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  1. Predictor

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    Deathray, could you please copy the quoted text into the masterlist? Made a few spelling corrections, as well as adding "WC" to my wildcard. Thanks!
  2. Predictor

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    ...Yeah, as you can see, I fucked up with #12. For research, I used Olivia de Havilland's filmography table on Wikipedia. Under "television", it said she appeared in Roots: The Next Generation. That part is true, but where it says JEJ's name under the "Leading man" column is not. You see, the two of them were never in the same damn episodes together, upon closer inspection on IMDb. Should've gone with the less talented Bridges brother instead.
  3. Predictor

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Thanks. A search shows that he was namedropped just once on this forum back in summer. But the poster didn't provide any links or information, so I can see why this one might have been overlooked. Always did like the Masked Magician (and his assistants especially).
  4. Predictor

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    DDP 2019 - Predictor's Predictions tl;dr: 1. Susan Bayh 2. Leah Bracknell (Joker) 3. Wilford Brimley 4. Jimmy Carter 5. Princess Christina of Netherlands 6. Clemens Cornielje 7. Glenn Fabry 8. Clifford Harper 9. Katherine Jackson 10. Crispian Jago 11. Lennart Johansson 12. William Lee 13. Olivia Newton-John 14. Fernando Ricksen 15. Alf Smith 16. Jean-Louis Trintignant 17. Val Valentino 18. Barbara Walters 19. Joanne Woodward 20. Hsing Yun
  5. Predictor

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Decided yesterday to do a last-minute theme team. No email confirmation yet, but I hope it will be approved as a valid theme team eventually. Olivia and Company (Olivia de Havilland's co-stars throughout her career who are still alive). Will it do any better than that dud of a Disney movie from 1988? Time will tell... 1. Ursula Andress - The Fifth Musketeer (1979) 2. Lesley Anne-Down - Pope Joan (1972) & Murder Is Easy (1982) 3. Candice Bergen - The Adventurers (1970) 4. Tommy Berggren - The Adventurers (1970) 5. James Caan - Lady in a Cage (1964) 6. Michael Caine (joker) - The Swarm (1978) 7. Richard Chamberlain - The Swarm (1978) 8. Audrey Dalton - My Cousin Rachel (1952) 9. Bruce Dern - Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964) 10. Lee Grant - The Swarm (1978) 11. George Hamilton - Light in the Piazza (1962) 12. James Earl Jones - Roots: The Next Generations (1979) but appearantly not. 13. Marilyn Knowlden - Anthony Adverse (1936) 14. Mickey Kuhn - Gone With the Wind (1939) 15. Ian McShane - The Fifth Musketeer (1979) 16. Yvette Mimieux - Light in the Piazza (1962) 17. Franco Nero - Pope Joan (1972) 18. Gene Reynolds - Santa Fe Trail (1940) 19. Katharine Ross - The Swarm (1978) 20. Liv Ullmann - Pope Joan (1972)
  6. Predictor

    Pumping Them Out In The Birthing Pool

    Morgan Schneiderlin got a baby boy back in October. Welcome to the world, little Maé! And more importantly, welcome more points for me! https://www.instagram.com/p/BpSNHqlAcGq/
  7. Predictor

    Pumping Them Out In The Birthing Pool

    I didn't notice before, but appearantly Robbie Williams got a baby girl named Coco back in September via surrogacy. That's 20 points for me, correct? https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-45444998
  8. Predictor

    DDP Team Name Rejects

    You're not you when you're dead: Overweight people who are likely to succumb to eating too many Snickers bars.
  9. Predictor

    Deathrace 2019

    I just submitted my first Deathrace entry. It was about time that I took part in this competition. Wonder if I should submit the exact same names for the Hare's pool and see how it goes...
  10. Started researching a couple of days ago, and finally sent in my DDP 2019 team just now. I'd say around half of the names are fairly popular deadpool picks, while the rest are more obscure (but not FFBI, never picked those). For example, 7 of the names are out-of-the-forum discoveries, and I'm hoping that at least one of them will give me a unique hit. 6 years of deadpooling, and still waiting for my first one...
  11. Predictor

