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    2. Deathray


      I think if I typed in my geordie dialect you might well struggle with that, haha. Well that my friend is another can of worms entirely. I've seen the first 13 episodes and the Granada+ edits of April 1976 to Feb 1980, unfortunately that is all I had access to before the great copyright takedown arrived wiping YouTube of hundreds, if not more than a few thousand, old episodes that had been added to the site. I'm hoping at some point Coronation Street will be released to an online strea...

    3. Deathray


      ming site in full to watch at my leisure, unfortunately that seems unlikely. Thankfully there is Corriepedia which has nine thousand episode guides, a fair chunk of which I've read.

    4. Predictor


      Geordie? So you're from Northern England then. I have noticed that a lot of members seem to be living up there. The broadcasting company could probably make a fortune out of a complete DVD box for all seasons. Be careful about those "wiki" sites, though. Everyone can edit them and maybe insert some false plots here and there, lol.


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