at Roibot, After I posted I realised I was being rather hypocritical as I've had a bitch or two in the past (oo-er) (most recently about the spelling of Roobarb). Perhaps I should have been less hasty. Then again, ... Look, it's not just about updating information that's changed during the past year. Princess Lilian had been ill for a VERY long time, at least 6 years. Not having time to update 6-10 year old information isn't an excuse. l bet she hadn't been active in decades...Since l'm Swedish, l gotta protect our reputation and stuff like that
  14. Predictor

    Discuss The 2013 Deathlist

    l'm Swedish and these are the people l had never heard heard of, from this year's DeathList: Mikhail Kalashnikov Clive James Chapman Pincher Ian Paisley (Bob, on the other hand....) Bernadette Nolan Henry Cecil Denis Healey Reg Presley Peter O'Sullevan Billy Graham PD James Richard Adams General Jaruzelski Peter Seeger Nicholas Parsons Ian Brady
  15. Predictor

    Derby Dead Pool 2013

    In the ddp-site, why does it say that Princess Lilian was still active in the Swedish royal family, when she's struggled with Alzheimer's for a long time? Btw, she's my second hit for this year.
  16. Predictor

    The Dead Of 2013

    Matt Mattox (1921-2013), dancer and actor. http://www.latimes.com/news/obituari...,5403948.story
  17. Predictor

    The Dead Of 2013

    Hasse Jeppson (1925-2013), a Swedish footballer who was in Fifa World Cup 1950. http://www.goal.com/it/news/2/serie-a/2013/02/22/3771073/napoli-in-lutto-%C3%A8-scomparso-a-87-anni-il-grande-hasse?source=breakingnews&ICID=HP_HL_2
  18. Predictor

    Derby Dead Pool 2013

    Getting worried now....There's still no picture nor information about Earl Cameron on the site. lf he really is that unknown (despite recieving a CBE), then he will probably not get an obit from a newspaper.....
  19. Predictor

    Most Significant Death Of Each Month

    2013 January: Conrad Bain
  20. She may not be a munchkin, but Caren Marsh Doll was Judy Garland's stand-in in the movie. So there is another living link to that movie. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caren_Marsh_Doll
  21. Predictor

    Derby Dead Pool 2013

    Anyone knows when the ddp 2013 entries will be published on its website?
  22. Predictor

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    No one has yet mentioned Micheline Presle or Hardy Kruger? Both were/are quite famous in their respective countries (France and Germany).
  23. Predictor

    Silent Era People

    A more updated list! Manoel de Oliveira (1908) Carla Laemmle (1909) Lupita Tovar (1910) Martha Eggerth (1912) Leon Holmes (1913) Shep Houghton (1914) Michael D. Moore (1914) Baby lvy Ward (1914) Loni Nest (1915) Priscilla Moran (1917) Diana Serra Cary (1918) Fay McKenzie (1918) Doreen Turner (1918) Louise Watson (1919) Billy Butts (1919) Mickey Rooney (1920) Jean Darling (1922) Jane La Verne (1922) Hanna Maron (1923) Billy Watson (1923) Dickie Moore (1925) Mildred Kornman (1925)
  24. Predictor

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2013

    My nominations for the list: Rochus Misch: ln a 2011 interview, he stated that he can "see death right in front of my eyes". Fred Phelps: He's quite old and all that hate isn't good for the health.... Luise Rainer: Her age alone qualifies her, l think. Deanna Durbin: Actually, we don’t know anything about her health. No one’s heard from her since 1984. Which means that she MIGHT be really ill. Think of this as a gamble, a 50-50 chance. Christopher Lee: ls it really good for a 90-year old man to work this much? He has already 3 post-production movies planned for 2013 and 2014!

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