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Unfortunately, I have no idea what the name of the email I used to send this year's DDP team was. I just created a random account from Proton Mail or something (I think).
  12. Predictor

    Your Personal Survivors

    Kirk Douglas (2013) Jane Withers (2013) Earl Cameron (2013 & 2015) Lata Mangeshkar (2013 & 2016) Sean Connery (2014) Doris Day (2014) Valerie Harper (2014) Regina Lund (2014) Debbie Mathers (2014) Rick Ross (2014) Wilford Brimley (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018) Peter Hill-Wood (2015) Rudolf von Ribbentrop (2015) Michael Schumacher (2015) Reginald VelJohnson (2015) Pat Hitchcock (2015, 2016 & 2017) Stanley Donen (2016) Benjamin Ferencz (2016) Christopher Lloyd (2016) Vojislav Seselj (2016) Agne Simonsson (2016) Wole Soyinka (2016) Peter Sutcliffe (2016) Sacheen Littlefeather (2016 & 2018) Algimantas Dailide (2017) Ewa Fröling (2017) Kurt Hamrin (2017) Sue Lyon (2017) Baby Peggy (2017) Regis Philbin (2017) Candy Samples (2017) Dean Stockwell (2017) Baron Waqa (2017) Christina Magnuson (2017 & 2018) Mick Abrahams (2018) Eddie Alderson (2018) Buzz Aldrin (2018) Rhonda Fleming (2018) Graeme Gibson (2018) Artur Lekbello (2018) Kelly LeMieux (2018) Barbara Lewis (2018) Hosni Mubarak (2018) Olivia Newton-John (2018) Jonny Nilsson (2018)
  13. Predictor

    1. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Even that goat from Hercules would be a better monarch named Greek Phil than the current Duke of Edinburgh.
  14. Predictor

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    Aren't we all?
  15. Predictor


    1987: Ozzy Osbourne (1/31) 1989: Frank Bruno, Mike Ditka, Ozzy Osbourne, Brian Wilson & David Jenkins (5/32) 1990: Queen Elizabeth II, Peter Alliss, Mike Ditka, Rex Williams, Oprah Winfrey & Terry Waite (6/42) 1991: Leo Beenhakker (1/40) 1992: Shaun Ryder (1/37) 1993: Tony Bennett, Henry Kissinger, Ray Kennedy, George Lineker & Jerry Lee Lewis (5/56) 1994: Edmund White, Holly Johnson & Peter Shilton (3/50) 1995: Holly Johnson & Sean Connery (2/50) 1996: Mr T (1/50) 1997: Kirk Douglas (1/50) 1998: (0/50) 1999: Nick Leeson & Carly Simon (2/50) 2000: Louis Farrakhan (1/50) 2001: Desmond Tutu, Liza Minnelli & Herman Wouk (3/50) 2002: Kirk Douglas (1/50) 2003: (0/50) 2004: Pervez Musharraf, Kirk Douglas & Robert Mugabe (3/50) 2005: Hamed Karzai, Diego Maradona & Olivia de Havilland (3/50) 2006: Kirk Douglas, Vera Lynn & Abdelaziz Bouteflika (3/50) 2007: Tim Johnson, Kirk Douglas, Olivia de Havilland, Vera Lynn & Louis Farrakhan (5/50) 2008: Kirk Douglas, Vera Lynn, Russell Watson, Hamed Karzai & Charles Taylor (5/50) 2009: Kirk Douglas & Pierre Cardin (2/50) 2010: Kirk Douglas, Herman Wouk, Olivia de Havilland, Peter Tork, John Edrich, Frank Bough & Angela Lansbury (7/50) 2011: Kirk Douglas, Olivia de Havilland, John Edrich, Ali Khamenei, Bob Dole, Dick Cheney, Pierre Cardin, Vera Lynn & Michael Douglas (9/50) 2012: Kirk Douglas, Herman Wouk, Olivia de Havilland, Hosni Mubarak, Nigel Lawson, Henry Kissinger, Robert Mugabe, Dick Van Dyke, James Randi & Saif al-Islam Gaddafi (10/50) 2013: Clive James, Prince Philip, Hosni Mubarak, Kirk Douglas, Olivia de Havilland, Vera Lynn, Bob Dole, Doris Day, Henry Kissinger & Nicholas Parsons (10/50) 2014: Wilko Johnson, Olivia de Havilland, Valerie Harper, Clive James, Prince Philip, Lynn, Kirk Douglas, Javier Perez de Cuellar, James Randi, Dick Van Dyke, Tony Bennett & Ed Asner (12/50) 2015: Herman Wouk, Olivia de Havilland, Javier Perez de Cuellar, Prince Philip, Kirk Douglas, Clive James, Valerie Harper, Leslie Phillips, Ken Kercheval, Bob Dole, Doris Day, Henry Kissinger, Hosni Mubarak, Robert Mugabe, Jake Roberts, Vera Lynn & Eddie Large (17/50) 2016: Olivia de Havilland, Herman Wouk, Javier Perez de Cuellar, Kirk Douglas, Prince Phillip, James Randi, Clive James, Bob Dole, Prunella Scales, Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Tommy Chong, Leslie Phillips, Vera Lynn, Sandy Gall, Desmond Tutu, Lester Piggott, Murray Walker, Jimmy Greaves, Gordon Banks, Jacques Chirac & Paul Gascoigne (22/50) 2017: Kirk Douglas, Vera Lynn, Prince Phillip, Pierre Cardin, Olivia de Haviland, Herman Wouk, Bob Dole, Leah Bracknell, Jimmy Carter, Leslie Phillips, Robert Mugabe, Javier Perez de Cuellar, Betty White, Nobby Stiles, Queen Elizabeth ll, Paul Gascoine, Bob Barker, Honor Blackman, Ian St. John, David Prowse, Sandy Gall, Pope Benedict XVI, Hosni Mubarak, Desmond Tutu, Emperor Akihito, Gay Byrne & Valerie Harper (27/50) Updated for previous atrocious layout. Seriously, half of the entries had their full names written out, while others just had their surnames.
  16. Predictor

    Famous people you really don't care if they die

    Hahaha, even better than Zoolander 2?
  17. Predictor

    Famous people you really don't care if they die

    It's such a terrible and (w)awful disease, so I thought it would be a good idea to give it a harmless nickname.
  18. Predictor

    Famous people you really don't care if they die

    I'm indifferent towards most celebrity deaths (except in special cases like serial killers). It also depends on circumstances like age & cause of death. Doris Day dying at age 96 of natural causes in her sleep is less likely to upset me than if 24-year-old Justin Bieber was suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 pancake cancer only to be devoured by a shark just a day after his doctor proclaimed that his cancer had been cured and he went to the beach to celebrate while yelling "FUCK YOLO, I'M GONNA LIVE FOREVER NOW". And I like the former celeb much more than the latter one. Age has always been a factor, maybe because it reminds me of my own mortality, and that youth is not a shield that necessarily protects you from death.
  19. Predictor

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    Joan Plowright Larry King June Whitfield Nick Nolte Sepp Blatter Barbara Walters Stanley Donen
  20. Predictor

    Pumping Them Out In The Birthing Pool

    Kate Hudson's daughter Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa was born on 2 October. https://www.harpersbazaar.com/celebrity/latest/a23627171/kate-hudson-first-photo-baby-daughter-rani-instagram/ Pippa Middleton's son was born on 15 October. https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1032314/Pippa-Middleton-baby-boy-name-weight-gender-details-Kate-Middleton-sister Josh Brolin's daughter Westlyn Reign Brolin was born recently. https://people.com/parents/josh-brolin-kathryn-boyd-welcome-daughter/ Looks like I will win this competition. What is the first prize btw? My very own baby? Or maybe I get to keep one of the celebrities' babies? Just make one of those carnival spinning wheels and see where it lands. Simple.
  21. Predictor

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    A few names that have never been mentioned on this forum before. Legendary Irish entertainer Richie Kavanagh (b. 1949) was diagnosed with Parkinson's back in 2011, but probably had it since around 2006. He will turn 70 next year. American politican Ted Poe (b. 1948) got leukemia last year and, while said he was healthy as of Nov 2017, will retire soon so maybe he is still in poor health after all? Raimonds Vejonis (b. 1966) is the current Latvian president. He was battling a specific health issue in 2016. Might return again in the future, who knows? Canadian Olympic figure skater silver medalist Karen Magnussen's (b. 1952) health deteriorated after an ammonia leak in 2011. Dutch football coach Huub Stevens (b. 1953) quit Hoffenheim in 2016 due to being diagnosed with heart arrhythmia. Irish bishop William Lee (b. 1941) stepped down from his job as a child abuse enabler bishop in 2013 cuz of poor health since 2011. Well, he is still alive 5 years later, but he might be on his last breath by now. British illustrator Clifford Harper (b. 1949) has throughout his life had tuberculosis, heart attacks, diabetes & most recently cancer. Scotish lead singer for the hard rock band Nazareth Dan McCafferty (b. 1946) has strangely never been brought up here despite having COPD. Had to retire in 2013. Karen Lewis (b. 1953) is a Chicago teacher & labour leader who has brain cancer since around 2014. Here is a recent article. Maybe the man formerly known as Rad Guy could tell us just how notable she really is for any type of deathpool... Brazilian football coach Muricy Ramalho (b. 1955) suffers from diverticulitis since at least 2015, and had to leave Sao Paulo. More recently, he fell ill during the World Cup in Russia during a TV studio job. Taiwanese buddhist Hsing Yun (b. 1927) has had a few health issues in the past. Just two years ago, he had a stroke. Steve Lieberman (b. 1958) is an American punk musician who is also known as "The Gangsta Rabbi". Has had cancer for I don't know how many years now, and even released an album in 2014 titled Cancer Ward. Taiwan's former president Chen Shui-Bian (b. 1950) got his medical parole extended in May 2018. He and his wife were imprisoned back in 2009 for 19 years due to bribery charges. The "Health" section in his Wikipedia page reveals a few of the issues he's had in the past 9 years or so.
  22. Had you used this strategy at the end of last year, you would've gotten points for Leicester's owner!
  23. Predictor

    The 4th Crowdsource Deathlist (2019 edition)

    A. Umm, it's usually the same old names that gets repeated ad nauseam anyways, so what's the point? This is a community that's obsessed with celebrity health, people here know about every single ailment that any public figure has. B: Lol, how long did it take to paste the rules to this thread? A whole 10 seconds? C: Two different death pools, with two different deadlines. It's freaking me out that we're already looking towards 2019, time needs to slow the fuck down. We're all one step closer to the grave, and we're not getting any younger. Oh, and one more thing: Fuck off, @Deathray
  24. Predictor

    The 4th Crowdsource Deathlist (2019 edition)

    Why? It's not even freaking November yet, lots of celebs will have died before that hog-thingy that you speak of will arrive. Who in their right mind would actually send their full list any earlier than, say, mid-December?
  25. Predictor

    Harvey 'Wank Stain' Weinstein

    Plot twist to the whole metoo campaign: Kevin Spacey rapes Harvey Weinstein, and is suddenly seen as a hero and inspirational figure all around the world. They build statues of him, name streets after him, and an annual award called The Kevin Spacey KBE Anti-Predatory Behaviour Award is established.

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